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  1. Well that Escalated quickly. Not a big deal bud. I'm glad you're happy with the screws you got and you probably do have more money to throw around than I do. For everyone else, I went to ace and bought them for 17 cents. They worked great.
  2. unless they're made out of vibranium i don't see how 10 screws are worth $20.
  3. As someone who just stripped 2 screws adjusting it, thanks. Lol The rest of it is so sturdy,I dunno why they use these crappy things.
  4. I have the speedcross as well. They work well enough. Light witH large cleats. They're an outdoor only shoe for sure, walking indoors is p awkward with them.
  5. These are This would make sense. You don't drop full mags but you don't reload empty ones. A mid point seems like the a fair solution. These are available for preorder currently if anyone's interested.
  6. Weird. I had it on notify when in stock. Didn't get a notification and they sold out already? Lol
  7. When I had my 3gun sti, I used sti gen 2 mags without an issue. The rattling happens when the springs are off, The rounds get wedged in and bind up the follower.
  8. If they weren't before, I doubt there are now. 15 minutes a day isn't hard to fit in. It'd about as much time as you spend on the toilet playing on your phone. The only way we maybe see more people is because of all the panic buying, everyone ran out and bought guns.
  9. Anyone have a chance to try out a safariland? How's that stack up?
  10. You can try placing one of those sticky foam circular pads that people use beneath furniture (to keep it from scuffing). It works like a little cushion on the thighpad.
  11. You're referring to the ball and joint system of the Alpha X?
  12. Currently use a kydex weber. Friend was talking about how smooth his alpha x race holster was and got me interested. Anyone have experience with their PT grips in an alpha x or similar? What about comparing the different brands?
  13. It sounds like your issue of not initially getting a good grip became more exacerbated once it was essentially locked into place with the grip enhancement. You had more room for forgiveness when you could slide your hand into the right position. I think just working from a timer, maybe set the clock to half a second initially and just work on hitting that grip every time. In my opinion, if you are going to use chalk in match, then practice using it during dryfire.
  14. I've never used one before, but have seen a few guys in limited and open have them on their belts. Are they to speed reloads or simply to help for stages when you start unloaded on a table? Anyone use just a mag (not attached to a pouch) or would you always pair the mag to a pouch. Pros and Cons? I'm bored and in lockdown. Thanks
  15. Mine did the same. Lost my belt during a stage and decided to try a ratchet. Problem solved.
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