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  1. Bought the dramworx hopper for my LNL...only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner. FWIW - Over the years Hornady has replaced my hopper twice...just after the last time I got tired of cleaning up the mess as it had loosened and I spilled about 1/2 hopper of powder.
  2. Mine works very well...I reload and use hot loads w/H110 under a 240gr. Would never use it for competition, except maybe pin shoots. Too heavy and only 8 rounds/mag. Lots of fun - my avatar is the muzzle flash from mine during daylight @ outdoor range.
  3. I either make them myself (recycling cardboard from packages) or buy from target barn.
  4. I use them with the insert and the glasses sit the same distance from my face...but since the RX insert is inside it is much closer to the eyes and much more likely to get smudges, etc. FWIW I use the elastic band rather than the ear pieces so they should always be the same distance away based upon elasticity. Still the best option for me as I have 2 sets of inserts (both eyes front sight focused and only dominant eye front sight focused) and several sets of glasses to interchange with based upon lighting conditions.
  5. I like the Blues (125gr TC) for my 9's as they work well in every one of my firearms & PCC. I like ACME for my revolvers. Have used others such as Bayou & SNS in the past and they have all been good.
  6. Local shop that roasts their own beans - get their blended whole beans and make my own espresso.
  7. After trying a bunch of different brands out a few years ago I settled on the Blue's for everything that I don't need to roll crimp (357, 45 Colt) as they don't have a crimp groove. Been buying case lots from them for at least 5 years now (9 & 45) and have only had a couple (literally 2-3) of bullets over the years with a problem - they were mistakes in production/packaging. FWIW my favorite 9 bullets are their 125 TC's as I can load them long and they run well in my 1911, CZ75, Glock and Ruger Carbine.
  8. Welcome from someone just south of you.
  9. +on 4.0 of BE - used this exclusively with coated bullets and ran like a champ while still using stock springs in my 1911.
  10. Thanks - I use a lot of the Blue's in other calibers...let me know how it goes when you try them for your SAA.
  11. Thanks to all - using 5 of BE under the 250 has so far (less than 100 rounds) proven to be accurate enough for my needs and I haven't seen any sign of leading...just lube & powder residue as expected. Will be trying the same load but with the 200's soon. After I use up the BE that I have I am going to get some Trail Boss to see how that does in comparison.
  12. So, I recently acquired an SAA with a 5 1/2" barrel. A friend of mine gave a substantial quantity of Oregon Trail Laser-Cut 200 & 250 gr RNFP bullets. I am looking for suggestions on a Cowboy/low recoil load using components (aforementioned bullets and powders below) that I already have rather than buying new. The powders that I have are Bullseye, AA#5, Zip, True Blue and Silhouette. The loads will not be for competition but for plinking, limited to a maximum of 25 yards. Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. FWIW - I use the Blues exclusively in 9 and when I got a CZ found that the bullet profile (RN) that worked so well in my other 9's wouldn't pass the plunk. So, I went with their TC profile and can now load fairly long and they pass the test - and run well - in all of my 9's. In both cases I use their 125gr.
  14. Sounds like something is binding up - have you checked the linkages on the arms that attach to the rotor? Does the rotor move freely? Is the powder drop loose and shifting in its bushing (Hornady will send you shims - for free- to tighten if you ask) ? Are the linkage arms rubbing/pressing on another die (i.e. bullet feeder)? Is the powder baffle installed? Only times I ever had problems was with extruded rifle powders that would sometimes cause the rotor to hang up a bit. BTW - the best solution I found for ensuring that powder has dropped properly was great lighting - I use this: UFO Reloading press led light … it lights from the side and from above.
  15. IMHO unless you are using bullets that would be a problem with seat/crimp in one station (i.e. some coated & plated) I would combine those two first as there would be fewer adjustments/fine tuning required vs the PTX.
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