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  1. I shoot P09 with Henning extended pads, stock guts. I can do 22 reloadable. I just want to check what is your mag guts setup for carry optics. Thank you.
  2. Ahh nevermind D7 22 specifically says it is not. Jumped to early
  3. -Strikers, sears, springs, connectors/disconnectors, and any other part which is NOT visible when the gun is in battery is considered an INTERNAL part and may be modified or replaced unless otherwise So, can I change to a sear spacer and still be legal in Carry Optics (or Production)?
  4. I went for the CZUB Aluminum grips first because they look so good. They don't really offer any traction plus there's a lot of 'airspace' in my palm because the grips are too thin. Stock grips actually have more traction CZUB Al grips.
  5. Tried Clean Shot last year and never went back (TG). Super fine powder and meters excellent.
  6. I always bring back that island jams when visiting Hawaii https://youtu.be/yqpXHmPICf0
  7. Asymmetrical Lok Bogies (Palm Swells + Standard) fit like a glove.
  8. CK Arms 14.5" pinned barrel Clean Shot 3.1.gr Blue Bullets 124gr Federal SPP OAL 1.10" PF 129 Shoots soft and hardly any movement
  9. It's easier (more relaxed) on the forearm and wrist.
  10. 3.1gr Clean Shot 147 Blue Bullet Federal SPP 1.11 OAL 129pf on my SP01 and 130 on my brother's Stock2
  11. 1) One 41rd on the gun and one 29rd (G17 plus TF+10) on the belt. 2) (2) 41rd mags, (1) Mega 57rd, (1) 29rd, and (1) 17rd 3) I like TF +10 the best.
  12. Yup, feels like metal. Thanks guys! I like the 2nd gen better; its flatter and doesn't have the weird curve at the bottom.
  13. Still a baby, but I have no problems with DPP 7.5moa @2800 rounds so far
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