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  1. Hello, I would like to sign up and make a donation but NOT shoot, I live on the east coast ...........will that mess up your registration if I sign up and pay but do not squad? let me know, thanks, karl @ GT
  2. Hello, I would like to buy a PCC for Steel Challenge. Please reply to my email when you have time. regards, Karl @ GT
  3. Hello Zack, You will be able to pre-order and pick up, I will not have a steel target display. Please send me an email with your wish list and I will have the items ready to go. It should be a great weekend of steel shooting. later, Karl @ GT
  4. Hello, I'm shooting RFRO on friday AM and PCCO on saturday AM.............we will have a small display of the STEEL TARGET PAINT products. Stop by and say hello. have fun, shoot safe, Karl @ GT
  5. Hello, I use the Hiperfire 24e, carbon fiber front guard, removed the muzzle flash part and use a thread protector, CMore railway sight, and a cool part that bolts onto the butt end....it raises the stock up a few inches and makes the gun easier to mount. CCI MINI MAGS work good. have fun, shoot safe, Karl @ GT
  6. There is a steel challenge match at Clark County shooting complex, I think every other thursday or friday. Check it out. later, Karl @ GT
  7. I think SHOWDOWN has changed more than you realize by changing the start positions. Each stage is unique and has different challenges. I can not remember how many different start positions have been used by SC since 22 was started, each time there was something that needed to be fixed. This stage is one that did not need to be changed. later
  8. <<<An aiming point no more than 2' high will be placed in front of each shooting box 10' forward of the box>>> This wording allows the aiming point to be anywhere from ground level to 2' high. This should read: <<<An aiming point set 2' high will be placed in front of each shooting box 10' forward of the box>>> Why was Showdown changed? There was no problem with the start positions on Showdown, with the old set up the stage was shot several different ways from both boxes. Now it appears to be a new ROUNDABOUT from both shooting boxes. The only problem was the crazy start position on Outer Limits. regards, Karl @ GT
  9. Hello, We have been testing the earth magnets for about 2 years with great success, mostly at 3 gun events & side matches, UNTIL the AREA 8 match this year. For some unknown reason the USPSA/IPSC open guns were breaking/cracking the magnets very often, we used approx. 16 magnets during the weekend for just 2 targets. Then we used the same targets in a PRO AM match and a 3 gun match and had ZERO magnets break. We are not sure why the magnets were cracking and breaking so often at the AREA match but we are gonna hold off selling to USPSA/IPSC clubs for now (trying to save headaches with broken magnet returns). These were TEXAS STAR arms set up on a swinger stand. I think the original design by Terry Ashton is still the best set up available. good luck, Karl @ GT
  10. Hello Zack, Yes, thanks very much. The rules have always stated that you can not go DOWN in class once you reach that level. But with such a new classification system for all the new classes and the peak times not keeping up with the shooters, there are gonna be many shooters that will not be in the correct class. This may cause a problem later, sample: the Master class shooter you mentioned above, that shooter ends up in the middle of A class after all the times are sorted out. That shooter will never have a chance to win money or prizes at any large event that award by performance, or even a decent finish in Master class because his times and scores are not what they are capable of shooting in the real world. The President & others that make decisions may need to consider adjusting some of these shooters into the proper classification. Maybe on a shooter by shooter basis when the shooter requests a review. thanks for your help in sorting out SC, Karl @ GT
  11. Hey Zack, How does the process for updating the peak times work? Who does the voting? How many of the people that vote actually shoot steel challenge? What info do they use to determine the peak times? Thanks, Karl @ GT
  12. Hey, Bill is correct ZIG ZAG is the original stage from SC (not zig zag 93) the guys at Old Bridge would always drop one stage and shoot ZIG ZAG for the big SC match, and we had a zig zag side event several times. The TEXAS SC match had a zig zag side event a few years back, Richie LaBracca won the side match with a single run of 1.11........ a great stage. later
  13. Hello, I would suggest that the start position for Outer Limits be changed to a start cone in front of each start box. The current set up with one cone in the center of the range is more of a 'punishment' than a start position, it does not make any sense. The stage is great as is ....no other changes needed. OH YEAH, ZIG ZAG is one of the best SC stages ever. thanks for the new class system, regards, Karl @ GT
  14. Hello, GT TARGETS will be back again on the sponsor list...........TEAM STRIKEFORCE - GT TARGETS, Ron, Todd & Doug will be back for another try. Please send me the sponsor details, sales@gttargets.com thanks, Karl @ GT
  15. Yes, we always have deals at the match. You save on the cost of the targets and you save on the shipping cost. If you are interested in a practice set, please email me so I can be sure to have enough targets for you to take away. thanks, karl @ GT
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