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  1. We had a similar thing happen this past week at our local match. Two shooters needed to shoot though because they had to leave early. The first shooter walked up the line and started asking questions about the course, how many rounds, start position etc. The ro who was new was in the process of telling him to go read the wsb and the guy pulled his gun out of his holster. At no time was the guy given the make ready command. The next shooter who was reading the wsb started asking what just happened and the ro started asking him does the shooter understand the course of fire. I talked to the ro after he was finished and suggested not to engage with small talk before starting a shooter. If there’s a situation like that again tell him to read the wsb and call the next shooter up on deck. That leaves little to room for someone to do something stupid. Yes the shooter who got dq’d was anxious to get started but wasn’t paying attention to what the ro was saying and he ended up going home. This immediately got his buddies attention and he had no issue understanding what he was supposed to do and not do. The shooter that got dq’d went and complained to our rm that the ro didn’t used the proper range commands when he asked the ro about the course of fire.
  2. Our local club has a gun and Calibration ammo at every match. I’ve only needed to call calibration 1 time and our rm came down and did the calibration check. Popper fell over and the shooter was issued 1 mike. I’ve also been to other local matches and was told just to give the shooter a reshoot with no question of calibration being done. Most at times is there is a calibration issue it’s pretty apparent and the poppers won’t fall even when shooting major. I’ve found each scenario at a level 1 Match is handled according to the issue at hand. Not all steel is painted between each shooter and it’s hard to address which shot could have been the shooter in question. If it’s a first or second shooter on a stage it’s usually easy to figure out which shot was there’s because steel is painted after a squad finishes a stage.
  3. I run a Everglades magnetic race holster works well. No hang ups. Securely held in place when it’s locked and smooth release.
  4. I just tried to open on my phone which airplane mode on with out it being open previously. Opened right up and appeared to be working and fully functional.
  5. Great video, definitely never thought about the mechanics behind executing it properly.
  6. What kind of press do you reload on?
  7. You could make them solid out of coreplast but then the wind would prob blow them over during a match
  8. Great info, sucks it happened, but glad you’re ok.
  9. It’s best to visualize and keep visualizing your stage plan over and over again. Don’t set a certain number of times. Also do it in first person so you’re visualizing watching your front sight on each target
  10. Yea they are, they fit perfectly in a target stand. We have a jig that we can build them uniformly.
  11. +1 for 2” black masking tape. That’s what we use for local matches and area matches. Never had an issue
  12. We built these at our club so we don’t have to use as many barrels. They’re 6’ high and can be used as “legal” walls so they can’t be shot under
  13. It’s a limcat. I fitted it and sent it out for cerakote
  14. Gotcha, it runs about the same out of my cz tso and atlas titan.
  15. Do the rules change that drastically that one wouldn’t be able to keep with a paper copy anymore? I wouldn’t even mind if there was an option to purchase a rule book from hq for cost. I would rather have a paper copy then be using my phone or a tablet.
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