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  1. My barrel is Stamped S&W Springfield MA. S&W is the parent company for T/C firearms. I believe mostly all current T/C firearms are made by S&W in their plant. They are even making Performance Center R22 rifles now. https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/performance-center-tcr22-altamont-laminated-thumbhole-stock
  2. I've been shooting nothing but the CCI AR Tactical since May. Shot the Area 5 match with it. Stuff is awesome! I use the other stuff during practice but matches it's nothing but the AR Tactical
  3. I bought a T/C R22 and put a C-More Railway 6MOA sight on it. I have since removed the rear peep sight and the front sight post and added a TandemKross Game Changer Pro Comp to the already threaded barrel. It runs on standard 10/22 magazines. I have had 0 malfunctions. S&W make the T/C guns so it is quality made. A lot of the upgrades folks do to a standard 10/22 S&W does on the R22 at the factory. Something think about.
  4. I shot the Area 5 SC in Indiana this past weekend. I arrived for registration to find they had added a few shooters to our squad, one being Mike Foley. I had the opportunity to shoot all 8 stages of SC with Mike on Saturday morning. I stated in my thread about the Area 5 shoot that I was really impressed with Mike both as a shooter and as President of USPSA. He did not dodge any questions or criticism that came from anyone he encountered. He seems to have a sincere dedication to both USPSA and SC. He informed us that the new SC App is going to be a game changer and is due for release very soon. From what I could tell it seemed as though he had a prototype he was using during our match. He also stated the SC website will be revamped as well. My vote for President was cast yesterday and I think you can tell from my experience on Saturday which way I went. No disrespect to those who support the other candidate, that's why they are called elections, everyone has a right to vote how they want.
  5. Had a great time at Area 5!! Riley Conservation Club did another bang up job. I had the pleasure of shooting with Mike Foley, president of USPSA. He was a really impressive guy and has a passion for our shooting sports. I also won a CWA .22 conversion kit for a 1911 on a door prize drawing, $480 value!
  6. Anyone else shooting the Area 5 match this weekend in IN? Two of us will be traveling from eastern Ohio to shoot the Sat morning session. We shot it last year and the club really puts on a good match. Lots of fun. Hope to see some of you there. My squad starts on Showdown Sat morning. I'm shooting PCCO and RFRO
  7. I shoot a T/C R22. I removed the rear peep and front fiber optic sight. I installed a TK Game Changer Pro Comp and mounted a C-More 6MOA railway. For the $ the R22 seems like a very fine gun for RFRO div. I've never had a malfunction yet in hundreds and hundreds of rounds. For matches I shoot CCI AR Tactical ammo.
  8. Shot my first Steel Challenge match this past Saturday with the R22. There were five stages set up and I shot a 61.30 total score as follows: Smoke and Hope 10.89 Roundabout 11.52 Accelerator 12.26 Pendulum 12.78 Speed Option 13.85 I used CCI AR Tactical 40gr ammo and had 0 feeding issues or misfires. The R22 is stock as seen above with the C-More 6MOA and I"ve added a TandemKross Game Changer Pro comp to the threaded barrel. All in all it seems like a good, reliable .22 rifle for steel matches.
  9. I recently bought the Maglula 10/22 loader / unloader and it's a real nice piece of equipment. I have eight 10/22 10 round magazines and I can load them very quickly. ' As a footnote I I finally go the R22 to the range this week on some steel. I set up 5 To Go with my homemade plates and I'm really loving this rifle. I have a 6MOA C-More Railway mounted and I was really flying, for my standards. I put 150 rounds through it and did not have any feeding issues. I was using a mixture of Fiocchi LRN and Federal Auto Match LRN.
  10. I have 4 of the long 33rd mags, 2 17 round mags and 1 10 round mag. At the next local match I'm going to use the 2 17's and the 10 rounder. Shoot two strings with each of the 17's and the last string with the 10 rounder. See how that goes
  11. I've shot Federal Auto Match, CCI Blazer, Aguila Super Extra, CCI mini mag and Fiocchi .22LR ammo in my S&W Victory without any issues. I picked up a T/C R22 rifle over the winter to start shooting RFRO and it will absolutely eat anything you put in it.
  12. Where are these currently available?
  13. One of the reasons I started shooting SCSA was for the simplicity. I don't think I'd be interested in this but if some are then have it. More folks participating in the shooting sports is never a bad thing.
  14. I enjoyed shooting it. I'm definitely going to set it up on my own to practice. I'm not in this to get on shooting gallery tv it's just a lot of fun to compete against myself. That's what I love about SCSA.
  15. Thanks for the tips! Hated to dig up an old topic but I thought I'd update it with he fact that I bought one of these guns and will have it ready in the spring for SCSA RFRO division. Have a safe fall/winter!
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