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  1. Might want to check out CMMG Guard .45. Uses large frame Glock mags. Delayed blowback is factory rated for .45 Super if you want more power on occasion. I can’t say if it will meet your 1moa expectations.
  2. I noticed this right away, first day out. Annoyingly obvious. I haven’t noticed it with any of my other dots. Reserving judgement though, still pretty happy with it.
  3. Makes sense for “real” rifles, but the downloaded 9mms we use don’t really have any annoying concussion. Certainly less than the pistol divisions.
  4. You said it better than I did.
  5. Safety aside, consider the efficiency of movement. I don’t know how you do it, but if I’m running I hold the gun in one hand. If you’re running muzzle up, you’re probably holding the hand guard in your non dominant hand. It seems more efficient to maintain your firing grip with your dominant hand, which would naturally be a muzzle down condition. Muzzle down seems safer too I agree.
  6. I know the suppressor discussion is off topic a bit, but I’m curious. As nice as it is to have one, why would you want to use it in a match? You still have to wear ear protection, and it adds weight and length. If you just want it to feel the same all the time, maybe a fake suppressor would accomplish that while remaining legal under the rules.
  7. Seems like all the salt couldn’t be a good thing.
  8. That is a very good deal. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Does anyone with one of these also have a Glock 20? Can you try a G20 mag in the lower? With the advent of the .40 Guard I’m liking the idea of having both uppers on the large frame lower, and running my long-loaded Limited ammo from G20 magazines. I checked with CMMG though, and was told that G20 magazines won’t fit in the lower because they’re bigger than .45 magazines. Seems wrong to me but I don’t own any to check.
  10. Thread revival. I’m interested in trying a .45, just for fun. Does anyone know if you really need the Guard lower, or would a QC10 lower work for .45? Theres one locally available for a good price, and stripped Guard lowers are hard to find and more expensive.
  11. Local shop has 2 P10F OR in stock. $549. Really tempted.
  12. I saw the one in the classifieds. I kind of want it but can’t really figure out why.
  13. Depends if you count labor. If the frame is fitted to a slide and barrel then it seems better to risk the grip than a well-fitted gun.
  14. No, I haven’t heard of an STI galling. I don’t think they make stainless guns. That does look pretty rough though. Maybe some grit got in there somehow? Do you keep it well lubed? Looks pretty dry now, but I expect you cleaned it for the picture.
  15. Mil spec upper works fine. I don’t know about the lower. I know Colt style lowers hold the magazine too high to be used with a Guard bolt without modification. If you end up needing to enlarge the ejection port, that’s easily done.
  16. My preferences? Dawson no gap magwell, Dawson 0.100” fiber front, VZ grips (I think they’re Diamondbacks) with thumb relief cut, 14# recoil spring. I prefer an extended mag release but no button. Not really happy with the Wilson one piece guide rod I’m using now, I think I’d go with the GI if I replace it. Had this one for a long time though.
  17. Another Mobil 1 synthetic vote, OW20 or 5W20. Gear lube is pretty smelly. Is that really what Lucas Extreme is?
  18. Probably best to send them back. I have a couple dozen of them, never an issue.
  19. I’ve owned two Trophy Matches and one PM 9. Happy with the TMs but more so with the Dan Wesson. I don’t think either is a bad choice.
  20. Probably not what you’re looking for, but I took a Stealth Arms 80% kit, complete with their Phantom jig, in a trade deal I couldn’t pass up. I had my doubts going into it, but it went together really well. Better fitment than a lot of factory guns. Other than the frame work, everything dropped in and ran.
  21. I have several Lou Alessi rigs he made before he passed away. I carried that way for years. Shoulder carry does have some advantages over belt carry but I’ve gone back to belt carry lately. No complaints with Alessi. The current maker is not responsive to email though.
  22. Interesting to think about. Pick up a QC10 large frame Glock lower, a .40 upper, and a .45 upper. Use the Taccom splice to splice a G20 magazine to a G21 mag. Swap uppers, use the same lower and magazines for either caliber. Not the best for PCC but an interesting idea nonetheless, if it would work.
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