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  1. Original basepads are only 0.350": Lots more basepad with the modified 47BENs! Dawson Ice "gap" insert: Dawson Ice "no-gap/gapless" insert: Mods for the top-front of the mags are more trial and error and the photos don't really capture it. Basically, you want to conform the top of the basepad with the Ice insert so that they meet after the mag seats but before overinsertion... Let me know if you want other photos, dimensions, etc or have any other questions.
  2. Comparison of the modified (left) and stock (right) 47BEN basepads on 10mm mags: I add a tiny square of grip tape to the back and then glue+grit the left side of the basepad to aid in a good purchase from the belt and also removal of stuck mags. I take little to no material off the back (pre-mod and post-mod are both ~0.580"): I use tape to create a straight line to about where the mold parting line is visible (~0.510"). After the tape is applied, I use a bench grinder to remove most of the material to the tape and then some 60 grit sandpaper up through 400 grit sandpaper to finish the job: An unmodified 47BEN is about 0.721": Ice insert photos and gapless mods to come...
  3. With the standard basepads, the mags are flush with the bottom of the Ice magwell... perhaps even a little recessed. With the 47BEN basepads, the mags extend below the magwell, but too far to fit in the box: Removing some of the front-bottom of the basepad fixes this: The factory sights are taller than the Kensight rear + Brazos front combo that I have, so there's actually a little extra room with my combo and just enough room with factory sights. Details on the basepad modifications in another post...
  4. I've been trying to find the old photos I had, but can't track them down. I'm going to take some new ones for you. Yup! Definitely not a mix and match approach. Use one or the other. The nice thing about the Ice insert and the 47BEN basepads is that it's relatively inexpensive to switch the insert and all basepads.
  5. Wilson 47BEN basepads, if ground down slightly, will provide length beyond the Dawson Ice magwell for positive seating *and* still fit in the USPSA box. You can also make the 47BEN basepads work with the gapless insert, too, you just have to modify the top front of the basepad a bit. BTW, the only difference between the gap and no-gap magwell is the insert. If you get one and want to try the other, it's just a $20 insert swap. I can upload photos of the 47BEN modifications, if you're interested. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. Another vote for Wilson Combat 47NX magazines in a Sig 1911MAXM ini 40 S&W! I load my SWC ammo to 1.200", FYI. Wilson doesn't have replacement springs (yet), so I use Tripp 15C-042 springs (untrimmed) and the mags eject with AUTHORITY regardless of whether the slide is locked back or not! I really want to like the Tripp mags, and they may be perfect for 45 (which I haven't tried), but I ran them in 1911s (both 9mm and 40 S&W) and had problems. The lower cut that the Tripps have at the top front of the magazine is too low for these two cartridges and allows the next round in the mag to be pushed forward when the top round is stripped. It's just enough to catch the bullet nose of the top round on the frame, making them refuse to drop free if the magazine isn't empty. I've tried round nose, truncated cone and SWC bullet profiles and they all do the same. It's for this reason that I can't use Tripp magazines in USPSA. For something like Steel Challenge where you don't reload on the clock, they're awesome! I imagine they'd be good for IDPA, too, since you're pulling the mag out of the gun to retain it or running the gun totally dry before dropping the mag.
  7. I know the 45 magazines are a bit larger than the 9mm or 40 magazines, but not sure if it's front-to-back as well as width. If it's just width, Black Scorpion mag pouches work really well for 9 or 40 XDm mags, are only $23 MSRP, are very adjustable and have some extra width available for wider mags: https://www.blackscorpiongear.com/collections/single-double-stack-magazine-pouches/products/storm1_magazine_pouch I also use CR Speed pouches for XDm 40 mags, but you have to make them work. I customized one of the inserts that comes with the pouches to fit the XDm magazine.
  8. I load my ammo at 1.200" for my pair of Sig 1911 MAXM pistols. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  9. I've never measured it or had to change links, but I found this info: https://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=138412 Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. You didn't mention what you soaked it in... I soak mine in Kroil and it really helps. After an overnight soak, I use a brass punch to remove the bulk of the build up and it breaks away from the metal. I then use a needle file to gently clean the rest out.
  11. Are you push-through sizing with an undersize die or a regular die? Are you sizing again during reloading? If so, is that a U-die, too?
  12. I really like mine. I have the Rx insert and it doesn't fog up as I was afraid it would. That said, I do have anti-fog cleaning spray that I put on the inside of the lenses and both sides of the Rx insert about once every 2-3 months. There are probably only two things that I don't like: 1) I find it difficult to get the nose pads adjusted to both position the Rx insert properly *and* be comfortable for all-day range sessions and long USPSA matches. Once they're adjusted, though, they're great! 2) It is REALLY difficult to change the lenses. The nose piece is easy enough, but the temples are a bear to remove and replace. I feel like I'm going to break something every time I do it. But, they're cheap enough that I just bought the other complete 3 lens kit so I now have 2 sets of temples, 2 sets of nose pieces, 2 smoke lenses, 2 light rust lenses, 1 clear lens and 1 vermillion lens. The vermillion is my "go to" lens color for USPSA with the light rust being my next favorite. The clear lenses are nice when you don't need any filtering so I have them set up as my 2nd pair.
  13. Just throwing this out there: Could the link be too long and forcing the lugs to be too high when going into battery and engaging prematurely? (Total shot in the dark here)
  14. Where on the rounds are they failing to enter the gauge? The case mouth? The rim? Somewhere in between? If you haven't yet, try coating the rounds that fail with Dykem (I use Sharpie as an alternative) and see where they stick in your chamber or what portion is contacting the case gauge . It could be bullet profile engaging the throat/rifling of the chamber, non-concentric bullet seating causing the case to bulge a little to one side, etc. Do the cases gauge if the round is inserted backwards?
  15. I have modified the Grams followers for 9 magazines in rapid succession. The first one takes the longest to find out exactly how much material to take off, but after that, it's just doing the same thing again 8 more times. I used the corner of my bench grinding wheel to cut the small notch and an X-Acto knife to clean up the area. Probably took me about 10 minutes for the first one and about 10 more minutes to do the remaining 8. Attached is a before (front) and after (rear) image.
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