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  1. Excited for this weekend to try out 510c greed dot for the first time. I shot with a 503c last season and was very satisfied with it. The glass difference between 503c and 510c is like playing PUBG on a 32" panel (from a 24") for the first time; window is much bigger! I don't know how I feel yet whether I like the greed dot more than the red or they are just about the same, we shall see.
  2. I have never ran dry on a 32rd stage using 31+10. Sometimes, local matches spill to the 34-36rds and I still never run dry. I run TF's 17+12 on my belt and I like plain-Jane 17 for classifiers. Any outlaw, UML, or PCC only matches, that's where I bust out the 57 Mega, then 31+10 on the belt...
  3. I thought the #1 bullet weight for Production would be the same for PCC I was surprised the #1 bullet weight for PCC is 124/125gr.
  4. I have Kaw Valley barrel, load 147gr RN Blue Bullets to 1.115 OAL. I would not be surprised if some of them make to 1.120. Thanks for the replies guys.
  5. Yesterday though was the second time around I tried to show clear but the round on chamber is stuck. The RO agreed that I just let of the round safely at the berm. It did and cycled normally. The first time I've experienced this was late last year. I was able to show clear by racking the charging handle like a boss. I built this pcc in late 2017 and haven't had any jams. What gives with the last round getting stuck 'once in a blue moon'? Thank you.
  6. I have 7.5 on my Carry Optics. It's all fine and dandy. If I had to redo it again, I would pick the 2.5. I shot my friends Open with 2.5 and its bright enough on the brightest days but more precise for those 25+ yard targets.
  7. I just got my RO credentials early this year. Some shooters are quick to clear and holster. I just repeat (and keep repeating) "show clear" until I am 100% sure I saw and empty chamber.
  8. It is never too old to start. I envy the seniors at my club thinking I wish I could shoot like them when I am their age.
  9. Same here. I have both and prefer the Delrin because it was drop it whereas the Aluminum I had to slightly file the pad to take 41rds.
  10. Decided that my next gun is a new PCC where my current will be relegated to being backup. Is Holosun 510C Green Dot a good buy at $290? Optics Planet and Primary Arms have it at the same price. Thanks
  11. My original firing pin finally broke on my Taccom extreme bolt, just before a major match! Replaced it with the newer Taccom firing pin with chamfered shoulders. Round count of the original pin was 3k. Shot the match with the new pin no problems.
  12. I usually run 5th notch from collapsed. 4th notch for tight quarters and 3rd notch should I need to switch shoulders which in case regularly becasue I am a lefty.
  13. I'll sacrifice overall grip and feel over cushion with my shooting shoes. At the end of the match my plantar faciatis is killing me. I have the Asics FujiRunnergade and has minimal cushion at best. I think about Hoka One One or UA when I think cushion; what shoes do you use when shooting that provide good cushion throughout the day? Thanks.
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