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  1. No the lug of a 17 is different from a 19. Unless it is a Gen5. You can use a Gen5 17 barrel in your G19 or you will have to purchase a G19L barrel.
  2. G22l, email travisricker0@gmail.com 

  3. Run a set up for a G19 of course
  4. I promise I know a few things lol. Some of Wolff’s springs have a tapered end on one end and that should be the one at the base of the guide rod and also what striker spring is in it? The whole pistol is a set of springs working against each other all the time.
  5. Just run it. It will be fine. It isnt a battle weapon and I have NEVER went by that bs vertical junk. If it strips the round from a mag and goes into battery when you are actually using it, that is what matters. I run a 10lb spring that is worn OUT and its fine. Also make sure you have oiled the firearm itself as instructed in its manual. Take it and break it in and shoot it if its new.
  6. actually you know what, I bet if you pull your safety plunger out and your striker out you will see evidence of the two hitting each other. My guess is your over travel is reduced to much or the vertical extension of the trigger bar is a hair to short following modification and the two are hitting causing the light strikes.
  7. A hammer fired pistol and a striker fired pistol arnt comparable to rule out ammunition. My guess is the primers are either not seated all the way. Also the plunk test should also make the plunk sound (hence the name) and the round should fall out of the chamber freely. Your issues with the extensions would be due to the follower probably hanging up or a weak spring. This could leave the round just out of battery enough that it would not ignite.
  8. If you like your trigger in your G17 frame you can just swap the ejector its self from the ejector housing also. Just pulls out from the front and the other slides back in
  9. Thanks Sniperboy I appreciate that. And yes the EP trigger springs are useless. They were and are still one of the biggest reasons Gen4 triggers had issues with aftermarket parts when they first hit the market. Johnny D send me a PM
  10. Also Sniperboy above is correct. There can be trigger issues with the aftermarket slides, seen it and fixed it multiple times. And hopefully you do have a channel liner installed. I closed shop at the end of July.
  11. Ghost Turbos give the least drag. Also be aware that 98.5% of all trigger bars attached to aftermarket pads that are offered are just polished OE trigger bars. Some have a coating of TiN or NP3 but that is it. Nothing is changed other than the finish, still all the ruff edges and inconsistent surfaces/angles
  12. 4.5lb striker spring, maritime cups, and OE trigger spring, you can also adjust the connector a little as well to create less drag on the trigger bar.
  13. Try the Federal Syntech with their heavy bullet. Its like a 150 grain. Feels good to me
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