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  1. Loaded 30 rounds of 40sw with S&B SRP. The primers seated just fine just about the same effort as other SRP. Just need some range time to test for ignition S&B to the left, Win SRP right for refrence
  2. Henning basepad and stock follower and spring gets me 22
  3. Thanks for your replies. I guess its hit or miss, just have to load a few and check it out on my gun. Its promising though it worked on your glock.
  4. Scraping the bottom of the barrel in our club, I bought some Sellier & Bellot small rifle primers? Just from observation the primer cup is more squared off than Fed, CCI, Win. So how are they in your experience. I am going to use it for STI Limited 40, with extended fp. I was banking that it will be alright since 2011/1911 have strong ignition.
  5. Kawaii Metal or Pumpkins' Muzzle
  6. Thank you guys, I chose the Racer today it was finally stocked @ Freedomsmith
  7. OP, I use BB 147's and they are always on the high side: 148-150gr. I like this, as it gives me a buffer in PF. But on my chrono session, I still use 147gr for calculations. Last year, on all the level 2 matches I shot, they grab the magazines on me after I shot the stage before chrono. They weigh one bullet and shoot 3 rounds for average PF. I shoot for 130PF and always get 132-133PF, possibly because BB 147's are on the heavier side.
  8. A must for me during dry-fire. Its too quiet, kids are asleep at night...
  9. Just want to check if you guys have a Cheely RTS2 mount with a Sig Romeo 3xl on top. Do you guys have to relieve the Cheely mount or is it drop in? Just looking at the Shooter's Connection pic, it looks like there is a depression on the edge of the blast shield so I was thinking the 3xl would just drop in. Thanks.
  10. -Remington primers are alright. Should have bought a boat load when it was for sale ~20/k back then. -Load up on components big time
  11. Much harder for me keeping both eyes open shooting irons. Decided to switch to Limited for 2021 after 5 years of shooting optics. Lat match, I reverted to closing my non-dominant eye. I'll try to keep at it (eyes open) during dry fire, we will see.
  12. I just recently acquired a TP9 SFX. I want to upgrade the trigger to Freedomsmith. Aside from the Fat Daddy full flat face, and the curved variants, I cannot see any differences from the rest of the variants. I am liking the Vanguard series right now, but I jast want to see what you guys have for a Freedomsmith trigger. Thanks.
  13. Left Titegroup for Cleanshot 2 years ago. Gun is much cleaner since. I add 0.1gr of Cleanshot for a comparable Titegroup load.
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