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  1. I agree, I’m thinking about getting into carry optics and it’s difficult to locate all the relevant posts.
  2. 124 Grain Precision Delta JHP or RMR 124 FMJ Seated 1.13 AA # 5 6.0 grains or W231 4.4 grains Both of these seem to be working well and are pretty soft shooting. I found some Autocomp loads that were pretty nice shooting, but didn't shoot enough of them to say for sure they are reliable. I tried some N320 loads, but couldn't get that powder to work reliably. The only issue I was having is failure to feed. The round would go vertical in the chamber trying to load. Happened with all bullet profiles and lengths if they were light, fast powder loads. Running the gun wet also seems to help with this.
  3. I found loading a little hotter and running the gun wet makes my mpx pcc more reliable.
  4. 4.8 grains N320 zero 200 gr FMJ 1.2 oal makes 170 pf out of my 5 inch gun
  5. I have several 2011s, but will take a look at their 1911. Would you say they are close to Springfield or nighthawk in build quality?
  6. About 3 k. No particular plan to mount a light, I would either go short or no rail.
  7. What does sight block refer to? I see it on the titan site, but they don't really explain it.
  8. That is not a bad idea! I missed out on the .44 mag this year.
  9. For my 45th birthday next year, I plan to get myself a nice full size .45. I know that I want some things, checkered front strap, mag well etc. I am undecided on half rail or no rail. For sure want a full size 5" steel gun. I am considering things like the Springfield TRP, Dan Wesson discretion and maybe even a Nighthawk if I can find a good enough deal. I have plenty of time to work it out and want to get something that shoots great and is a pleasure to own. Trying to keep it under $3,000. What do I need to watch out for that would prevent me from using this gun in single stack? I normally play in limited, but might want to try a single stack match some time.
  10. Can you point me to that commander tool less guide rod?
  11. Mine doesn't have any receiver damage. Just have that round go vertical into the chamber. Going to try some different profile bullets this week, but not holding out much hope.
  12. This is depressing. My new MPX competition is doing the same thing. Seems more likely to do it with light powder charges, but I can't run a full mag without it happening. Has anyone had luck with SIG repairing it?
  13. STI factory Gen 2 mags? I got several gen 2 mags from brownells that did this. Contacted STI, they sent newer followers that had a lower shelf. Solved the issue. You could cut down the shelf that lifts the slide stop until they work correctly, or try contacting STI through their warranty form on the website.
  14. I had what I believe was a 15# (came with the gun) mainspring in my gun for a while. It eventually started having light primer strikes. I don't think I will go below 17# again. It sure did rack smoothly with that light spring though!
  15. When you say unmilled, has the gun been built yet? Does it have a barrel fitted?
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