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  1. It's hard to tell because the video doesn't show the actual malfunctions (besides when the the slide didn't go into battery), but it looks like the loads are really light. To increase the slide travel in recoil, try: A ) Further reducing the recoil spring weight and/or B ) Bumping up the powder charge I wouldn't worry so much about getting really low recoiling ammo for Steel Challenge. I only occasionally shoot SC and almost made Master with my standard USPSA major ammo.
  2. Replying to myself with the magazine details: Factory tubes Dawson tool-less basepads (no longer made, but I think Taylor Freelance makes basepads for the factory tubes now) ISMI Para Magazine Springs -140mm- Chrome Silicon Arredondo follower - Para Nylon Arredondo Basepad Insert for Para HiCap
  3. I'd have to look up the exact basepad/spring/follower combo that I use (I don't shoot this gun often anymore), but I get 20 reloadable in every RIA double stack 40 S&W mag that I have and can squeeze 21 into about 1/2 of them.
  4. I have had a magnet on my Limited belt for quite a few years and used to run 4 mag pouches along with the magnet but now only run 3+magnet. But, I only ever use the magnet on Stow-and-Go stages and occasionally at unload and show clear. If I only wanted 3 mag retention devices on my belt, I'd go with 2 pouches + 1 magnet.
  5. SAAMI spec for 40 S&W shows a max COAL of 1.135" and a min COAL of 1.085". See page 51 of https://saami.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/ANSI-SAAMI-Z299.3-CFP-and-R-Approved-2015-12-14-Posting-Copy.pdf I think any 40 S&W loaded longer than 1.135" is considered to be loaded long. Many of us use 10mm mags for our 40 S&W loads and the magazine determines the absolute maximum length that we can load (10mm max COAL is 1.260"). You need to find a COAL that your gun likes that also fits in the magazine. My long 40 S&W rounds are 1.200" to feed reliably in
  6. I know the question wasn't directed at me, but I went with the CR Speed WSM II holster: https://benstoegerproshop.com/cr-speed-holster-wsm-ii-by-rescomp/ The WSM II is dedicated to my RIA PMU 40 HC, so I reduced the length of the rail that the muzzle support rides on to minimize the overall length of the holster.
  7. Sorry about that. From your post on the 12th, you said "single stack USPSA", so that's what I was going with. If you're shooting L10, you can use 170mm mags (like @joe4d mentioned). Wilson Combat has several 10 round mags that are popular in L10 at https://shopwilsoncombat.com/10-Round/products/372/ . You may need to adjust the feed lips to perfect feeding, but mine have been working just fine with no adjustments at all.
  8. Nobody has mentioned it, so thought I'd follow up with this: If you're shooting USPSA Single Stack major, you are limited to 8 rounds after the beep. 10 round mags only really make sense if you're shooting Single Stack minor. Also, if you get the Tripp System mags, get the 10mm ones, not the 40 S&W ones.
  9. Another trick you can try is to seat the SWC bullets such that, if stood up next to a LFP round that feeds perfectly, the outline of the SWC is contained within the LFP. This may seat the SWC too deep or not deep enough, so don't use this as the only check before loading up rounds like that. But, I've gotten stubborn SWCs to feed 100% reliably in 1911s using this method. If you still have problems, explain to us exactly what you mean by FTF... Nose dive into/below the feed ramp? 3 point jam? etc
  10. I have one of the RIA Pro Match Ultra 40 HC pistols and the rear sight is an LPA cut. I have this sight: https://dawsonprecision.com/dawson-precision-lpa-cut-adjustable-black-rear-sight/ The front sight is a Novak cut. I have this sight: https://dawsonprecision.com/novak-cut-fiber-optic-front-sights/ (0.180" tall x 0.100" wide Patridge Serrated) The sear, disco, and safety are standard 9/38/40 parts for 1911s... or at least I've never found any problems with any of several replacements from various companies that I've tried. I don't recall exactly which f
  11. Are you looking for mags for competition where they need to be no longer than a certain length? Or just 10 round mags?
  12. How is it not feeding? Follower getting stuck before reaching the top of the magazine? Slide stop engaged before last round is chambered? Nose dive into the feed ramp? 3 point jam? etc Does it fail to feed if you load the mags with only one or two rounds? Can you replicate it by hand cycling the gun or can you only replicate during a firing cycle? Without that info, it'd be difficult to actually diagnose... but if you have a new mag spring, that would be the 1st thing to try.
  13. Bullet diameter too small for the barrel can cause it to not engage the rifling properly.
  14. Take a look at the firing pin stop and firing pin spring. If the firing pin stop is very loose and the firing pin spring is very weak, the firing pin stop can drop down slightly before the firing pin can return to hold it in place. The firing pin stop can then hang up on the rear of the frame/hammer/etc. I had this happen with my first 1911. Resolved it by replacing the firing pin spring as well as the firing pin stop with one that I fitted myself to be tighter.
  15. N3WWN

    147gr 9 Major

    Precisely my point My gun/bullet/powder combination chronos a little over 1340 FPS (166 PF). The Alliant data is for a 4" barrel, so if you just use the "wet thumb in the air" estimate of 50 fps per inch of barrel, you may get 1303 FPS in a 5.3" barrel. As always, don't rely on published data, test with your own gear. Trusting published data is one reason why folks go sub-major/minor at chrono.
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