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  1. I've tried a couple different thumb rests on different guns in Limited and they don't do anything to improve my scores, but they are good for a consistent index point. I've removed them from all of my Limited guns, except one, because I have short thumbs and have to use a different support hand grip to get my thumb onto the rest and that pulls my support palm (meat of the palm, by the thumb) off the grip, severely reducing the effectiveness of my support grip. The only one I kept is the N1tr0F1n because it is far enough back on the frame that I can engage it with my th
  2. Out of curiosity, have you compared the Justice to the Kingslayer? I have the Kingslayer on my Open gun and, while the dot is incredibly crisp, it is small and the brightness isn't enough to stop it from getting washed out on white steel in moderate sun. It'll even get washed out on cardboard in really bright sun. I really like the Kingslayer, but losing the dot isn't optimal.
  3. Just a thought... could it be some unburnt powder, smoke, etc from the 365XL interfering occasionally with the sensors? Have you slugged the barrels of both guns? If the 365 has a looser bore, you could see incomplete ignition and unburnt powder can come flying out of the barrel faster than the bullet. I use 15 ft from the muzzle for USPSA load testing and haven't seen this, YMMV.
  4. I've been using this with my 5+ inch Limited and 5 inch Single Stack guns: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K7ENO6G/ Vendor's page: https://www.caseclub.com/product/4-pistol-accessory-case/ Mine is slightly different than what is currently shown on the web, so I think I have the Gen1 model.
  5. No experience shooting them, but they were a sponsor at the USPSA 2020 Area 5 Championship and I got to handle a few of their pistols. They seemed to be very well fit and just as good as any of the other 1911s in the same $700-$1500 price range (IIRC), perhaps better. I was impressed with how good some of the triggers were, too. The next time I'm looking for a new 1911, I'm definitely going to be looking them up!
  6. N3WWN

    Max Michel 1911

    The Brazos microdot is available in a 0.175" height, also. I just measured the front sight off one of my 40 MAXMs and it is a 0.250" from the factory.
  7. N3WWN

    Max Michel 1911

    I'm not sure of the original sight height, but I know that the original front sight on my 1911 40 MAXM had the rear sight cranked up pretty high. So high that you had to compress the rear sight for the pistol to fit in the box (even without a mag in the gun). I replaced the front sights on both of my MAXMs with 0.200" high Brazos microdot sights: http://www.1911store.com/lightningrodmicrodotkimbernovak.aspx I no longer have to compress the sights for the gun to fit in the box (with or without an empty mag inserted), although there isn't much "down" elevation adjustmen
  8. Based on the new info, this doesn't sound like a hardware issue. @ima45dv8 may have hit it as a possible grip change. What you're describing sounds like what happens to me when I have my elbows a little too high. The sights don't snap down and settle like they should. When I notice this, I drop my elbows a bit without changing anything else about my grip and the sights snap back like they should. I think it's basically that you don't have your usual pressure on the bottom rear of the grip because your elbows are pulling the bottom of your grip apart. Moving your
  9. When you say it shakes, is it side to side, up and down or front to back?
  10. Here is what I just recommended to some friends who were asking the same questions: Tripod: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00009V314 Phone mount: https://www.amazon.com/DaVoice-Compatible-Adjustable-Smartphone-Attachment/dp/B00OS9E6AO Selfie stick that can be used to extend tripod height (plus lots of other accessories, including the phone mount) : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XZSJL2W I've never been one to like using a phone to record my own 3rd person video (although I do record a lot of other folks using their phones), so I use a GoPro.
  11. If hand filing, use a Sharpie to color the area that you're about to file. File so that you remove the Sharpie equally. You can keep everything pretty straight and even doing that. Also cover the FPS with Sharpie when fitting it in the slide. You can see where you need to file by where the Sharpie rubs off. When the fit is close, apply Sharpie and test fit after each file stroke. As mentioned above, watch the radius where the FPS engages the hammer as you need that to be pretty exact (probably the most exacting part of the fitting). Personally, I barely radius it as I like the feel of a
  12. If this is for competition, I'd much rather have a consistent and positive locking back on an empty mag (without auto-forward) than inconsistent lock back with auto-forward, which is what you'd get by adjusting the slide stop to slide engagement surfaces. Each mag could engage the slide stop differently due to slight variations in followers and spring tension. When I started shooting Single Stack, my slide would not reliably lock back and I lost MANY seconds pulling the trigger on an empty chamber, racking in a round and reengaging the target. That can be mitigated by *knowing* when you h
  13. I'd tend to agree with echotango.... The unfinished part on the slide stop seems to be common, though... I've seen it before on brand new slide stops and believe it's where they hung it when it was blued/finished.
  14. I've played with both 3 and 4 leaf springs in my xx11 pistols and can't say that I have a definite preference for one over the other. I think I probably liked the 4 leaf springs when I had less experience adjusting the spring because the trigger return was decoupled from the disconnector. I could set a safe disconnector weight and then lighten the trigger return to tweak the trigger weight. Currently, I don't worry so much about the perfect trigger weight... I worry more about safe sear and disconnector weight and I don't notice an extra couple of ounces more or less a
  15. Hmmm.... Just verified it: https://www.brownells.com/aspx/learn/learndetail.aspx?lid=12535 If that doesn't work, just google "brownells 2 1/2 lb trigger job". Should be the first result. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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