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  1. For people that shoot the same hand, as their dominant eye, with a rifle/carbine, it really shouldn’t matter, but for those of us that put tape on the lens, of their glasses, because of cross dominance, and HAVE to look through the optic, bigger is better!
  2. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    He’s a really nice guy, but, almost impossible to get in touch with
  3. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    What are you running for a recoil spring?
  4. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    It doesn’t seem that long ago, that they would pick them up at your house, but, the last one I sent in, I also had to take a 45 minute ride
  5. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    I was going to call bulls#!t, when I read that before, but, just to be scientific, I loaded 11 dummy rounds, and fired (obviously they didn’t actually fire) them. As before, after pulling the trigger, with the striker at rest, the laser dot was perfectly below my red dot, but, whenever the striker was cocked, ready to fire, the laser dot had moved to the left. Obviously, there’s must be a little slop, between the slide & frame, even though I cannot wiggle it at all. Approximate round count on pistol is maybe 2k.
  6. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    Ok, so I put a Legion grip, on one of my xfives, and shot one IDPA match with it. Today, I butchered a holster, so I could fit an Xfive, with a green, Crimson Trace, railmaster in it. I don't see as many advantages of a laser on a pistol, compared to a PCC, but, I thought I'd try it, just for kicks. Imagine my surprise, when I turned it on, after installing it on the rail, and seeing the green dot, just below the red dot, at 10-15 yards. Then, I decided to dry fire a little, and found AFTER I pull the trigger, the green dot is just below the red dot, but, when the pistol is cocked, the green dot is to the left of the red dot. I can't FEEL any movement between the slide, and frame, but, apparently, there is.
  7. I was running a C-more on one MPX, and an OKO on the other. Neither are nearly as bright as the Romeo 1s, with the 6 MOA dot. Outside, they were always cranked all the way up, but, I had to wear my red glasses to see the dot unless it was really overcast.
  8. I had a Romeo 3, and liked the size of the viewing area, but, like the original, Romeo 1, with 3 MOA dot, they weren’t bright enough for me to see, in the bright sunlight. I put Romeo 1s, with the 6 MOA dot, on both of my Xfives, and I don’t have any problems seeing them, even with clear glasses, and bright sunlight
  9. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way for me. If I don't tape my left lens, my left eye is so much stronger, it's like I'm looking down the left side of the gun. If I switch to left handed, I can keep both eyes open, and even if I'm not actually seeing through the optic, as long as my right eye sees the dot, it's transposed on to the target through my left eye. I SHOULD have switched to shooting left handed 45 years ago, but, I'm not going to change now.
  10. I shot the steel match, last weekend with a red 510c on 10/22, and a green 510c on my Buckmark. Being a little color blind, I really thought that I would have problems seeing the green one. I knew that if I had problems seeing the red one that I could put on my red shooting glasses, to be able to see the red. I shot the first stage with clear glasses, and with the bright sunlight, I could barely see either one, on the white steel. I put my red glasses on, and OMG I actually had to turn the green one down a little. Optics Planet was running a sale, but I could only afford to buy one more green one. I pulled the red one off my 10/22, and put it on one of my MPXs. I thought about putting the new, green one on, but I thought that with the green laser, I would probably be confused if I had them both turned on. We’ll see how it works out, but I think that it’s going to be faster, with the larger viewing area because I’m right handed, and have a left dominant eye so I have to tape the left lens, on my glasses and see everything THROUGH the optic.
  11. Well, I tried it. I only put 3 rounds in the magazine because I wanted to see if it would even feed them. There was very little force, pushing them up. I had just mounted a different optic, and needed to sight it in. I went to the range, and fired the 3 rounds at about 10 yards, just to see where it shot, and if the magazine would function. I was surprised that it fed all 3 rounds, but I wasn’t surprised that the bolt didn’t lock back. I went back to 25 yards to sight it in, with 20 round magazines, and by the time I got it sighted in, my fingers were starting to freeze. I tried to load the big magazine, but with no feeling in my fingers, I gave up somewhere around 45 rounds. There seemed to be a LOT of pressure. I was wondering if With so much pressure, the bolt would move fast enough to function. I was pleasantly surprised to say it did. If the weather isn’t bad, I’ll run it in 2 weeks at our local “hoser” match, which will probably have 40-50 round stages.
  12. Anyone try using the spring from a Taran Tactical +10, with a Taylor Freelance +20 extension?
  13. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    I’ve noticed that all striker fired pistols seem to torque a little. It used to bother me, but, now I just accept it. Hammer fired pistols don’t, unless the operator pulls the trigger wrong.
  14. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    I generally carry two guns, to a match, set up as twins. If I only had one pistol, with an optic on it, I would at least have a spare optic, in my bag, sighted in, so if my primary optic puked, I could go to a safety table, and get running again. I haven’t shot a LOT, this season, but saw 3 optics bite the dust.
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