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  1. I am not a gunsmith but 3 excellent gunsmiths have told me they are no good.
  2. It's normal with new brass. Don't know exactly why.
  3. Look into Diamondback carbines. I have 3 that always work, very accurate and look great. You don't hear much about them though. Price is right also.
  4. That was 8 years ago
  5. Bill H

    Preferred grip tape

    I think I will try the Talon grit panels. If that doesn't work I will have a template for skateboard tape. I am trying to not go permanent. Thanks for the info.
  6. Bill H

    Preferred grip tape

    That's the way I am leaning.
  7. Bill H

    Preferred grip tape

    I know this has probably been discussed in the past but I couldn't find it. Is the Talon grip tape good stuff? Is there something better? Rubber type or grit? It is for a Glock 17 for competition. Thanks
  8. I put a Spikes Tactical buffer in mine which is a bit longer and heavier. You can also just stack quarters in the tube until it will travel just far enough to lock back . Someone sells a delrin or some type of synthetic spacer for like $3 dollars but I can't remember who. Someone will probably join in with that info. The quarters will work till you do something else. The 308 spring seems to make it work a bit nicer but still needs to be limited.
  9. Go to titanrocket.com and send a message from there. I don't have the email anymore. Contact was sometimes slow and spotty but I think if you have the info we could all benefit. Bill
  10. Titan Rockets said he would do it if he had good measurements.
  11. I haven't found one yet. I have 3 Diamondbacks and they are great guns. Make sure you limit the bolt travel with some type of spacer or you will break the bolt stop.
  12. Does your Dillon 1050 come with dies? 



    1. PumpGunGuy


      Yes.  It is all set up for 9mm

  13. I had the same problem on a couple guns. I filed the top of the basepads to give enough clearance to work. Didn't take much.
  14. I have 2 of them and have had zero problems. They are accurate too. I replaced the trigger with a Hiperfire and put a Spikes buffer in it. If you get one see if they are putting spacers behind the recoil spring yet. They said they would be soon. If not do it before you shoot it or you will break the bolt stop. Friend of mine broke his the first day. Also loctite the handguard screws as they will come loose.
  15. I think I use 3.2 of N320 with Bayou 160 gr .356
  16. That would be great. Hoping for good weather for that match. Thanks
  17. Did it remove much metal or are things close to start with? Thanks
  18. Just got a 617-2 ten shot. It shoots great but CCI mini mags stick when unloading. Usually Auto Match drops out. Do I need to ream the chamber? If so what is the correct reamer? Thanks
  19. If you want to put a c more on it see if EGW has one of the flat top red buff mounts then you can put a slide ride or whatever they are called on it.
  20. Matt Mclearn worked for Behlerts I believe.
  21. Matt Mclearn worked at Behlerts for a while as did George Smith.
  22. I use .356 Bayou 160s with great accuracy. Also Federal primers.
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