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  1. So I am much happier with my ar10 now. If I can find another decent A1 stock I will replace the ace. The fsb mounted forward may still happen but I will pin it to the barrel when I do do it. I found a set of troy fixed sights used, and saved a few bucks, and I love the sight picture. (Hk front) I found an aac flash hider for cheap too. I recently upgraded my 300aac as well. (Left) yhm handguard, and troy sights.
  2. Reloading the utas is a nightmare, the followers need to be pushed back each time, and if trying to top off a tube, you have to get between the last two shells, push the second to last back, then push the first back, then you can top off...
  3. I'm starting with cz p09's for myself and my son. I havent shot the matches that have so many rules and acromyms. Just action pistol and soon 3 gun. I'm eyeballing a 2011 or even a CZ TSO when I upgrade. The pistol is the cheap part... in 9mm for me... There are a lot of silly rules, and I don't get the whole major/minor scoring, it really is antiquated thinking, and silliness.
  4. Kids these days! Throwing wild reloading parties while the parents are away!
  5. My taccom is right on the money with roll crimp shells, and has 1/3 of a shell space with star crimp. I think I have a +5
  6. +8 is the one you want. do you have a roof rack on your car?
  7. I like an A1 or an ACE, but I'm a dinosaur. My complete builds cost less than some individual components.
  8. I got my last one from them.
  9. The Black Scorpion pouches are nice once you set them up, and they can be converted to double stack. They are a huge pain to set up initially (way too many small parts), and difficult to move from belt to belt. Amazon has some knock offs for cheap... I have the branded ones and my son uses the knockoffs. The originals have better overall fit and finish and extra parts, and a carbon fibre look, but the knock offs work just as well. Originals I had had to drill a hole in the knock offs for the adjustment... knockoffs
  10. I run afoul of moderators on most of the forums I frequent.
  11. Shoot what you got for now, someone will let you shoot their G34, you MAY see a G17 to try out as well...maybe... *cough*czp09*cough*
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