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  1. Congrats on the new PCC!
  2. No DQ, about ~45% of the top shooter in Production that day.
  3. Signed up, shooting AM/PM/AM. Coming from SF Bay Area via long road trip.
  4. I have an NFA upper with LRBHO. It works fine with standard buffer and spring, extremely hard (manual racking only) with taccom 3 stage buffer, and impossible with a short stroke on top of it.
  5. I felt a significant difference switching from stock buffer and spring to a taccom 3 stage buffer. I upgraded to a taccom short stroke. I haven't shot it that much, I would say the difference is subtle at best.
  6. It all started with SW M&P 4.25" in production. I've bounced around all divisions except Revolver and now shooting PCC for the 2nd year.
  7. Excited for this weekend to try out 510c greed dot for the first time. I shot with a 503c last season and was very satisfied with it. The glass difference between 503c and 510c is like playing PUBG on a 32" panel (from a 24") for the first time; window is much bigger! I don't know how I feel yet whether I like the greed dot more than the red or they are just about the same, we shall see.
  8. I have never ran dry on a 32rd stage using 31+10. Sometimes, local matches spill to the 34-36rds and I still never run dry. I run TF's 17+12 on my belt and I like plain-Jane 17 for classifiers. Any outlaw, UML, or PCC only matches, that's where I bust out the 57 Mega, then 31+10 on the belt...
  9. I thought the #1 bullet weight for Production would be the same for PCC I was surprised the #1 bullet weight for PCC is 124/125gr.
  10. I have Kaw Valley barrel, load 147gr RN Blue Bullets to 1.115 OAL. I would not be surprised if some of them make to 1.120. Thanks for the replies guys.
  11. Yesterday though was the second time around I tried to show clear but the round on chamber is stuck. The RO agreed that I just let of the round safely at the berm. It did and cycled normally. The first time I've experienced this was late last year. I was able to show clear by racking the charging handle like a boss. I built this pcc in late 2017 and haven't had any jams. What gives with the last round getting stuck 'once in a blue moon'? Thank you.
  12. I have 7.5 on my Carry Optics. It's all fine and dandy. If I had to redo it again, I would pick the 2.5. I shot my friends Open with 2.5 and its bright enough on the brightest days but more precise for those 25+ yard targets.
  13. I just got my RO credentials early this year. Some shooters are quick to clear and holster. I just repeat (and keep repeating) "show clear" until I am 100% sure I saw and empty chamber.
  14. It is never too old to start. I envy the seniors at my club thinking I wish I could shoot like them when I am their age.
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