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  1. Corrado_kid

    Wilson combat ETM mags

    They will not chamber a round when I load the magazine and rack the slide. The bullets nose dive into the feed ramp. If I load the magazine with the slide locked it will chamber the round more constantly but not always. I have 8 mags and it does this between all 8.
  2. Corrado_kid

    Wilson combat ETM mags

    I’m having an issue with Wilson Combat ETM magazine (8 rounders) not functioning properly when they are loaded to 8 or even 7 rounds. I did the load and unload several times. Let them sit for 2-3 weeks loaded with 8 rounds in them. Is there any other suggestions. I reached out to Wilson and they offered to return them for a credit (which i don’t want to do yet). Im using factory 230gn federal syntec, 230gn white box Winchester, and reloads. All same issue. Using a STI Trojan. Gun runs the my buddies ETM mags flawlessly loaded to 8 rounds. Any suggestions?