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  1. https://www.speedshooter.com/product_detail.cfm?id=STI-10RND-MAG&sti-2011-10-round-magazines
  2. 60 was a year of glorious additions to the inventory. Earned everyone one of them but now is not the time to skimp. Ohraah!
  3. It is a spacer. If required it pushes the scs towards the bolt. The scs should not have any free movement between the rear of the bolt. Shake test it.
  4. I went with a factory tungsten. Spendy but tamed the flipper.
  5. Call KAW valley. Ian is very helpful and thorough.
  6. I also have a LWD 40-9 and using 9mm mags my 24 runs perfect -
  7. Have someone else shoot it for comparison. Could be the dreaded glock yank on the trigger.
  8. Try the Vickers Mag Release on the Gen 4 - It is money!!
  9. Mine was back in 3 weeks and turned out awesome
  10. I run mine at 178PF with no problems... settled on a 15lb spring... went as low as 11lbs but would not always close. Runs like a champ.....
  11. Really enjoy mine....Tyro was very helpful...
  12. I appreciate the confirmation.....
  13. If I have a .160 tall rear blade what front sight height should I get? I am putting on a fiber optic front.. I know there are variables -- but where would I start? .250 or .300 front ? thanks
  14. Warren One, red fiber, .250, classic Will need mailing address please
  15. msp1jpp

    serial number help

    Glock Serial Number Search Engine http://www.stakhaus.com/index.php?sortby=d_char_sort ASC, serial&results=
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