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  1. I dont even know where this comes from lol. The Glock bulge was on the first and second 40s lol. Seriously.
  2. Going up into the comp is not a good idea. The barrel tilts and you could end up causing a binding issue.
  3. dskinsler83

    Stiletto trigger

    They have almost certainly chAnged the pivot point at the trigger if they are advising against aftermarket connectors and springs.
  4. Its will vary based on YOUR accuracy and speed. You loose about 3 rds per mag going to 40 and of course the recoil impulse change. If you shoot all alphas as faster than the guy who shoots A/Cs more at the same speed you win. If you shoot slower you loose, if you A/C and he shoots A/C he wins unless you completely blister his time but the general consensus is that Major PF is the better option.
  5. I like em. Of course (and I got your pm as well) everyone is different. Having a truly adjusted rear is where the difference is in the long slide pistols. Once you tune it to your load and figure it out it is quite fun.
  6. Who came up with the G34.5 stuff or G??.5? Its a Gen 5 G34 lol.
  7. Do what ya want but LW shoots as good as the others. You just pay less. I have tried them all and unless you are trying to build a bullseye gun the accuracy difference is nill. Until you get to where splits and one alpha is all that separates you from the championship then dont worry and just shoot and train
  8. Hahaha um bought no, I did refine the lug face though
  9. CCI is all I ever run and have LIGHT trigger pulls with LIGHT striker springs. But I lightened the striker for my Gen5 also.
  10. They seem to fall out of the Gen 5s commonly. Just put it back in with the bevel towards the breach. There will be drag in it, that is the reason people use the maritime cups. Anyways, you should NOT be having light strikes with a 5lb spring. There are so many factors in a trigger that change weight etc. anyways. Good luck
  11. Soooo...just by simple mechanical logic, how can one INCREASE the length of the safety tab and SHORTEN the pre travel? I honestly believe everyone has a different meaning or definition of pre travel.
  12. One can not fully eliminate ALL the pre travel in a glock. It was not designed as a single action only pistol. There has to be some movement.
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