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  1. The “O” is a zero (0)
  2. I spoke with him Wednesday. He’s been busy but with everything shut down kinda throws a wrench in the whole process. I’m waiting a test fire and coating. Seems like every time we get all out ducks in a row something throws a wrench in the plan.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/Venom-Custom-LLC-101792984765853/
  4. That gun looks awesome!!! I’m trying to decide which coating to go with on mine. Looks like I may be dialing it in. The silver in this pic looks more rich in detail.
  5. Does anyone know who does brushed pvd look like infinity is putting out?
  6. What do you coat your comps with? Or do you leave them bare?
  7. Do you have any guns done now in nickel? If so would you be able to post some pictures? Also where you had them done?
  8. Which coating would be preferable? Pvd? Hard chrome? Or other coating? I am currently in the process of having an open gun built and would like to have the gun in silver. Would hard chrome or pvd be the best option? And why? I understand that hard chrome can have some tolerance variations etc. PVD is more uniform and evenly coated. I and looking for knowledgeable opinions about either coating. My main concern with hard chrome is the comp is titanium so it won’t match the rest is the slide/barrel (hybrid). The pvd I’m concerned that it will have a dull flat finish and not “pop” and contrast like the hard chrome does. Any experience or helpful insight would be appreciated.
  9. I can’t view the pic. What is a bbl? Bull barrel lug? I had a barrel lug crack this past season, I contacted infinity and they took care of the issue and fit a new barrel. I purchased the gun second hand and they stepped up and took care of the issue, I only had to pay shipping to and from.
  10. Sig X5 legion trigger pull weights 4.5lbs - Keres trigger with stock internals (adjustable pre travel and over travel) 3.5lbs - stock trigger and stock internals (Non adjustable) 3.0lbs - Keres trigger and gray guns trigger kit (adjustable pre travel and over travel) 2.5lbs - gray guns trigger and gray guns internals (non adjustable) I’ve been pretty happy with the keres trigger with gray guns trigger kit. Yea it did at a pound to the pull weight and brought it back to the “stock” pull but it also eliminated extra pre travel and over travel so the trigger feels smoother and much shorter reset.
  11. Grip tape and filed little bit out of the opening for the mags. I can still use the magwell if I want.
  12. I got my second legion barrel back late last week, about a week turn around time. I can confirm that legions are coming out with non lci barrels as my lgs had one today that did not have the lci.
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