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  1. I am not allowed to describe etc here.
  2. Guess I must not show up when people search. Figures as much with my luck.
  3. And thank you for the compliment as well!
  4. No worries. And I clipped a coil off to start from the main spring. Having that optic on there may not help matters much. They make the smaller ones for the baby pistols. If you have a lathe or know anyone woth one and decent skills they could whip up a trigger pin / thumb rest pretty easily Im sure. But I degress as this is definitely not what these size pistols are made for for sure lol.
  5. And the Agency Comp is fun but not very practical. You need to lighten the recoil spring for it to run reliably. Call it the G43XXX
  6. Yes the TLR-6 is available for them.
  7. At the moment no one makes anything like that for them and I doubt a frame weight or thumb rest will ever be made honestly. A magwell maybe some day but it would be a small carry version.
  8. Its not the slide it is the BARREL that needs changed. Now for all purposes neither here nor there mentioned here, you can not put a G19/23 on a FULL SIZE frame (excluding the purpose made G45 Gen5 frame) nor can you put a G26/27 slide on a Compact Size frame.
  9. Gen3 OE G26 frame with Gen4 G19 slide and G19 barrel because the G26 barrel has the same locking lug foot as a G19, and has a Gen4 LW slide gap adapter.
  10. Compact Timberwolf Frame, uses a G19 Gen4 locking block, with a G17 Gen3 Slide, G19L barrel (17 length) and LW slide gap filler
  11. Course hey you dont gotta take my word for it, heck what do I know Just follow this link -> and all of your questions on what can go on what and what it needs. But fair warning, I done told ya lol https://www.lonewolfdist.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=922564
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