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  1. Thanks guys! I used that gun for IDPA for a while before jumping into uspsa a few years ago... SS minor it is! Thanks again
  2. As the title says, thinking about going back to competing but I have virtually 0 competition gear right now. I want to get to shoot open, I used to compete limited, but all I have left is a single stack 9mm 1911. Should I shoot Limited 10 minor or Single stack minor? Thoughts?
  3. In my search for a budget limited gun I came across this one... Any input or opinions? Thanks! https://www.remington.com/handguns/model-1911-r1/1911-r1-tomasie-custom-double-stack
  4. Hello everyone, does anyone here practice dry fire with a fire pin activated laser insert? I am looking to practice with my rifle to get better at trigger control and breathing. I have seen a few apps out there to have shots recorded. Any experience with any of these or are they just crapy apps? Thanks
  5. The few shots I have taken with mine have been with my load and I love it!! 147 plated 3.2 gr titegroup with federal primers., COAL 1.130
  6. Ok because that is what I am looking to go to.
  7. Good there is consensus this is probably nothing to be worried about!
  8. Quick question here. I am using 147gr xtreme bullets for my 9mm. I have used this setup for only those bullets. I ran out of them and the only thing I could find was Berry’s bullets. When I run the Berry’s through the seating die it gives me a weird circular deformation at the tip, almost like nipple looking. Has this happened to any of you? BTW they are going to correct OAL.
  9. Hi guys. I have a 550 that is set up for 9mm. I reload different 9mm bullets for different purposes. I use 115, 124 and 147 grain bullets and it is a PITA to be changing the bullet seat die for different depths for different bullets. Do any one here use something like a Redding precision seating die? Any other options to the Redding? Thanks! BTW I use the Dillon dies right now.
  10. Are you shooting minor or major? Will the TS take 9mm major?
  11. Is the buffer really necessary?
  12. Thanks for the replies guys!
  13. I am starting this thread because I am overwhelmed by all the things going on here with Shadow 2. There is a spaghetti of information that is driving me insane. So first things first, CGW parts or CZC parts? Disconnector for short reset and reduced pre travel, springs (what weight) etc etc etc. Thanks for your help.
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