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  1. Thanks for all the input guys. I went ahead and bought the STI DVC P Duo
  2. I'm new to 1911/2011s but I wasn't aware you could use a dawson tooless guide rod on a 4" gun? That's pretty awesome. I need to look into this
  3. Hey all, Wondering if anyone has had some work done to their sti staccato P or sti tactical? Specifically internal tune/smooth and polish everything, trigger work, threaded barrel, and a removeable comp. If so any photos floating around? How do u like it? Which smith did you use? No plans to compete with said mods just a range toy. Thanks
  4. Yea I'd like a 9mm. I was thinking atlas because they look awesome. Changing my thinking tho. I just want a fun range toy. Something I can put a red dot on. Which the atlas doesn't have that option in something i can afford. So...kinda only leaves me with the STi staccato p duo or DVC P that I'm aware of.
  5. Edit: Let me change gears here a bit. Let's throw the competition aspect out of the equation. I've decided I want a 2011. I shot a DVC omni STI eagle that has had a steel grip, internal tune and trigger work done Sti tactical host And staccato p The omni was my favorite for obvious reasons. That being said I think the tactical host would do everything I need it to do. Here's my hesitation. Buy a new staccato p duo put an rmr on it now I'm 3k into it after tax. Would it do everything I need it to do? Yes would it be as refined as the DVC omni or atlas? Most likely not. I don't want to look back and regret not spending a little more money on something better. Buy the omni put an rmr on it. Close to 5k into after tax. Always gonna be in open class if I ever compete with it. Won't hold resale value like an atlas will (I assume) Or buy an atlas titan. Only drawback is no.option for an rmr. More expensive then the staccato but much more refined. (Going to hold out and see where the new atlas athena lands price wise) My uses Range toy Speed steel? 2 gun matches? Uspsa? Side arm for use on pistol stages at precision rifle matches.
  6. I may just stick to pcc or try single stack with my kimber 1911. Lol same here. Shooting matches with it was just me trying to justify the cost. Maybe I'll just shoot it in speed steel? I've been hearing some bad about the zev in my research I think I'm going to stay away from it I'm amazed at the amount of response I'm getting on this topic. It has definitely changed my mind about what I plan to use the titan for. If i end up with one. Thank you everyone
  7. I'm starting to see this. Glad I asked. That really sucks haha I didn't want to shoot 40 Thanks for pointing this out. Definitely going to have to reevaluate what I wanna do. I'm definitely gonna go shoot a couple matches with my glock and see what it's all about. thanks everyone
  8. Lol I dont disagree. Sound advice here. I had 4k budgeted for a pistol but did not consider the extras needed for match shooting. I'd like to stay with 9mm. Why do u suggest a 40? Alright, thanks I'll see if I can make that happen.
  9. Hey guys just joined today! So here's the deal I'm a precision rifle shooter and have been competing for the last 2 to 2.5 years and have really been enjoying it. As of late tho I've been feeling like I want to branch out into other forms of competition shooting. So I bought a volquartsen scorpion and have been shooting the s#!t out of it and having a blast. I shot one speed steel match and got smoked lol but it lit a fire so to speak for my desire to be competitive at everything I do. I love to shoot and I try to every chance I get it doesn't matter what I'm shooting. A buddy shoots uspsa and 3 gun and invited me to come watch. So I did and I think I've got the bug and want to try uspsa. I have a gen 4 g19 with a dot that I carry and I'm sure it would work but i hate the trigger on it lol even tho its upgraded.(I'm so used to my 1lb TriggerTech diamond in my match rifle) I realize a pistol trigger won't be the same but my kimber 1911 has a much better trigger then my glock. I was looking at buying a zev 0z9 competition model but have sense turned my attention to an Atlas titan. I've always wanted a nice 2011 and I'm a firm believer in buy once cry once. I've set my budget at about 4000$. My mind is pretty much made up on the titan but am curious what you guys think? Bad decision to buy such an expensive piece before i even try a match? It would double as a range toy and I'll shoot it in speed steel as well. I have no experience with 2011 other then what I've googled and YouTube'd lol Thanks
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