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  1. STI factory Gen 2 mags? I got several gen 2 mags from brownells that did this. Contacted STI, they sent newer followers that had a lower shelf. Solved the issue. You could cut down the shelf that lifts the slide stop until they work correctly, or try contacting STI through their warranty form on the website.
  2. I had what I believe was a 15# (came with the gun) mainspring in my gun for a while. It eventually started having light primer strikes. I don't think I will go below 17# again. It sure did rack smoothly with that light spring though!
  3. When you say unmilled, has the gun been built yet? Does it have a barrel fitted?
  4. If they all make pf, I would load up 100 of the ones I wanted to compare and run some drills back to back. See if you notice differences in the way they shoot and if they all reliably function. Maybe wait until the gun is dirty to ensure function in worst case.
  5. International handgun leather. I just ordered one, but they look similar to the VM2 from milt sparks. https://shop.ihlusa.com/product.sc?productId=161&categoryId=3
  6. Can anyone recommend a place to have front slide serrations put on my STI guardian? I would like them to match the factory rear cuts. Also, thinking about putting an RMR on my Tactical 4.0 2011. I called STI about having the factory do it and was quoted $550 without refinishing and an unknown timeframe to get to it. Seemed way too high for some milling and drilling. I see lots of places doing glocks, but want a recommendation on someone I can trust with my STI that has done it before! Thanks
  7. Thanks- I bought a used 2011 and the spring was peened out as you describe. I never understood why they did it until now!
  8. I have an STI 2011 .40 cal that I shoot in a local league. It is similar in nature to IDPA but some of the rules are different. No gun size limits for instance. I want to upgrade the base pads on my 126mm magazines as the plastic factory ones are getting pretty dinged up. What is the lowest profile basepad out there that is sturdy and easy to use? I have seen the Dawson wedge pads, but they appear to stick out further than they need to at that angle. I would prefer something similar in size to the factory ones, just more robust. Thanks
  9. As soon as it’s down range. But I have to focus, my thumb riding the safety grip makes it easy to click it off too soon.
  10. I use one. Bought my pistol used, the previous owner had a bag of them with it so I have kept using them. I figure, the gun runs good with it in there, so why mess with it?
  11. The new rod measures .324" the recoil master that went into this (stock) reverse plug is .331". I asked EGW about it, they said it was more clearance than they would design into a plug, but it should be fine. I shot it a bit and don't see any odd scratches or wear that makes me think it will be a problem.
  12. Arrived in the mail today. I used the reverse plug from the recoil master and everything went together fine. I had to trim a couple coils off the wolff (16#) recoil spring to keep it from bottoming out. Ran great with several different loads. Much smoother recoil pulse than the RM system. I am going to try a 15 and 14 pound to see how they run as well next time out. The rod sticks out the end exactly the same amount as the barrel. I may turn it down to be flush with the reverse plug, but it doesn't look bad as is.
  13. I had to go up to 4.8 gr at 1.20” to reliably hit major. Great combo with soft recoil.
  14. This is what I am hearing from SVI as well. I called today and they said their commander length reverse plug is 1.245" long. The one in my STI is about .95". I think I am going to get a standard 5" guide rod and trim it down. The stock reverse plug for the recoil master is .34" ID. This should work with a standard guide rod diameter.
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