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  1. Chaos discontinued. 2.0 seems to be coming out according to website. Any ideas about what is changing? What should be changed?
  2. Been doing that, but annoyed as I switch between drills having to mess with changing the timer. Would also like to get splits, understand how much I am over/under par time, etc. Seems helpful if more sensitive timer would work, and coolfire system seems more than loud enough.
  3. Can't pick up coolfire dryfire at any sensitivity on pocket pro 2. Anyone have luck with more sensitive timers w/ coolfire?
  4. What was black Friday sale?
  5. Oh, and can't get over how fun MPX is suppressed.
  6. I also have both. The mpx is so fun to shoot, but cleaning is more important and about 3 times more work. I don't think at my level it makes any difference to scores (A class) as long as gun runs reliably. I have had issues with reliability with JP when using Goliath mag extensions, polymer bullets, and short stroking. I think I got resolved by cleaning up mag body transition and follower. Mpx had reliability issues until I upgraded extractor. At this point both guns run.
  7. Yeah, but the legion grip module is $250..
  8. I filled up at a home brew company. $5 for a 20 oz tank. Tank going strong after a few months.
  9. And what about fogging lense? Are X5s coming without a loaded chamber indicator or is that still a request?
  10. Red box? Given low fcu pricing - are people making money buying new p320s and parting them out? If so is this due to poor sig part availability or high sig pricing? Josh
  11. A friend sent in his mpx that looked like that, sig charged him $200 diagnostic fee and sent back with no changes... Just make sure sig has said they will replace before you send in.
  12. Sig calls this normal. The gen 3 pcc version has a new cam pin design, I am wondering if this still happens on new design.
  13. I have 4 sets of pro ears for self, wife, son. Every year or so a band breaks and they send me a replacement no questions asked for free. I bought a pair of msa sordins recently and I can't believe what I was missing. Much better audio quality and increased comfort from sordins but at much more money.
  14. Don was very responsive on Facebook, less on email. With Facebook shutting him down, I would keep trying.
  15. This is data over 2 months. Started with SWMP, loaded a bunch until I was out of powder. Then I bought 115's and couldn't test SWMP with 115s. Next, I tried HS6 with both 124's and 115's and I liked the 115's, so I bought a case of those. Now I am trying my new AA7 115 loads vs the SMWP 124 loads I loaded up originally. I had fewer shots when I captured SD/ES for SWMP so I didn't consider the numbers valid. This is not as scientific as it could be, but it is what I have. Josh
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