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  1. Sarge, thank you. FWIW, I don't expect to be "coddled" or chastised.
  2. Thank you for the simple answer without all the drama. Seems like every internet group has a few drama queens.
  3. Yes there is. No worries, I don't like shooting with drama queens.
  4. No, I did not ASSUME anything. I asked a question. Huge difference between my mistake and intentionally pointing a weapon at someone. Why must you act like that?
  5. Of course I know that. That wasn't my question, was it? I made a mistake & openly admitted it, accepted the consequences, and will learn from it. Is there really a need to be so condescending?
  6. Please don't insinuate that I do not have " a basic grasp of shooting sports safety rules". I clearly understand the rules, and never questioned if I had made the infraction. I was just unclear on the condition of the pistol at time of infraction. I apologize for being a newbie.
  7. No Sarge, I didn't. That's why I asked. It was my first IDPA match. I did not even realize that I had done it. I did not argue the call at all. I was just terribly embarrasd. But thanks for your Insightful reply.
  8. Is it right to get DQed when in slidelock? We had a stage where 10 rds were fired from inside a car. After those 10 I was in slidelock. I exited the car planning on my reload at the next target position. I was told to stop. RO said that I had swept myself exiting the car. DQed me.
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