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  1. Welcome from Michigan and congrats on your new shooter.
  2. On the first stage one of the the new shooters was at the line and told to make ready, he replied "I'm already loaded".
  3. Since being acquired by BPS...pricing is up, employee count and level of customer care is down and walmart type junk has replaced the more unique items.
  4. I count shots and plan reloads during the walk thru. Once the timer goes off I don't count shots but I do try and stay aware of additional rounds.
  5. I always try to squad with friends or familiar faces that I enjoy being around. Whether I shoot better or worse isn't important to me, but the fact I have more fun is.
  6. I've noticed this also over the past few years. And it gets harder to find a place to stand as not to impede with all the phones pointed downrange.
  7. I enjoyed watching the video. Great shooting and thanks for sharing.
  8. Welcome from Michigan. This is a great place to learn and make new friends.
  9. All these posts... what are you getting ready to sell?  I might be interested

    1. Seery


      Been a member for 15 years and just trying to get caught up on posts! 😋

    2. Paul-the new guy
  10. Welcome from a fellow Michiganian. Hope you enjoy your new platform.
  11. Welcome from a fellow Michiganian. Been a member here for 15 years. Don't post much, but have read and learned a lot from all the great folks around here.
  12. Welcome from Michigan. I've been a member for 15 years. Don't post much, but I read and learn a lot from the great folks here.
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