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  1. robert3405

    C-More Railway Dot Size

    Ordered the aluminum tactical railway C-More with standard switch and 6MOA dot! Thanks for your continued help.
  2. robert3405

    C-More Railway Dot Size

    Whoa!! Can of worms I opened, hahahaha. I think I may compromise and get an Aluminum tactical railway with a 6MOA dot and no click switch. So I get an aluminum sight but no click switch so I'm spending money on one feature and saving on another. I found this version for $309 shipped on Amazon Prime. I'm one of those evil Amazon supporters. Now, everyone talk me out of it so I can save $. :)
  3. robert3405

    C-More Railway Dot Size

    I could see from reading the other topics about the broad range of opinions. I’m looking hard at the model that’s the tactical railway, aluminum with 4moa dot and has the non click rhetostat. Any known issues with this one?
  4. I currently have a Vortex Sparc AR sight on my PSA 9mm PCC. Sometimes I feel like it “gets in the way” on transitions in steel challenge. I like the sight and it’s served me well but as I’m getting more into this steel shooting I can see where fractions of a second can really help. My question is I’m looking at a C-More Railway sight for my AR9. It’s a flat top. Which C-More would you guys recommend given the info I’ve provided? Ive read the other topics but my head started to swim.
  5. robert3405

    First SCSA match

    Driving across PA is not something I relish! But I sure appreciate the invite! I’m in eastern Ohio so LCSA is only about 1hr15min drive.
  6. robert3405

    First SCSA match

    Thank you! I wish I had started steel challenge years ago! Im signed up to shoot the Area 5 SCSA in Indiana next month which will be all 8 stages. Ive been shooting the monthly matches at Lawrence County Sportsman’s Assoc. in western PA. Great club
  7. robert3405

    First SCSA match

    I have a USPSA number A109761. They will update my classification wed morning. I was trying to get a feel for where I’m at.
  8. robert3405

    First SCSA match

    Shot my second SCSA match this past saturday. I shot PCCO and RFPO here were my results with the PCCO: Showdown: 10.03 5 to go: 12.79 Smoke n hope: 10.70 Accelerator: 14.15 totally brain dead on this stage Roundabout: 11.67 Here are my results with RFPO 15.01 19.99 11.77 16.56 12.92 So far I have shot 6 stages with the PCCO and here are my top times in each stage: Show down 10.03 Pendulum 14.66 Smoke 10.70 Accelerator 11.33 Roundabout 11.26 5 to go 12.79 I am currently in B class but if my calculations are correct I should move up to A. I have a total time of 70.77 on these 6 stages and the total peak time for these 6 stages in PCCO is 55.50 55.50 / 70.77 = 78.4% Am I calculating this correctly?
  9. Ordered my Area 5 match shirt last week! Looking forward to the shoot. Awesome to see an Area shoot for SCSA
  10. So you’re saying I shouldn’t panic because my steel challenge PCCO gun is a PSA billet Gen2 lower with a 16” PSA upper? All it does is go bang and ring steel since I bought it May 12, 2017.
  11. I'm in!! Squad 203. PCCO. Making the trip from eastern Ohio .
  12. Do we shoot all 8 stages during one session?
  13. robert3405

    Dumb Question on Retainer Pin

    That’s what I did. Been a while since I had the 9mm bolt apart. Thanks!
  14. So I took my PSA 9mm PCC down for a good cleaning last night. When I went to reassemble the bolt I had a total brain fart. On my other AR15's there is no firing pin spring, of course, so the retainer pin goes in a little different. I put it back together with the retainer pin holding the firing pin in under slight pressure of the firing pin spring. I think this is correct? I feel like an idiot for asking this question.
  15. robert3405

    First SCSA match

    I joined USPSA a month ago so I could get a number to track my progress.