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  1. Unless you have a CNC machine and small cutters or are REALLY good with a manual machine and small cutters to peck out the corners good luck.
  2. I prefer the Ghost version that kinda blends in at the front contour of the grip and makes a square button about the size of the gen3 and it is just slightly longer than oem. Works good in my opinion
  3. dskinsler83

    DK Triggers?

    Yes sir I did.
  4. Not trying to poke fun or anything was just offering my opinion.
  5. And didnt know anyone other than Zev had released a Gen5 specific aftermarket slide yet, news to me but good news. And I was just trying to point out you arnt gonna save all that much as if you have all those frame parts as spares already then that would clearly indicate you wanted to have spares? So you would just be purchasing them again.
  6. And again a Gen5 frame will work with a diff slide. The issue will be your barrel. The Gen5 barrel is of a G19 barrel foot design.
  7. Which trigger pad is it? If it is one of the aluminum trigger pads then you will need a small spring about 1-2mm OD and around 4-5mm long. The OE trigger pads safety tabs tension is part of the molded tab itself. Not a spring
  8. Also to the OP you are waiting on a $100 frame when by the time you put in a locking block, pins, slide release, magazine release spring, mag release, slide lock and slide lock spring, and a trigger assembly even OEM you are gonna be around the same as the $175 cost. And unless you have your own FFL or live in the same area as Big Tex you also have a transfer fee, back ground check, and shipping.
  9. Yes they are. Good lord
  10. At the moment the Gen5 is 9mm there are no 40 Gen5 frames.
  11. All over Gunbroker
  12. Oh yeah I forgot the dawson asjustable sits on top on the slide. Yep there ya go a .300
  13. And your logic is wrong, it is the same length as a G24 not a G35
  14. I think he means .245. You will end up using a front sight that would normally be used with the rear you have on the way for a G24. Did they not have a sight set together? Prob need like a .255-.265
  15. I knew Barsto did, I mentioned that in the second post. Just curious who these others are that 9x45 was talking about.
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