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  1. I don't recall any rule that makes it a penalty if you don't top off.
  2. Good news and clarification.....Ohio Governor signed H.234 into law doing, among other things, recognizing other States CHL's even if no reciprocity exists. It also "Brings Ohio’s definition of “automatic firearm” in line with the federal definition, limiting it to only any firearm designed or adapted to fire a succession of cartridges with a single function." Have a nice day all.
  3. Gee. I'm ex-military. Auto means auto....Semi auto means semi auto. Then there's the discussion about selectable fire weapons.
  4. Better to have one true friend than 1000 acquaitances.
  5. all the firearms refered to by the poster are, in fact, SEMI-automatic which makes calling them auto(matic) as complete a misnomer as calling a magazine a clip. It is simply wrong.
  6. Sorry Chet. None of the firearms you mentioned are available the the general public in Auto. Semi-auto yes. Sorry. It's like calling magazines...CLIPS. makes me ears bleed.
  7. Tom C


    It's all part of the game. Some of the folks I've shot with (in IDPA) actually don't even carry concealed. For the most part, you get out of the game(s) what you put in. IDPA, USPSA, PASS etc are all games unless someone is shooting back BUT the folks who shoot the games are infinitely better shooters (in all ways) than the folks who make it to the range once, twice a year. Yea, yea, a little off topic but it's Saturday morning and my coffee told me to type this.
  8. Tom C

    New Glocks for 2015

    I've grown tired of "I've heard" or "it's coming". Glock missed the marketing mark by not offering a single stack 9mm comperable to the old Kahr K9 which was nicely concealable. IF Glock is planning a concealable single stack 9mm the only thing their procrastination is doing is allowing other companies, who already offer such, to sink their hooks deeper into the market. Shame on Glock for being short sighted.
  9. I have a Glock 34 Gen 3 and have NO experience with gen 4's. That said, I think that, unless it comes with 4-5 mags (preferably 17 rounders) $525 seems a little high priced unless (as someone said above) shipping is included. If shipping is not included then, to me, $425 - $475 seems a more realistic price. But then opininons are like backsides...everyones got one and they all stink.
  10. Glocks are good firearms. Sigs are good firearms, Brownings are good firearms, 1911's / 2011's are better than good guns, Grudgingly..Barettas (sp) are good guns (list in NOT exhaustive). As long as you stay with a good gun mfg you will be sufficiently pleased. I came from the old gun of the month club idea. Now I'm a, "Beware the man who owns but one gun for he probably knows how to use it". Glock 34's and 35's used to come with extended mag releases. They stopped doing that with the Gen 4's? Odd.
  11. Wow...And my wife tells me I come up with some "strange" ideas. I bow to you sir.
  12. Tom C

    Glock Single Stack

    First...we'll see.....Second...Good things come to those who wait.
  13. Physiologically, the carbon monoxide in smoke (specifically tobacco smoke), bonds 200x more readily to the bloods hemoglobin than does Oxygen. This strongly suggests that smoking actually moves a person toward oxygen starvation. That said, the human body has incredible abilities to adapt to what we do to it. If you smoke and smoking has the effect of calming you as opposed to not smoking making you more tense then it would seem to follow that smokeing, when needed to calm nerves, is not immediately detrimental. Obviously for long term health, people are best served to not smoke.....EVER.
  14. Tom C


    With respects to coffee and hydration I defer to a dietician I know and trust completely..My wife. Yes she is a college educated, state licensed Dietician employed as such in a major hospital in the Houston medical center. Believe it or not...Coffee is a one for one exchange for water (1, 8 oz. cup of water consummed = 1, 8 oz. cup cup of coffee consummed). Yes, it has diuretic effects but those effects tend to interrupt your shooting when your blader becomes full. Still, I rarely see any shooters hydrating, during a match, with coffee or coffee like drinks. Sports drinks that are reduced sugar or sugar free and have good potasium content are reasonable as are bananas and some of the energy trail mixes and one can never ignore water. For me, during a 6 stage local match here in Houston, I drink 4-6 bottles of fluid..2 g2's and 2-4 waters. I also eat an energy mix of nuts (obviously I'm not allergic), dried fruit and carob. For a match starting at 9am and ending about 1-2pm I don't get hungry, dehydrated nor suffer cramps. Oh, btw...did I mention that I drink 3-4 cups of coffee per day? For me that's quite a come down. When I was working night shift I drank 10-15 cups a night. sssssshhhhhaaaaakkkkeeeeeeeeeessssss.......meeeeeeeeeeee. nahhhhh. lol. Tango Charlie out.
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