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  1. Probably because pre-registration doesn't open until "January 31th, 2020 at 7:00pm EST" and open registration doesn't start until "March 13th ,2020". That's right folks! January 31 th !!!
  2. I'm not sure about basepads specifically for Mec-Gar mags, but there are base pads that add length to existing magazines. Here's a couple from Brownells: https://www.brownells.com/magazines/handgun-magazines/magazine-parts/magazine-floorplates/1911-base-pads-for-7-round-magazines-prod24799.aspx https://www.brownells.com/magazines/handgun-magazines/magazine-parts/magazine-floorplates/magazine-bumper-pad-w-screws-sku620000011-24857-47951.aspx I use Wilson Combat mags and ran into the same problem... so I use the 47BEN extended basepad. The 47BEN makes the mags too long to fit in the USPSA box, so I have to taper the mag slightly: This provides quite a bit more mag sticking below the magwell while remaining 100% SS legal. Factory 47D magazine basepad that came on my mags in front compared to the tapered 47BEN: You should be able to achieve the same effect by adding extensions to your existing Mec-Gar mag baseplates.
  3. Another vote for the EGW extractor. I use this one in my RIA Pro Match Ultra HC 40: https://www.egwguns.com/hd-extractor-9mm-38-40-series-70-blue IIRC, the only fitting required was a little polishing on the side of the hook so rounds would slide up a little easier and, after adjusting the tension, filing down the end to match the rear of the slide. A little polishing with various grits of wet/dry sandpaper & a little cold-bluing took care of the exposed metal after filing.
  4. Officially, there may be a different model of WSM II for the XDm, but I don't know. I had the holster already so I modified it to work with the XDm. The trigger gap wasn't wide enough just by removing all of the spacers, so I widened it myself. It's not entirely pretty, but it works great. (See photos below) Much to my wife's chagrin, I keep everything, including the sawn off portion of the holster! I cut about 1.75" off the total length: Even after doing that, there's still about 5/8" longer adjustment available (it was hard to photograph for some reason...): Given that the support screw can be moved down about 2-1/4" and there's 5/8" more adjustability, I'd say you'd be fine with a 5" slide and up to 2.875" of comp. Even if the kerf of the blade that I used to cut it was thinner than I'm estimating, and there's only 2" + 5/8" adjustability, you'll likely be fine: Here's my XDm holster, also truncated: XDm OSP 4.5 with an AlphaWolf Compensator (approx 1-3/4" long The holster was actually cut for this XDm 5.25, which is why the muzzle support hangs a little low with the comp'd pistol: Here's what the trigger gap looks like now: It's not a pretty job, by any means, but works great!
  5. Here are some photos of my CR Speed WSM II set up for my RIA Limited gun. I truncated the rail for the muzzle support. Originally, that rail is about 1.5" longer. I have another WSM II for my XDm 5.25 Limited gun which I also shortened. I've since built a budget Open gun with a 3-port comp on a XDm 4.5" barrel and, even with the shortened muzzle support rail, I was still able to move the support down low enough that the comp rests nicely on the support. I mention this in case you are wondering if the support rail will be long enough for your Open gun. Let me know if I can answer any questions or provide any more photos!
  6. I use a CR Speed WSM II with my Rock Island Armory Pro Ultra Match HC 40. These are Para clones, so should fit the same holsters. If you're interested, I can check to see how I have the spacers set up to fit the trigger guard.
  7. I think they were fun to shoot and a better test of actual match skills than some of the older stages. When they were first announced, they were listed in the USPSA app, but the links didn't work. Glad that they fixed that between yesterday and today, but the images available in the app appear to be draft versions (missing some of the distances, markup lines extending longer than the PDF version, etc). PDF version: App version:
  8. I concur... just picked up some of these myself and they work fine with both of my 1911s with Dawson Ice Magwells. Keep in mind that they could be modified for the no-gap model, as well, just takes a little time to contour the front "lip" of the basepad to allow complete insertion without over-insertion.
  9. I have no proof of this, but after looking around for particular Sig pistols for a few years, it seems that Sig probably sets the price that the dealers can sell their pistols at. Usually if I've been able to find a pistol below the cost that everyone else is offering it, it's because it has a blem, is a "used but never fired" item (buyers remorse return), or an old version of the same model.
  10. Any idea if the proposed changes will be made public so we can comment on them before they are final? Some feedback from the membership might help improve the quality of our rulebook. For instance, HQ could ask if anyone finds issues or vagueness that wasn't initially seen by those who drafted the changes.
  11. HCH is correct that caliber conversions are not Production legal, so you'd have to shoot 40 in Production or shoot Limited or L10, as you already mentioned. Chances are that you're not going to be competitive when you first start out... nobody really is. There may be some exceptions, but I haven't run into any. The best thing to do is to read the rulebook so you know what you can and cannot do, go the match, ask questions and, most importantly, be safe. You having a RO in your circle will help because you can discuss a lot with them before the match. Since you don't appear to reload, 9mm is going to be quite a bit cheaper to purchase. If you do reload, or start, you can cut the difference down a lot and load whichever you prefer for about the same cost. Yes, 148 PF is going to be a bit of a disadvantage because of the recoil. Minor is a min of 125 PF and major is a min of 165 PF. At 148 PF, you'd be shooting 1/2 way between minor and major. Most folks shooting minor will be shooting about 130 PF. But, honestly, that's not really going to matter when you start out shooting USPSA. 600 rounds will get you through about 4 matches (at least in our section), so go ahead and shoot it, but you'll probably want to find some ammo with a little less recoil when you buy more. If there's someone that you trust, who reloads for USPSA and does well in Production, you could ask to put a couple of their rounds through your gun after the match so you can see/feel the difference. Most folks won't notice a variation of 5 PF, but more than that can be noticeable. Even if the 9mm NATO ammo was making major, you can't shoot 9mm major in Limited/L10, but I like the way you think!
  12. I find that spraying on some alcohol (rubbing or denatured), letting that sit for a minute and then a nylon brush does a really good job on my glue+grit grips when they start filling up with skin and rosin. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. I liked the idea of the MannyDot, but went with the MicroDot instead simply because I wasn't sure how much abuse the serrated post would take without breaking. The width of the serrated post is only 0.015" on each side of the hole. The MicroDot is 0.030" in that area. I am pretty rough on sights, so went with the more robust one and haven't broken it yet!
  14. I just swapped out the single-sided safety with an ambi AR safety that I picked up at a gunshow. No problem with the safety function... but the lever is the same length on both sides and hits my hand with my normal strong hand grip. Gotta fix my hand position or perhaps grind down the right side lever.
  15. I suppose to answer any of the questions, we need to know more about what you plan on doing... What sport? USPSA? IDPA? Steel Challenge? Other? What division? (I'm a USPSA shooter, so this comes from knowing that different things are legal in Production vs Limited, etc) The recoil spring and guide rod setup will depend on the ammo you actually shoot, your grip and personal preference. I'd lean to the side of not changing anything right now, get some matches under your belt and see what, if anything, you want to change. Since this appears to be a 4" XD, you may find that you want a longer sight radius and/or more velocity with the same ammo, so a new gun may be your next step. 9mm NATO ammo is going to be a LOT hotter than what most of your competitors will likely be using (again, depends on sport and division). Looking at the ammo specs, they are about 148 PF, which, for many sports, is going to be a disadvantage.
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