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  1. My original firing pin finally broke on my Taccom extreme bolt, just before a major match! Replaced it with the newer Taccom firing pin with chamfered shoulders. Round count of the original pin was 3k. Shot the match with the new pin no problems.
  2. balmo

    How many stages is your local?

    5-6 stages around my area
  3. balmo

    How to Determine Best LOP for an AR9 PCC?

    I usually run 5th notch from collapsed. 4th notch for tight quarters and 3rd notch should I need to switch shoulders which in case regularly becasue I am a lefty.
  4. I'll sacrifice overall grip and feel over cushion with my shooting shoes. At the end of the match my plantar faciatis is killing me. I have the Asics FujiRunnergade and has minimal cushion at best. I think about Hoka One One or UA when I think cushion; what shoes do you use when shooting that provide good cushion throughout the day? Thanks.
  5. balmo

    High Classifier: stick or flagged?

    I lifted the percentage from USPSA's classifier calculator. Does that already reflect the new classifier changes?
  6. I am currently sitting in C class, PCC division. I shot CM03-14 with 91HF (par time) that equates to 78.9%. Since it's greater than 15% from C-class with the classifier get flagged or will it stick? Thanks.
  7. balmo

    Anybody shoot green dot?

    Its $269 right now at Optics Planet for the red dot if you add 10% off 4th of July coupon, plus shipping
  8. Thinking of upgrading from a Holosun 503c to a 510c with these 4th of July sales but I'm curious with the green dot. Anybody shoot green dot? Do you prefer it over the red dot? Does it pop out more? Or is it just the same? Thanks.
  9. It is now occurring with regularity, my Tanfo Stock 2 is going to slide lock with the 10th round still in the mag. This really messes up my stage plan and do not know were to first look to troubleshoot. All I have are neutered EAA 10 round magazines. What do you think causes this premature slide lock, thanks!
  10. balmo

    Magwel for Spartan lower.

  11. balmo

    Magwel for Spartan lower.

    I just got my CK Arms magwell for my NFA and fit and finish is great.
  12. I am thinking of getting a Shadow 2 for Production next season. I just want to see the consensus on its weight. On paper, its significantly heavier than the SP01 and a tad heavier than a Stock 2. Do you feel its weight is still okay or do you feel like your lugging it around? To put things in perspective, my SP01 feels great, a Stock 2 is perfect, and at times I think about my Tactical Sport's weight (a wee bit heavy). Thank you.
  13. I do like CZUB grips on my SP01. I was wondering if CZUB shorts will fit a TS with CZC magwell? I do like the CZC magwell over the TSO/Checkmate's. Thanks
  14. I just want to build my pcc spare parts. I just want to make sure: are ar9 bolts essentially use the same firing pin, fp spring, and fp retainer from ar15's ya? I have Taccom bolt and Kaw Valley for a spare and both their firing pins really look the same as the ar15 firing pin I see in the internet.
  15. balmo

    Winchester Small Primer Not Red

    I just finished a case of Win SPP. Some primers were definitely not so red. All of them went bang