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  1. If you have any questions, let me know. I've shot them for years and have great success with them. They are pretty heavily used in both Steel Challenge and USPSA with a proven track record.
  2. I take 6 mags on the line. 10 rounds per. Change between strings.
  3. Yes. That is the forged Gen1. You can tell by the hole where the roll pin used to go for the LRBHO. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  4. C-more 8MOA. You can't go wrong with the tried and true.
  5. Any of you guys running a 6" Volq upper on a M3 22/45 frame? I am wanting to get in to a little RFPI and am having some issues with my current setup. Is this the way to go? I'd like a Scorpion but I'm being cheap. I figure I could get by with the upper first and then maybe add the lower. Thoughts?
  6. I just like to pay, show up, shoot the gun I feel like and see where I end up. Rules are rules and I am good with them. Except for the flag and bag rule in PCC. I hate that. Zack, you are doing a GREAT job!
  7. Have you ever shot the ones the Ron Oliver used to make?
  8. 8MOA C-More is the way to go. Perfect blend between too much and too little in my opinion. I switched every Open gun I have to them last year.
  9. The fellows I shoot with are pretty brutal, lol. If it wasn't loud, I'm not sure how I would shoot. We've even debated playing "walk up" music before we get in the box....
  10. Yes, it will chamber (most of the time) and they will fire out of battery.
  11. I had a 3 gallon bucket of spent primers through a Craddock 9mm barrel (and some went through my STI OPEN gun) before I replaced it with a BSF. I did it solely for weight and it was still grouping great.
  12. As a note, any of the barrels marked "PCC Chamber" near the muzzle should not need to be reamed. If you are having trouble feeding shorter rounds it going to be related to the feed angle and the amount of gap between the mag and the chamber. We are going to have a lot more aggressive pricing coming up to make way for newer models.
  13. I have not. We are looking at potentially bringing them in so I should have one soon.
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