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  1. 128 pf shoots fine. It’s just when I tried to push them up to 132-135pf when they were tumbling. I won’t go to any major match with 128 pf loads.
  2. I was trying to get 135pf with coated 160 grain bullets, and Titegroup, and bumped it to 134pf but I was getting tumbling. I called the bullet mfg and he suggested switching to Sport Pistol. I hit 134 pf on my first try, with Sport Pistol, and noticed they shot a lot softer, but, when I walked down to the target (25 yards) I saw that the bullets were still tumbling. I guess that's the reason nobody at Nationals were using 160s. I usually use VV310 for 147 grain bullets. I put together a load with Sport Pistol, went to the range and chronoed them side by side with my VV310 load. Both loads chronoed almost identical, but, I was really surprised that the Sport Pistol load was softer, and more accurate. Now, the accuracy COULD have been because I was using once-fired Winchester brass, with the Sport Pistol load, and R-P brass that was probably been fired 3 times, with the VV310 load.
  3. Thanks for the information. I have heavier loads That I'll use for trap, or sporting clays, but, I pretty much run nothing but 1145fps, for 3-gun, but, stick with higher end stuff like Remington STS, or Federal, but, it took a little tuning, and I believe that my Firebird, even with the recoil reducers is lighter than VR80, so the recoil may be about similar. If I remember correctly, at a few matches, where they had a "spinner"target, guys were going out and buying turkey loads, but, with the Firebird, and whimp loads, I'd just double tap, and then hit the other end, to get it to spin. I was just looking at some of the places that are out of stock, on the 19 round magazines, and see that they are listed as 2 3/4" only. That may solve the rimlock issue, because there's less room for the shells to go back and forth.
  4. I had Firebird build me an open shotgun, when they first started. It is pre-XN, with the mid barrel comp. I shot it with, and without the comp, and there is a difference, but, I also put mercury, recoil reducers, in the buffer tube, to help reduce recoil even more. It had a lot of teething issues, but, Jim & Nancy gave me outstanding service. Due to personal issues, I haven't been shooting 3-gun for the last 5-6 years, but, I want to start again, and HATE going to any big match without backup guns. The VR80 looks like a really good option, compared to having another "custom" shotgun built. They appear to be much simpler to take apart, to clean, and with the set screws holding the barrel to the upper receiver should result in smaller groups, with slugs. I already have a pile of magazines, but, have learned that with box magazines, to only shoot ammo with good, stiff hulls, and/or keep ammo in a cooler, so they don't oval out, being stacked in the magazine, under pressure. Another issue is possible rimlock. That is where the rim, of the top round somehow jumps behind the shell underneath it. I've never had an issue with rimlock, while shooting, but, have found it, several times, when unloading, partially used magazines. It would seem that a good drum magazine would resolve the issues of box magazines, but, have never really had much luck with Promag, pistol magazines. Has anybody had the issue of the bolt shaving aluminum, from the upper receiver, on their VR80s, like the early MKA1919s did?
  5. RH45

    9mm 160 with TG

    I used the same load at 1.14OAL and when chronoed all came in between 797-803. Accuracy wasn't as good as 147s, and definitely not as good as 124 jhps. I weighed a bunch of the bullets, and they were between 158.1-160 grains. I bumped my load to 3.2, and was getting 130-134 pf, but, bullets were tumbling. I called SNS, and he tried to tell me I had too much crimp, but, I measure each case (once-fired Winchester) and have my press set up for no crimp, just straightening out the bell. He also suggested switching from Titegroup, to Sport Pistol. I loaded a test batch with 3 grains of Sport pistol, and all came in between 130-135pf, just where I like to be, but, most bullets were tumbling again. Guns used were 2 Sig xfives, and M&P Pro, with Apex, gunsmith-fit barrel. I guess I see why 160 grain bullets weren't listed as being used by anybody at USPSA and IDPA nationals. 126-128pf is just too close. I will burn up the rest of my 160s at lower velocities, just for steel.
  6. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    My Xfive that has maybe 1k through it, is still doing what your’s does. If I pull the slide all the way back, and let it go, it will go all the way into battery, but if I just pull it part way back, I usually have to push it into battery. My back-up Xfive doesn’t do that. Both of my Xfives, are the most accurate plastic pistols I’ve ever shot. The tighter one will shoot 5 shot groups @ 25 yards with it’s preferred load, that I can cover with one paster. I keep mine pretty clean and well lubed. I assume that it will loosen up. Hopefully, when it does, accuracy won’t turn to crap.
  7. Yes, concealment garments are optional for PCC shooters
  8. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    I don’t suppose that there’s a different distributor that might help you out? As far as I know, Sig’s lifetime warranty isn’t just for the original owner.
  9. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    I would send an email to Sig, customer service. Maybe they would ship you a barrel without seeing the pistol, if you send them pictures
  10. The DA/SA version, that is legal for production division is called Allround. I searched for one, at a fair price for probably 10 years, and bought one through this site. As accurate as my STIs, but, I had a cash flow problem, and sold it to a friend. It's the best gun he owns.
  11. I would change grips on my Xfives if I could get something the same size as a small, grip for the standard 320, with as much, or more weight than the standard Xfive grip.
  12. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    Even if you could force it through a die, I wouldn’t trust it. Working the brass that much would have to make it have a weak spot
  13. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    OMG If brass looked like that out of any of my guns, I wouldn’t continue shooting it!
  14. RH45

    PCC in IDPA

    When PCC was a provisional division in USPSA, a lot of the local guys were shooting pistol & PCC at the same match, and their placement was pretty much the same, but now that IDPA adds a full second, for every point down, I believe most people can shoot a PCC more accurately, at the same speed of their pistols.
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