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  1. If you like your trigger in your G17 frame you can just swap the ejector its self from the ejector housing also. Just pulls out from the front and the other slides back in
  2. Thanks Sniperboy I appreciate that. And yes the EP trigger springs are useless. They were and are still one of the biggest reasons Gen4 triggers had issues with aftermarket parts when they first hit the market. Johnny D send me a PM
  3. Also Sniperboy above is correct. There can be trigger issues with the aftermarket slides, seen it and fixed it multiple times. And hopefully you do have a channel liner installed. I closed shop at the end of July.
  4. Ghost Turbos give the least drag. Also be aware that 98.5% of all trigger bars attached to aftermarket pads that are offered are just polished OE trigger bars. Some have a coating of TiN or NP3 but that is it. Nothing is changed other than the finish, still all the ruff edges and inconsistent surfaces/angles
  5. 4.5lb striker spring, maritime cups, and OE trigger spring, you can also adjust the connector a little as well to create less drag on the trigger bar.
  6. Try the Federal Syntech with their heavy bullet. Its like a 150 grain. Feels good to me
  7. 1.125 should be plenty safe for N320. It is a very safe 9mm powder.
  8. Unless you have a CNC machine and small cutters or are REALLY good with a manual machine and small cutters to peck out the corners good luck.
  9. I prefer the Ghost version that kinda blends in at the front contour of the grip and makes a square button about the size of the gen3 and it is just slightly longer than oem. Works good in my opinion
  10. dskinsler83

    DK Triggers?

    Yes sir I did.
  11. Not trying to poke fun or anything was just offering my opinion.
  12. And didnt know anyone other than Zev had released a Gen5 specific aftermarket slide yet, news to me but good news. And I was just trying to point out you arnt gonna save all that much as if you have all those frame parts as spares already then that would clearly indicate you wanted to have spares? So you would just be purchasing them again.
  13. And again a Gen5 frame will work with a diff slide. The issue will be your barrel. The Gen5 barrel is of a G19 barrel foot design.
  14. Which trigger pad is it? If it is one of the aluminum trigger pads then you will need a small spring about 1-2mm OD and around 4-5mm long. The OE trigger pads safety tabs tension is part of the molded tab itself. Not a spring
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