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  1. On Deck... I vape a crap out and drink water Next Shooter.. I watch the next shooter right before me, doesn't matter what division Load and Make Ready... I draw, get a sight picture and DA shoot, twice. I grab and kiss my mag (habit from pcc.. good fortune / jam free stage) and load. I grip my pistol in the holster and raise the other hand, closed fist to visualize the stage a la JJ. From start position, I grab my pistol twice, simulating my draw. Finally a big sigh. That's my 'NBA free throw' ritual
  2. Yes. I did bought from OP when they had the 12% coupon and right now it is in transit eta Saturday. I got the 5moa. I think that was a good price, $466 with shipping and tax (grrr) included.
  3. Agreed. I use Clean Shot for PCC & Carry Optics and has the lowest Std Dev I've recorded. Meters excellent as well.
  4. I bought one of those food dehydrator of Amazon. 5-tier easily dries +1500 9mm cases. Set to 65C for two hours and it come out nice and dry with no reside or stains.
  5. Right now, it sits at $466 otd. I might pull the trigger before the coupon ends.
  6. Right now with the 12% discount Optics Planet have the Trijicon SRO for $431.19 excluding taxes. Is this a good enough price? Do you guys know a place where they sell the SRO at a lower price. Optics Planet coupon expires on the 20th. Thank you.
  7. I just switched from PCC to CO for 2020. Goal is to be on the top of C class and move on to B Lost a whole lot of pistol skills when I ran PCC for 2 years. My goal is to at least dry fire 3 times a week, at least 15 mins. Ride (bicycle) at least 20 miles a week, mixed road/gravel Lose 20 lbs, be sub #200 again, that would be really sweet.
  8. I just got my P09 and am very excited. Is there any advantage trigger wise switching to the Manual Safety from a Decocker on a P09? Is there a slight decrease in SA pull weight when switching to Manual?
  9. balmo

    CZ TSO .40 OAL?

    1.130-1.135, comfy to the chamber and mags.
  10. I blast to Smashing Pumpkin's Muzzle driving to the match
  11. ...to drop the hammer, DA or SA. But when I push on the right side safety, even just so slightly, I can visually see the lifter (from the back) lift high enough and drops the hammer 100% of the time, DA or SA. I have a suspect the trigger bar spring has something to do with this. What does the trigger bar spring exactly do? Thank you.
  12. ...23? I have a set of Springier Precision pads + Gram followers and it gets me to 23 rounds no problem. I haven't yet found any literature online that states that TTI pad plus Gram follower will get to 23 rounds. So TTI owners, do you get 23 rounds with your pads? TY
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