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  1. Surefire Ultra ear plugs are what I use when I shoot to minimize as much external sound as possible but still hear the timer beep and range commands. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. I've never needed two hands to cock a 1911 hammer , regardless of the mainspring weight, although I did run into an issue one time where the sear spring was under weird pressure by the mainspring housing (improper assembl). This resulted in a higher trigger weight and MUCH higher force required to cock the hammer due to the binding of the sear spring and the hammer strut. Caught it during bench safety testing before firing it, and I'm glad I did! Not sure what would have happened, or what would have been damaged, had live ammo gone through it in this state. Resolved by replacing the bent sear spring and reassembling properly. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. I did some temperature variation testing of W231 with Acme 180gr FP-NLG bullets in the spring of 2017. I used Hot-Hands heat packs to raise the temp of the magazines to about 100 deg F, ice packs to drop the temp to about 30 deg F and the ambient temp was about 40 degF. Mags were loaded and placed in separate coolers (or left out for the ambient testing) about an hour or so before leaving for the range, which is about 30 minutes away. I used an IR thermometer to measure the temp of the top round of ammo in each magazine before running the ammo from that mag over the chrono. The mags were surrounded by the hot/cold packs with the top round in "free air" above the packs within the insulated containers. I saw an average of 1-2 FPS per grain of powder difference between 30 deg F and 100 deg F. With the 4.72 gr of W231 in these rounds, that resulted in velocities of 930 FPS (avg) at 30 deg F and 935 FPS (avg) at 100 deg F. This equates to about 1 PF difference. I no longer worry about temp sensitivity with W231. Blue Dot, on the other hand... which I load in my 9mm ammo and tested at the same time... is inverse temp sensitive and it will lose almost 100 FPS (13 PF) over the same range! 146 PF @ 30 deg F and 133 PF @ 100 deg F!
  4. I'm a fan of Acme Bullets ( http://www.acmebullet.com/ ). They are accurate, consistent, the cost is good and they ship super fast (usually delivered in 2 business days). For example, if I order on Wed morning, I usually have the order at my house on Friday.
  5. Generally it is to enhance feeding reliability. I have two XDm 40s and a Rock Island doublestack in 40 that will feed almost any length ammo reliably, but my 40 S&W Sig 1911s require much longer (almost 10mm length) ammo to feed smoothly. If your 2011 is ultra reliable (darn near 100% or better) , there's probably little to no reason to load long.
  6. N3WWN

    grip tape

    Yup, heat will help the grip tape conform to the uneven surface of the pistol grip. Keep in mind that skateboards aren't entirely flat, either. If the curve is somewhat extreme, you can cut little triangles out of the tape to help it fit without wrinkles. I've had issues with many grip tapes moving when exposed to heat (sun, sweaty hands, etc) because the glue softens. If/when this happens, I use some IC-2000 rubber-toughened cyanoacrylate (superglue) around the edges. I've never had grip tape move after applying the IC-2000 and also use it to prevent the grip sleeves that I make from shifting after they have cooled.
  7. IIRC, mine was 32 last summer, so I started wearing black nitrile gloves when I do any brass prep (picking up range brass, sorting range brass, tumbling, etc) and don't have a drink in the same area as the tumbler. I also use D-Lead wipes every time I leave the range and do better at washing my hands before eating at the range... or using containers/packages that I can eat out of without touching the food. I also use D-Lead soap every time I am done in my reloading area, regardless of what I was doing. Even with taking indoor shooting classes once a week over the winter and 2 indoor matches a month, my lead levels dropped to about 17 by mid-winter (~6 months). Regarding the lead-free primers and shooting only outdoors, if you run the timer at all at your matches, you're probably being exposed to more lead from your peers' primers than your own. I'm not saying that switching to lead-free primers won't help, but be aware of the other sources of lead in your environment.
  8. Single Stack is not quite as unique as you may think! Revolver has 6 round major and 8 round minor. The "...no more than 8 scoring hits from any single location or view..." rule is usually enough to keep revolver shooters from shooting major since it almost forces standing reloads in many courses of fire. 8 rounds vs 10 rounds in SS doesn't have the same problem, it just increases the risk of missing. Going to slide-lock shouldn't be that big of an issue for most shooters, either. Provided that the mag drops free without spring tension since the slide is locked back, slide-lock reloads shouldn't take much longer than a non-slide-lock reload if you train. My reloads aren't sub-second, by any means, but a slide-lock reload only costs me about 0.1s longer. Personally, I don't mind unloaded starts with 8 shots right off the bat. I just have to make each shot count or take the punishment of a standing or nearly-standing reload. I will also adjust my order of engagement, if I can, so that if I do need that extra shot or two, I can take a lean or a step or two out of the position for the final shot(s). The only stage design that I really don't like when I'm shooting SS major (or for my friends shooting Revolver minor, for that matter) is 3-shots per paper. That usually ends up being a reload after every 2nd target. I shot BITB X and it was a semi-hose-fest, not that THAT is a bad thing. I also shot Factory Gun Nats in 2018 (SS major) and the stages are a TOTALLY different flavor at Nats: Average shot distance is further, more movement, more moving targets, intentional speed-bumps, etc. At BITB X, all of the SS GMs shot minor, so I don't know that you can really use that to say whether or not minor won that match or if a GM won that match. The top shooters... the GMs and some of the Ms... are just fast! I came in 2nd out of the SS major shooters (7th place SS) and never thought, "I should have shot minor"... the 4% scoring bonus shooting major vs minor made up for the time difference between me and the minor shooters, though. Was that time difference purely the number and/or position of reloads? Who knows?! I've shot 3 BITBs, and the first BITB that I shot, I shot SS minor and didn't enjoy myself at all but I had only really shot Limited major for a long time before that and didn't know how to break down the stages so was happy to follow the Production folks stage plans, but shot it like I was shooting major and dropped way too many points. The 2nd and 3rd times I shot BITB, I shot SS major and had a LOT more fun! Most of the time, the stage plans were totally different than those of the Prod folks... and sometimes even the SS major folks had totally different stage plans compared to each other.
  9. I, too, have heard that nickel brass can feed better, not that I have issues with regular brass. [emoji16] I'll use nickel brass for major match ammo or for a different load with the same bullet during load development so I can more easily tell them apart. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. Charlie Perez (CHA-LEE) has a great book, Path of Focused Effort: https://bigpandaperformance.com/store-1/path-of-focused-effort-a-learning-guide-for-practical-shooting-1 Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  11. 5.7-5.8gr W231 @ 1.125" COAL under an Acme 155gr RN-SWC is a major PF recipe I have for my XDm 5.25". At 6.0gr W231, it chrono'd at 1165 FPS or 180 PF. If your shorter barrel results in 50 FPS lower velocity, 6.0gr may be about perfect for an approx 172 PF load. FYI, I haven't chrono'd the 5.7-5.8gr... decided to go another route before getting any further. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  12. I played with this a bit earlier this year. 155gr using the same charge as my 170gr major recipe only dropped the PF from 170 to 156 (nice how the weight is essentially the PF, eh?! ) Since the reduction in PF wasn't as large as I'd hoped, I didn't go any further and didn't test POA vs POI for both loads. If I had been shooting 200gr, like I did last year, or even 180gr, I would have seen a larger reduction in PF (~30-40 PF lower or ~130-140 PF) and would have then pursued this venture further. At any rate, sticking to the topic at hand... I used to shoot SS minor before I shot SS major and have never looked back since I switched. I don't ever recall wishing I had declared minor based on an entire match. For a stage here or there? Sure, minor would have been nice as a little extra insurance, would have made stage planning a little easier, or could have saved me from dropping a mag with 6 or 7 rounds left in it so I could top up to 8+1 for the next array, but that's not enough motivation for me to shoot minor.
  13. Or just take major ammo and declare minor after you've looked at the stages and have decided which is better for you. I'd rather be intimately familiar with my gun with one type of ammo and not have to worry about it feeling different, having different timing or a different zero. You can't be bumped to major at chrono. Plus, shipping 2x the ammo to shoot one Nationals is an activity I'd rather not be engaged in... again! (Primary gun was a 40 and backup gun was a 9)
  14. Acme Bullets just released a .401" 170gr SWC that I've been using with very good results so far this year. Weight is a little low, about 166-168gr, but that's why I weighs samples regularly... so I'm not surprised at chrono. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  15. Try using a metronome (real or app) and press the trigger in time with the beats. One you get the BPM up high enough, you'll need to be moving your trigger finger really fast to keep up with it and you will see any "milking" of the grip or other movement show up after a few seconds. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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