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  1. I run 3.3 grains of Sport Pistol, behind SNS 147 grain flat points @1.142”, for bigger matches because I want plenty of cushion at the chronograph, but, I know that my velocities weren’t as high as yours. I chronoed both Sig Xfives, and M&P Pro, with Apex, gunsmith fit barrel. All 3 are 5”.
  2. Did you maybe have them loaded really short? That would explain higher velocity
  3. I remember going to a Lake of the Ozarks match, several years ago, with a M2 Benelli that only had the factory, double beads on it. I knew exactly where it shot, with slugs, out to 100 yards, but, they had an “iron maiden” target at like 175 yards. Imagine my surprise when I just held high, and hit it on the first shot!
  4. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    Interesting It might make weight for IDPA. I don’t remember if USPSA requires a certain number sold, to be legal for carry optics, like they do for production?
  5. RH45

    X5 competition load

    I’m not using blue Bullets, I’m using a different brand of 147 grain, coated Bullets, with 3.3 grains of Sport Pistol, with OAL of 1.142”, for 132pf.
  6. I run mine with the shells up. Just bring it straight up into the magwell. If I remember correctly, when I timed it both ways, for ME, shells up is faster. Just over a second.
  7. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    My Apexed M&P Pro is at 36 oz, but I think it’s as crisp, and reset is as short as my STIs. I suppose that if I only shoot the Xfive, and run a few k through, I SHOULD be able to pick up the pace. life’s too short to only shoot one gun
  8. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    I CAN shoot it that fast, but not with the degree of accuracy I want. I’ve been shooting open for the last 15 years, and find the longer reset on my xfives really seems to slow me down.
  9. I watched the video a couple of times, but I couldn’t see the spinner when you were shooting. With proper shot placement, and timing, it SHOULD only take 3 shots, even with 1145fps, but, I’ve seen shooters empty their guns, shooting turkey loads
  10. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    Maybe it's been covered, and I just don't remember, but can anything be done to shorten the reset? I have the Bruce Gray, competition kits in both pistols, but, I just can't seem to be able to shoot them with any speed.
  11. Go figure. I just got 16#, last week from Powder Valley for $133 a jug.
  12. I just chronoed 3.3 grains of Sport Pistol, behind SNS 147 grain bullet, in once fired, Winchester brass, and Federal Gold Medal match primers. 15 rounds averaged 900 FPS, with one low one of 897 FPS Fired out of Sig Xfive.
  13. I put an .45 sear, and competition spring kit in the 5", 2.0. I also rounded and polished the striker block, similar to Apex Ultimate striker block. Apex told me that the competition spring kit wouldn't work in 2.0, but, mine has about 3K through it without issues. I don't remember exactly what the trigger pull weight came in at, but, it's between 2-3" I have an extra, new in package, Apex, competition spring kit that it looks like I'm not going to use, if you want it.
  14. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    I had a barrel with chatter marks in it that shot crappy groups. They told me the same thing. I told them that the worst M&P I've ever shot could pass that test. Otherwise, their customer service has been pretty good to me.
  15. The particular bullets I'm working with, are sized .356. A few years ago, I bought some that were sized .357, and in the pistol I was trying to use them in, at the time were more accurate than .356, but, I could only load the .357 bullets in Federal brass, otherwise, I couldn't get them in my Wilson case gauge. I'm getting 1"-1 1/2" groups out of the same brand of bullet, in 147 grain, at 25 yards, out of both of my Xfives. Even though the 160 grain bullets aren't as accurate out of my pistols, they shoot softer. I've been having issues with my hands, and haven't been able to shoot limited, or single stack, with major loads in the last few years. I actually talked to the bullet manufacturer and his first thought was that I had too much crimp. I told him that I don't have any crimp. I'm using once-fired Winchester brass and measured every case for length and have my die set to just straighten the bell. His next suggestion was to switch to Sport Pistol, but, at around 830 fps, I still get tumbling out of 3 different pistols. I guess that I'll just use up what I have left at local matches, running them at 800 fps. I won't take them to a major match without more cushion than that. That said, this thread is about Sport Pistol powder, and I'm REALLY impressed with it. It meters well, is softer, and more accurate than VV310, and when at the chronograph almost all are duplicate readings. I assume the few that are a little lower, or higher are because, according to my scale, the bullets don't always weigh out exactly the same. One of these days, I'll try some Zero, or Hornadays which I've found to be consistent.
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