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  1. Because I have a hard time saying no we now have 95 teams signed up and another 6 on the waitlist. I will advance teams in the order that they sign up as teams drop out or do not send payment. Working on some new stage designs and very glad to see a big turnout. I plan to make this the most fun and challenging match yet! We could use a few more RO teams. Anyone willing to help let me know through email, and I will get back to you. Please have at least two experienced ROs on your team if you volunteer. thanks
  2. Well the match is full. Please make sure you only signed up one time per team. If you did sign up more than once please delete and withdraw so I can advance people on the waitlist. It is pretty clear some people don’t read the directions.
  3. Well 7 hours in and over half way full. Hey signed up quick. Please follow directions and sign up only one time per team. Using all three peoples last names in the name spaces.
  4. This years match will be held saturday june 22 and 23. The main match will take place on June 22 with a rain date of the 23 if needed like other years. registration open Dec 1 at 5 pm. Entry is the same as the past four years at $360.00 per team. Please register using the last names of all three team members and then an email and address of the captain who will get all info and pass it on to the other members. Like last year you will have four weeks after approval to send in check before your spot is given to a team on the wait list. Send check made out to TAPS to Dean DeTurk 1102 Forest St. Fleetwood PA 19522. Last year the match filled up in less than 24 hours. There will be a breakfast buffet at the fire company again this year and the prize table will be held there. The prize table will be random draw again with each of the three teams in each division also getting a $500.00 cash prize in addition to their random draw prize. Yes two divisions this year!!! Tac ops and Open. For tact ops regular tac ops gear as usual. For Open, anything goes. You can shoot any open 3 gun gear allowed in 3 gun nation rules in addition to PCC. You may pick and choose what guns and gear you use on each stage. You may even bring two uppers and switch them between stages. Basically for open it has to be semi-auto (no full autos) and be allowed for the target on that stage. (you will have a lot of choices, but for safety of course no rifle on close steel, each stage description will be very clear.)
  5. Here are the scores from todays match. Thanks to everyone that showed up and a big thanks to Matt and John Robina and my son Colton for all the help setting up and tearing down. Dave Stephens helped set up knowing he had to work today, that is some dedication to helping the club. To the 17 people that signed up an did not show up, many of which did not let me know ahead of time. We were full and I turned people away. Please show some consideration to fellow shooters and refrain from this, you will most likely be waitlisted in the future. We had a great match and were packed up and done by 1pm. Topton Nov KD steel.docx
  6. After the match filled up so quick I added ten more slots. Be fast. I will not add more.
  7. Nice 11 Topton will be having a KD steel match. You may use pistol PCC or shotgun or any combination of the three. It is a fun match. Lots of targets. 5 stages. No prizes. But only $15.00 to shoot. Registration will open tonight on practiscore at 9. Shooters meeting is at 730. Pay when you get to the match.
  8. Well another match is in the books and I could t have done it without my great staff. They busted their buts setting up and shooting, the. Running 300 shooters through the entire match in one day. If it wasn’t for my crew these matches would be impossible. Also thanks to the shooters. Had only three DQs all day and did not get one complaint from my ROs about anyone not helping reset. Also Huge shout out to Trijicon who has been a great match sponsor and believed in our match enough to provide us with great prizes and also pay for the shooter breakfast before the prize table. Next years match will be even better as I already have some new stage ideas.
  9. Saturday at 730 the shooters meeting will start. That means bybthat time all teams should have have checked in. We will have a brief shooters meeting and will start shooting at 8. 175 rifle pistol and shot for each will be plenty and 10 slugs per person. Any questions email me via practiscore.
  10. The match is full but get put on waitlist. I am sure a few teams will drop and I am sure some didn’t read direction and had mornthan one person per team sign up. Right now over 90 teams. Thanks for showing support for the match.
  11. 1. Sponsors seem to be tired of all the top pros winning priZes and selling them. 2. The sport is not about prize tables and the core of the sport is the average shooter, give them a game to win some great prizes. 3. Match has always been about fun and working with team. 4. I can do a lot more fun stages with different challenges without hearing people say tha isn't fair or that is too hard for me and it will hurt my teams finish.
  12. Once again Trijicon has stepped up to the plate to support the Trijicon 3 man 3 gun. The match will be held July 14-15 2018. Registration opens this Friday at 8pm on practiscore. The match fee is the same as the past few years $360.00 per team. As before if the weather cooperates we will be done shooting Saturday and have the prize table and free breakfast buffet courtesy of Trijicon on Sunday morning. Grunt Style is sponsoring the match and each shooter will get a tshirt with their entry fee. The major change for the match will be the prize table. This year the first five teams will get trophies and $500.00 per team. Then all teams (including the first five) will go to the prize table via a random draw. Don't wait to register. Last years match filled up and we had a waitlist.
  13. Dean,


    Good Afternoon.  you have my Boys and me down for the 3man 3gun correct?  We elected to push our  entry from last years match to this year since something came up and could not attend ( issue Youngest was not ready).  He is ready this year and is looking forward to it. 

    Let me know if you need anything from me.




    Bruce Crawford


  14. The match is full. We had 60 shooters sign up in less than 15 hours. Please send in your $145.00 made out to TAPs to Dean DeTurk 1102 Forest St Fleetwood PA 19522. Payment is due by the end of January because of the holidays. That gives everyone a little time. After that I will drop shooters and let people on the waitlist in. Thanks for the quick sign up and loyalty to our match. Thanks Dean and Rick
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