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  1. I like an A1 or an ACE, but I'm a dinosaur. My complete builds cost less than some individual components.
  2. The Black Scorpion pouches are nice once you set them up, and they can be converted to double stack. They are a huge pain to set up initially (way too many small parts), and difficult to move from belt to belt. Amazon has some knock offs for cheap... I have the branded ones and my son uses the knockoffs. The originals have better overall fit and finish and extra parts, and a carbon fibre look, but the knock offs work just as well. Originals I had had to drill a hole in the knock offs for the adjustment... knockoffs
  3. Shoot what you got for now, someone will let you shoot their G34, you MAY see a G17 to try out as well...maybe... *cough*czp09*cough*
  4. My new pistol hold 21, I'd have to be nekkid to keep count.
  5. Thanks, I really don't see myself spending the $38 just for baseplates. I think I can justify a couple more of the factory aluminum ones for primary and a couple polymer for backup. All magazines seem to drop free without drama.
  6. This one was already in my parts box... It actually works good. Glock finger groove base plate, and two 10-32 nuts and bolts.
  7. I have noticed that magazine extensions can be quite costly. What makes them worth the added expense for competition? Round count? Added weight? Fashion statement? Is aluminum more desirable than polymer and why? I ask because magazines for my pistol can be had with +2 polymer extensions for the same price as the standard capacity. For $15 more each I can have factory aluminum +2 but they don't have much added weight, but I perceive them as more durable than the factory polymer. A company makes replacement +2's for $38 each, and they
  8. Just cheap ebay stuff, one sheet is so big your grandkids will be using on your pistols.
  9. IF I ever run out of my roll of skateboard tape, I'm going to get some that has cartoon skull and cross bones on it. $3.99 shipped....
  10. It looks like I'll be able to attend 3 matches a month, unfortunately that's going to be it for live fire. It would be nice to add one practice session per month, but if I have time for that I may just attend another match. The first time I shot two of my pistols was in competition.... yikes.... I don't practice much dry fire either. The offset drop holster took very little to get used to, and the competition mag pouches make mag changes a breeze.
  11. I have only shot it once... Followed by the Irish plate rack... I'm glad there is no video of it....
  12. Taccom 8S4's are very affordable They are still a bit pricey, but I have spent more money on dumber things... i ended up up with the 20 round chest rig, if I don't like it it will be easy enough to convert it to two belt rigs.
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