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  1. Thank you for your responses. I looked at the failed primers as compared to the same primers that were fired and there was a major difference in look. So far, I looked at the failed primers after pulling the bullets. It appears, as compared to new ones, there was minimal if any primer compound. I have used Winchester primers for years also, and never had an issue. I asked around during our last match last Friday, and one person indicated he had a major issue year or so ago. Another person indicated intermittent this current year and it is the only large pistol primers he h
  2. Last May (2020), I picked up 5000 Winchester large pistol primers. Loaded a 1000 cartridges for my single stack. Over the last 4 matches or so, I have been having a 4% to 5% failure to ignite. The primers all appear to be properly seated. The indentation in the primer also is the same as the fired brass. I have been running a 22 pound main spring. I tried shooting the again (single round at a time) and they would not fire on all of them. My question, has anyone else seen this issue in the past with Winchester primers? thanks
  3. Go to http://www.natoreloading.com/9mm/ Review the data. They have IMR's Target there. It looks pretty good accuracy and pf wise. Regards.
  4. Exactly as Joe4d said. 2 Alpha's no comments during the stage unless it is "STOP".
  5. 147 round nose blue bullet: 1.125 OAL. CCI primer. 3.6 WST. Temperature: 85 F. PF 134. SD 11.4 135 cone point blue bullet: 1.135 OAL. CCU primer. 3.9 WST. Temperature: 85 f. PF 134 SD 17.1 Both out of an M&P Pro with an Apex barrel. Just chrono graphed this past weekend.
  6. As Sarge clearly indicated, no reshoot.
  7. I have been the RO on many PCC shooters in my area and at my club. My only issue with PCC is that some of them are on the quiet side. Knowing which one sometimes is not easy to identify. Also, trying to be in the correct position for the last shot is not always in the competitors interest or the RO's ability depending upon stage layout and how it is engaged by the competitor (same stage engaged in different approaches). I do my best and if a re shoot happens (only a few times) then it happens. We all have to figure out the best way to approach it to give the competitor his earned score
  8. To solve the problem, I installed the latest sear block with the larger sear spring. Removed the original sear, and put in the apex sear. I never had the apex springs in the fire control portion. Checked it with the old striker and the new striker and everything is working reliably and safely. Have tested it with about 250 rounds through the set up and it is working as expected. I highly suspect that the new striker was different compared to the older striker, combined with the old sear block, original sear. Note: I checked my records for the gun, and only the apex firing pin block, ev
  9. Thank you Dan Burwell. It is on my list to measure the differences in the striker legs, but since I put a factory part in basically a factory gun with the factory sear, I did not measure the strikers for differences in leg length's. But I will as I have not pulled it apart since this weekend, but I will do so. Thanks again for the insight.
  10. First Generation S&W Pro, (won at a match in 2010). Has about 14,000 rounds though it. Slide stop lever broke so it was replaced, so I decided to change out the striker with a new one. It has the Apex competition kit in it, but the original sear (more crisp trigger pull). Went to test at the range, the gun would fire one shot, dead trigger. Pull the slide back to engage the striker, one shot, then a dead trigger. Again pull the slide back to engage the striker with the sear, pull the trigger and six rounds fired before I could release the trigger then it stopped. Hoping to gain som
  11. Anywhere from 4 to 5 per month, plus a monthly steel match practice.
  12. When I go to a match or practice, the world's troubles or life goes on hold until I leave. Shooting allows me to compartmentize those items of life for a few hours.
  13. Decided to fix a steel plate for the club. Maybe 1 minute of arc time. Was at home with just a sleeveless short and flip flops. Welded the plate. Next day forgot I had an appointment at the dermatologist, you should of seen me trying to explain the "sun" burn on one arm righty at the sleeveless area. At least he did not see my one foot where a weld splatter hit . If you decided to weld, wear a long sleeve short and more than flip flops.
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