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  1. Looking awesome!!! Can’t wait to start my second build!!!
  2. I recently switched from the rts2 to a sig Romeo XL...what a difference both dots are 6moa at max brightness with fresh batteries.
  3. venomcustom.com Don just posted a website on fb.
  4. Interesting, you would think it would be the other way around. I’ll try that and see what happens.
  5. I just started using swmp and I’m making 175pf with 9.7gr @1.169 oal 124gr jhp. I’m getting a lot of unburnt powder in the gun. What could I do to help reduce the amount of unburnt powder? More crimp? Different primers? Currently using federal small pistol primers. I have cci and Winchester as well.
  6. Check out venom customs 2011’s in Facebook.
  7. I received mine Monday, 300 rounds down range and it’s perform flawless!! Gonna shoot some practice tonight and two matches this weekend with is. Don’s guns are def top notch!!!
  8. Wow that’s pretty bright for dlc, Never seen it done like that before
  9. I spoke with him Wednesday. He’s been busy but with everything shut down kinda throws a wrench in the whole process. I’m waiting a test fire and coating. Seems like every time we get all out ducks in a row something throws a wrench in the plan.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/Venom-Custom-LLC-101792984765853/
  11. That gun looks awesome!!! I’m trying to decide which coating to go with on mine. Looks like I may be dialing it in. The silver in this pic looks more rich in detail.
  12. Does anyone know who does brushed pvd look like infinity is putting out?
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