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  1. Just an update. I got my KKM conversion barrel in and it runs sweet! Only put a couple hundred rounds through it, but it shoots really soft and runs well. Only jam was a bulged reload that I didn't catch. Running a 13 lb spring BTW.
  2. +1 on the Acraglass Gel. I hate the smell of JB Weld for some reason.....
  3. Thanks guys. I have been resisting the idea of a conversion barrel because I've heard of reliability issues, but never tried it for myself. Since I already have the gun set up exactly the way I like, this may be the best option.
  4. I have a 24 set up for Limited and for a number of reasons, I've decided to stop messing with .40. Based on the amount that I shoot, I think I'd have more fun just shooting minor in Limited. I really like the extra sight radius and how soft the 24 shoots. I am wondering if there is a decent conversion barrel that would allow me to shoot 9mm in the 24. I've never tried one so I am not sure how well they actually shoot. Or am I better off ditching the top end and building a 17L from aftermarket? The Zev slides are pretty spendy. Is the LWD slide pretty good for half the price? Is it even worth trying to build a 17L or should I just stick with a 34, since the 34 is so easy to find?
  5. Delmont


    I bought the Gorilla Grip from CPWSA and loved it for a pre-cut option. However, I ended up cutting my own out of a sheet of Jessup skateboard tape for cost reasons. After all the work to get it right, I should have just bought more of the Gorilla Grip. Also, I love the idea from Eric's site about using black super glue to stick down the edges of the tape. I've used the same glue that Eric mentions (found it at a hobby store but also on Amazon), and also used the Gorilla brand thicker super glue that I found at Home Depot. The glue really helped keep the edges down, so that dirt doesn't work up under the tape and make the tape lift up. Definitely extended the life of the tape for me.
  6. I cover my Glock grips with Jessup skateboard tape. Afterwards, I use a scrap piece to knock down the texture a little. Last time, I went a little overboard and it ended up smoother than I intended. For a 1911 front strap, it should be easy enough to experiment a few times and get the desired level of roughness.
  7. You didn't mention whether you had fully stripped the frame when you cleaned it. Have you inspected the locking block for a crack or missing chunk? How about the bottom lug on the barrel? Does it look OK? Also inspect the frame rails to see if one is cracked, bent, etc. Probably a reach, but this one sounds weird.
  8. I have a Storm Lake in my 24 and I'm loading 180gr Precision bullets to 1.135 with absolutely no issues so far. I just ran one through the chamber and there's no indication that the bullet is touching the rifling.
  9. I bought an ATP last week and have put about 500 BBs into the backyard. So far, it's been flawless. Locks into my Ghost holster perfectly. A little tight in my DOH. The guts are almost exactly the same as the KWA Glocks, and there appears to be a lot of aftermarket parts available. 30 yard accuracy is surprising, so the squirrels have learned to run when I walk out the back door. Grip frame is a little smaller than my Gen 3 Glocks. More like a Gen 4. Would love to fit some Sevigny sights, but don't think they'll work.
  10. Does anyone know where I can find ID measurements of the GRX, U-Die, and regular Lee die? If I hack off the top of a regular Lee die to use as a poor-man's GRX, will that be sizing it smaller than the GRX?
  11. Joe Have you shot it yet? What was the result on the 34? I have 2 ISMI 13lb springs in the mail from Brownells. I'll be doing the same thing when they get here.
  12. Shove the mag in your belt. Don't try too hard to get it in there, or you're just wasting time. As long as the scenario doesn't call for that mag to be reused, it's OK if it falls out during any movement that follows the reload. Very few scenarios will need it again, especially with the 18 round limit. It almost never falls out of my belt, but if it does, I've made an effort to secure it after the reload, so I shouldn't be penalized. The "tactical gods" would hate me for typing this...much less thinking it.
  13. DogmaDog On my 1.5" belt, the locking tabs put enough outward (away from my hip) pressure that they do a good job of stabilizing the holster. I can loosen my belt quite a bit and still not get any holster wiggle. I doubt you'll be disappointed. Alot of the IDPA shooters in my area use this holster and really like it. The only other holster that beats it in popularity is the Fobus, and that's because it's so cheap. Never used the Speed Slide. Can't really comment on it.
  14. I have the Comp-Tac Locking Paddle holster. Absolutely love it. Very stable, easy to get on and off the belt (not that it's that important), and great fit and finish. IMO, much better than some Bladetech stuff that I've seen lately. Pretty dang fast too. I also use two of the Single Mag Pouches. Same goes for them. I used some Kytac gear in the past, and while it was fast, it wasn't formed as well. I also had a hard time getting the stuff from the maker. Not sure if that's still the case.
  15. Quote: from Singlestack on 6:28 am on April 23, 2002 I have seen some people have problems with the rear sight when using Heinies. They don't seem to want to stay put. I have not had this problem. Same here. I hope to God I never have to take that Heinie rear out. It almost never went in!
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