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  1. robert3405

    T/C R22 Rifle

    Where are these currently available?
  2. robert3405

    New format for Steel Challenge idea

    One of the reasons I started shooting SCSA was for the simplicity. I don't think I'd be interested in this but if some are then have it. More folks participating in the shooting sports is never a bad thing.
  3. robert3405

    New Rules

    I enjoyed shooting it. I'm definitely going to set it up on my own to practice. I'm not in this to get on shooting gallery tv it's just a lot of fun to compete against myself. That's what I love about SCSA.
  4. robert3405

    T/C R22 Rifle

    Thanks for the tips! Hated to dig up an old topic but I thought I'd update it with he fact that I bought one of these guns and will have it ready in the spring for SCSA RFRO division. Have a safe fall/winter!
  5. robert3405

    T/C R22 Rifle

    Thanks for the advice! I'll go that route. Do any of the loaders work with these 10 rounders?
  6. robert3405

    New Rules

    I had never had the chance to shoot Outer Limits until I attended the Area 5 SCSA shoot. It totally kicked my rear end! I was shooting PCCO and I really struggled with getting settled down after moving into the second box.
  7. robert3405

    2019 Match Wish List

    I attended Area 5 Steel Challenge this year. It was very well run! Hope to go back next year.
  8. robert3405

    T/C R22 Rifle

    I'm thinking about adding a Burris FF3 8moa dot and a couple Ruger Bx25 mags.
  9. robert3405

    T/C R22 Rifle

    I picked one of these rifles up today. Plan on putting a dot sight on it for SCSA. Seems to be a really nice option for RFRO division.
  10. robert3405

    PCC Recommendations

    I started with a PSA 9mm carbine. I now shoot a JP GMR15. No complaints on the PSA but the JP is just a thing of beauty. Amazingly well made. I highly recommend it.
  11. robert3405

    C-More Tactical Railway loose

    VC3 is really good stuff! As I stated above I have the model with the thumb screws in the battery cover and I used VC3 to secure those. I'm confident the blue Loctite will keep the two mounting screws secure.
  12. I had bought an adapter which fits over the existing knob on the C-More sight while at the Area 5 Steel Challenge. It is designed to make it easier than fiddling with that small knob from the factory. Anyway, I sat down last night to put it on and I noticed my C-More was very loose on the mount. The mount which is attached to my JP was very secure it was the two large screw that go down through the sight and into the mount that had worked loose. I probably shot the last few stages with a loose sight. I decided to use some blue Loctite and secure the screws back into the mount. Anyone else ever have this happen? I had to use Vibra Tite VC3 on the two knobs that secure the battery cover prior to my first match as they had worked loose during practice. Seems as though for the $ I expected a little better mouse trap. I love the sights performance it's just these trivial matters that make me have OCD.
  13. robert3405

    T/C R22 Rifle

    I only got to give it a quick once over. My father-in-law stopped by on his way home from the gun shop. The press releases on it say it will use Ruger 10/22 magazines but the last round hold open will only work with the proprietary T/C mags. I could care less about LRHO for SCSA.
  14. robert3405

    T/C R22 Rifle

    My father-in-law bought a new T/C R22 rifle this past weekend. First I'd ever seen this new release from T/C. All I gotta say is I was really impressed. The Magpul stock fits like a glove and the fiber optic sight is really nice. He put a Vortex Venom on it and intends to start shooting Steel Challenge with us at our local match. They sell for around $350 and seem to be a nice rifle. Very, very similar to a 10/22 action.
  15. robert3405

    new PCC completed today

    I got a GMR15 2 weeks ago and it didn’t disappoint. I had been shooting a PSA PCC which served me well but the JP is clearly a better built gun, hence the price difference. It’s smoooooth shooter