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  1. Getting some practice in for Bianchi. Step one, confirm zero. 1.53" at 50m. That's a personal best.
  2. This topic isn't dead! Lol. I'm going to order some 145gr bullets to test. I have a universal with test barrel but can also borrow an actual barrel fixture. I will go for 1:20. More research on that before I order though. Thanks for all the stories and stuff.
  3. All very good points. I think the recoil difference maybe the nail in the coffin. As much as I don't want it to be. I nearly won the Practical stage at Bianchi last year with a 478... turned into a 468 due to a skidder. I took a picture of the target and it still haunts me. The sight time during recoil recovery really makes sense since I lost it by .25 second. Thank you guys for the discussion.
  4. My lead is built into the rear sight, but with my 9mm it's a bit less as I shoot 100gr at 1250. I have the room in the rear sight to account for more lead (slower bullet) which is why I started to consider 45 again. Thanks for posting the numbers ffl as it is definitely something to consider. Also, bullet drop. Rob missing 1920 by .25" is exactly why I'm considering 45. I'm not quite at his level, soooo build a better mousetrap. But is it? That's why I posted here. If I can build it to hold 2" at 50 (which is what I can do with my 9), and recoil wasn't a concern is there anything else to consider? Before I sink of bunch of coin in a test bed, I'll source the projectiles I want to use and shoot them through a test fixture. IF they perform well I may build it just to see. I still have some time... Barrel twist. Thinking lighter, faster loads should I consider a 1:18 or 1:20?
  5. I'm thinking about building a 45acp for Metallic. I haven't been around long enough to know "why" 9mm is king. Recoil, drop at 50, mover event. Anything else? My 9mm is plenty accurate, with the right ammo is stupid soft, but I can't get the "bigger hole" out of my head. Maybe I just want to do it, for the sake of doing it. I'm thinking 140-165gr projectiles at 900fps. I like sintered metal projectiles for accuracy. Anything else to consider?
  6. Anilson, are you going to stock the hinge triggers also? Have you installed a Vario yet? I find them very easy to install. I really don't like working with the SV, especially after installing a few of these.
  7. Gunsmith fit wasn't bad to install. Mine likes light, fast bullets. I did a bunch of work to the factory barrel while I waited for the Apex to show up. Best group was still over 2 inches at 25. Apex gunsmith fit, 1.07" at 25. I was very impressed. 4.11" at 50, but a flier ruined what could have been a great group (shot standing). It will also keep them in the A zone at 100y too.
  8. I would send the gun and barrel to Apex. Something is not right.
  9. Once again, IDPA rules blow my mind. I can change the 320 grip module faster than I can change the backstrap on an M&P. Yet it's "not readily replaceable"? I use grip tape now anyway (M&P).
  10. Did you forget to reassemble with the smaller coil spring? (striker return spring). Take slide off, look at striker foot (pull back until firing pin block catches striker if needed). You should see a coil or two of the return spring.
  11. I am much more likely to hit the -0 or -3 perf than a no shoot perf. I like your first option. Make it the major of 1911 division.
  12. Given equal pf, the advantage goes to the .45. Larger scoring diameter. I shoot .40 180gr at 170 pf and .45 185gr at 170pf. Both feel very similar. I would shoot 40 in CDP because of the brass is easier for me to get.
  13. Fedbizops posted, FBI picked Glock over Sig 320 (and others)...and then there's that. No idea why yet. Just posted yesterday.
  14. TR. I've fired quite a few that had really bad double clicks. Only in dry fire can you notice it. Usually worse with an empty mag installed. It can be fixed. Also, even with the worst one I was not able to induce a failure to reset malfunction. I tried. Hard. Couldn't get it to fail. Back on point: Got out to 50yards this weekend. Standing unsupported, M&P 5 shot group of 4.11". The group of 4 was awesome (1.80") but one round opened the group up to just over 4". Of course it's on video....lol. Youtube....
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