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  1. The Ghost One modified for the frame weight is by far my favorite. I think the locking mechanism is fair straight forward and simple. A G22 with a buried Bomar and front sight on a block is very nice! Of course a good trigger and what ever magwell you choose as well. The SJC heavy is by far and wide the largest and adds the most weight but can be picky at times of base pads, or at least the older versions (may have been remedied by now).
  2. only way I could get it to be uploaded. Cant do it as just an attachment. Remove if needed.
  3. Because when I received two that were sent for trial testing before release that is what I was told to use and have still used. Sometimes ya gotta do some tweaking to get things right. Not everything is always 100% drop in and use when still under development. You can shorten a recoil spring, and a Gen5 does not “have” to use a 14 or 15 lb spring either. Mine currently is running a 10 or 11.
  4. Dawson makes a set that fits correctly. Only ones I know of anyways. I have them on the shop Production G34 Gen5 I have here.
  5. Depends a lot upon the trigger spring and how much friction/engagement of connector on this as well.
  6. Or CCI, Winchester, and even some well seated Tula and S&B
  7. Ok yes that is correct. BUT a well tuned Glock and striker can run the lightest ZEV spring just fine.
  8. You put it in a vise by the base and push down on the large out spring. Clip the top coil and cut it enough to get it out and line the new end under the top retaining cup.
  9. Should be able to take it apart I believe nevermind. I dunno why I said that. Its the aftermarket ones that can be unscrewed
  10. And yeah a 127 PF is legal! WTFlip? Closer to the minimum than I would want just due to slight changes from heat/area variances but the OP is not cheating by any means. Also OP you actually may find you like it to be around a 130-132pf.
  11. Go lighter. Take your OE assembly apart and clip a coil and reassemble
  12. More details needed. I am either misreading this or it is not correct info meaning if i am reading this correctly it would mean they said a 2# spring as they call it would be a 0# spring....
  13. The “2lb” ZEV spring is like a touch lighter 4lb spring than the Wolffe 4lb spring which is a good choice as well. Just have to keep spares and get you a set of maritime cups as well.
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