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  1. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    Even if you could force it through a die, I wouldn’t trust it. Working the brass that much would have to make it have a weak spot
  2. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    OMG If brass looked like that out of any of my guns, I wouldn’t continue shooting it!
  3. RH45

    PCC in IDPA

    When PCC was a provisional division in USPSA, a lot of the local guys were shooting pistol & PCC at the same match, and their placement was pretty much the same, but now that IDPA adds a full second, for every point down, I believe most people can shoot a PCC more accurately, at the same speed of their pistols.
  4. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    Although the chambers on both of mine are shorter than I would like, they are both longer than the Apex gunsmith fit barrel, in my M&P pro.
  5. RH45

    M2.0 5" vs. 5" Pro

    I’m running a 12# springon a tungstenguide rod on my 9mm but would probably go to a 14# for major You pretty much have to try different springs with YOUR loads to see what feels the best to you
  6. RH45

    M2.0 5" vs. 5" Pro

    I had two different M&P.40s that would run minor or major without any problem. That said, if you want to play with springs, older Glock interchange. Get a stainless or tungsten guide rod and see what springs works best for you
  7. RH45

    Romeo 1 6 MOA

    I am a little color blind, and found that the 3 MOA dots on both my Romeo 1, and Romeo 3 are really hard for me to see, in bright sunshine. Even though I only shot one IDPA match with each. I just got a Romeo 1, with 6 MOA dot, and it’s actually bright enough for me. I’m thinking that I might put the others up for sale.
  8. RH45

    New Sig MPX ?

    Good luck on getting the piston out. I just can’t imagine how much carbon/gunk is in there. I run nothing but jhp bullets, so there’s no exposed lead, in the back(just like my open guns) and run VV powder. I disassemble, and clean/lube at about 500 rounds, and by then, it’s plenty dirty.
  9. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    I had one FCU that did the same thing. I just filed a little material away from the trigger, where it contacted the sleeve
  10. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    One of my Xfives didn’t have one in either, but Sig sent me one
  11. RH45

    carry optics division

    If I read the provisional rules correctly, for IDPA, a laser is legal. I think lasers should be legal in all divisions of IDPA. Most everyone I know that carrys, has a Crimson Trace
  12. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    I think this thread cost me pretty close to that. But I had to get a pair ?
  13. RH45

    Production P320 X5 complete

    Sorry to hear that you got a bad barrel. Both of my Xfives shoot about inch groups at 25 yards, off of bags, with 124 grain jhps. 147 jhps open the groups up to about 2"
  14. RH45

    P320 X5 Issues (Failure to go into battery)

    I would say a bad piece of brass. I’ve had that with some roll sized brass, that apparently had the roll sizer set too tight.
  15. RH45

    Light pf loads for M&P

    I think I only have 4-500 rounds through my 5", 2.0, and with a tungsten guide rod, and 13# spring, I NEED to be over 130pf to get it to run reliably. My old, 5" 1.0 Pro, with Apex, gunsmith-fit barrel, will run right down to 100pf. I believe it's the extra friction, from the longer frame rails on the 2.0, because if I put my 1.0 top end on my 2.0 lower, I NEED hotter loads.