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  1. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    TTY bolts can be a real P.I.T.A., when you really don’t have much working room! I’m guessing that if he would have tried to torque those screws to 30 foot pounds, either they would have stripped out, or broke.
  2. Where did you find a 512? I did a search, but I didn’t come up with anything.
  3. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    I had a pair of xfives that were set up the same. Gray trigger kit, Springer, tungsten guide rod, and grip tape, Romeo 1 with 6MOA dot. I bought a Legion grip, and it's definitely heavier than the regular xfive grip. I was hoping, with the heavier gun, the dot would stay in the lens, like my open guns. I went to the range, this morning, with both guns, and ran a few drills. I didn't see much, if any difference in the dot leaving the window, and according to my timer, pretty much the same times for both guns. I believe the Legion grip sticks to my hand as well, or better, than the standard grip, with grip tape.
  4. I ALWAYS used AAs when I had tube shotguns, but after a couple of matches that were 100 degrees, switched to Remington STS, because the hulls seemed stronger. I switched again to Federal Grand. Buying the good ammunition when there’s a rebate is about the same price as the cheap stuff. There is a difference in quality
  5. Definitely an advantage for long range slug targets
  6. FYI Osage County Guns has the grips on sale right now. Also, free shipping is a plus.
  7. I believe that it was recently posted in the BIG Xfive thread
  8. How do you remove the weight, just pull it out with a needle nose pliers?
  9. A mid barrel comp works best for shotgun. By the time the gas makes it to the muzzle, not as much there, as mid-barrel
  10. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    Has anyone that has both the Legion, and Xfive done an accuracy comparison?
  11. Yes, that’s the correct kit. you can try their striker spring I have them in SOME M&Ps, but went back to the stock striker springs on a couple, due to light strikes. Apex told me NOT to use their sear spring inw2.0, but, haven’t had any issues with it, so it’s staying in.
  12. I was running SNS 147 grain out of both of my Xfives, and didn’t have any leading. I switched to “green” Bullets, because the owner gave me some to try, and they are more accurate in MY Xfives, than the SNS Bullets, and I don’t get any leading with them either. That said, my PCCs, are a pair of Sig’s, and I will only run jhps or plated Bullets. Same goes for my “open” guns.
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