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  1. +1 for primary machine. They milled several slides for direct mount trijicon SROs. Very happy with their work. Those cylinders you mentioned in your earlier post are the mounting screws. The screws are fairly long with only the last 1/4 of the screw threaded.
  2. Just to be clear, when I said "feeds reliably" I meant feeds the last round reliably : ) I could not get the +4 TTI basepads to fit the nickel mags. They would slide on but I couldn't push up the retention pin as it would hit the mag body. The Henning seemed to fit well.
  3. Also, what did you do to get the TTI basepads to fit the Nickel mags?
  4. What the folllwer will do will vary with different magazines and gun/slide stop setups. With my open gun I had to dremel the follower down as it would frequently lock the slide back with one round left sitting on the follower. In my limited gun it would not lock the slide back but feed every round flawlessly. As far as what it "should" do you will have to ask Beven. He is a very nice guy who will be happy to answer your questions. What you want it to do is a matter of preference. Personally, I would love to have it lock the slide back to prevent the dreaded click i
  5. Front sight blank installed by primary machine when they did the slide milling. I'm not sure if they sell it separately from their slide milling package.
  6. Yup, I have seen that crazy thing : )
  7. LOL, that man can make anything work!
  8. I currently have a shadow 2 slide sent off for optic milling and slide lightening cuts for weight reduction. Under the new ruling weight reduction would no longer be necessary. I am leaning towards still having weight taken off the slide to lower reciprocating mass and possibly help with dot tracking. I could be a little off on my numbers but and looks like with the slide lightening + optic it would be approximately 2 oz lighter than a stock slide without optic. Any reason not to do weight reduction on a shadow 2 slide?
  9. ah gotcha, that makes more sense now. Thanks for clearing that up
  10. Agreed, however, 9mm has more taper than 40SW as stated in my post 40SW looks like it has a thousandth taper where 9mm has 10 thousandths. If neither amount of taper matters when sizing, that's great, but I just trying to understand what single ring carbide sizing dies are doing dimensionally to 9mm cases that have more taper than 40SW. From your response it seems like the difference is inconsequential and I should quit thinking about it, get the lee die and start loading
  11. I have been loading 40SW and 38SC for several years, but am now getting setup to load 9mm for carry optics. I have some questions regarding sizing 9mm as it has more taper than 40SW. Are dies with a carbide sizing ring essentially turning the most of the case into a straight walled case? I don't see how it couldn't unless the carbide sizing part of the die was the same length as the case and tapered. I imagine that it wouldn't really matter as the round
  12. I have had good luck with the igaging calipers. They have always given consistent results. Not sure how well they take abuse as I haven't dropped them or anything. If you plan on using them for rifle cartridges with the hornady comparator, get the ones longer than 6 inches. That way you have a little more to hold onto when measuring long cartridges. As far as chronos, I have the pro chrono, the CED M2 and the magneto speed (rifle use only). I have lined up the CED M2 and the pro chrono and both gave similar results. For this reason I mainly use the pro chrono, as it's
  13. 47 ounces. I'm thinking about trying a heavier gun but worried about slowing down transitions.
  14. I have had great luck with Aero uppers and lowers.
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