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  1. Production 54pts 6.27 8.612hf 100% Shot stationary on both ends.
  2. Getting some practice in for Bianchi. Step one, confirm zero. 1.53" at 50m. That's a personal best.
  3. I warm up as well. Getting the heart rate up and blood flowing. Then light stretching.
  4. It is a Bianchi Metallic division (NRA Action Pistol) gun that takes advantage of all the rules. I built it on a Fosters frame, Caspian slide with an STI TruBor blank 9mm barrel. I wanted to run a 6.25" barrel with an 8.5" sight radius, yet have a lighter 5" slide. The front sight is from Clarks, sitting in a European style dovetail (along bore, not sideways). The sight sits on the end of the TruBor blank, so it is similar to a sight tracker and gives the extended sight radius without the weight of using a 6" slide. Plus, it is a true 6.20" length barrel which I felt was better than putting a fake comp on a 5" or 6" barrel. Additionally, the heavy (HEAVY) barrel reduces slide velocity. Initially, the slide wouldn't even open after firing a +P round. Barely opened after lightening the slide. Then I started taking weight off the barrel blank until the slide "just" functioned and locked open on empty. Very soft shooting, without being sluggish or slow. The rear sight (Shifty Sight) is my own design that shifts Right and Left for the mover event. It returns to center so there is no need to rezero after shooting the mover. The lead length is adjustable for different bullet weights/speeds and barrel lengths. Once set, the sight unlocks, shifts to the stop (right or left), then locks in place. It works great and it probably the best thing I've designed so far, mainly because it is so simple. I can't believe it hadn't been done before. I tested this at Bianchi. After I shot the mover event I went to the practice range to confirm zero at 50m. Put them all in the X ring! I had tested it before the match, but I wanted to recheck it. The grips I made from Honduran Rosewood (shut it Wayne). The Prone pad is from Warren, raises the gun up for prone shooting. The trigger is an X-line trigger, I have another post on that elsewhere on this forum. The rules specify a minimum 2 pound trigger pull. I set up the X-line as a two stage trigger, 1 pound initial and 1.03 additional pounds for the second stage. Very, very easy to shoot groups with this set up. This trigger makes the 50 meter line a snap. Sent it to Black Dove for the insane Cerakote job. I specified the colors (something go with the grips) and he knocked it out!
  5. Well, it is technically a single stack....
  6. Still technically a single stack. For Bianchi. Cerakote by Black Dove. I had a specific look in mind and he pulled it off!
  7. Hey if it runs you are already one step ahead.
  8. 80's vintage has me beat. I've got one from the early 90's, a V10 from the late 90's and a few others. I have a couple that need new homes too. One cheap, one not. LOL
  9. I'll try..... It was the best SSN I've been too. Stages were a lot of fun. Still had some very challenging (re: slow to engage) targets, but not impossible. Still need to clean up some bobbles (like..hey dummy....put in a magazine before buzzer...) but in looking at the results, I'm quite happy. 56 points behind Max.
  10. Just a ribbin'! Isn't that what L10 is for though? Lol. I know, I know. I'll be hitting some open classifiers soon myself....
  11. @jake, that's also known as sandbagging the match.
  12. That stage was awesome! I would love to shoot something like that. Your application is lacking some info however. Yep, post the pics.....
  13. Thank you kind sirs! I shall use my voting status with great care.
  14. Yep, that's me. Or I should say, it's my mexican wrestler alter ego..."Mucho Reloadre"!
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