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  1. I own a honcho, but ive borrowed a friend's nemesis. Difference was neglibable to me. Maybe if I had one in each hand and really tried to split hairs I could find pros and cons, but who cares at that point. The advantage is with the honcho I can shoot limited, open, or 9mm. I'm obviously biased, but the f*#king thing does everything.
  2. Currently shooting major with 200gr. Going to 165gr bullets would get me more projectiles for the same price. If I adjusted my dies to the correct oal to account for the shorter projectile and used the same powder load, would they behave the same in the gun? I know they wouldn't make major PF, but these would be strictly for training. They'd still be well over minor, so steel shouldn't be an issue. It makes sense in my head, but I am not a smart man. Any thoughts?
  3. Was about to order new springs. Previously was using Grams springs and follower. You recommend an ISMI spring instead?
  4. Someone gave me the advice to remove the springs and stretch them out. Worked well enough to have no malfunctions, so I assume this was spring related. Not sure how long term of a fix that is, but it fixed the feeding issues.
  5. If the atlas nemesis is anything like the honcho, the sight block is part of the barrel.
  6. Sure. The last round of the magazine does not feed. This mainly was an issue in a match with multiple 20 round stages. I got stuck with 3 standing reloads.
  7. Recently had an issue where my match mags consistently failed to feed on the 20th round. The mag bodies were in spec. Is this simply a worn spring issue? How often do you replace yours?
  8. Maybe a dumb question, but how do you holster this? I know Race rigs hold it by the trigger guard, but might sits flush with the frame.
  9. For someone curious about the redback, what makes this 3x the price of a shadow 2?
  10. Something like a shoot house with simunition would probably be closer to what you're looking for.
  11. Does anyone really give a chit what other people are shooting? Figured most people might look at it and say neat, then get on with their lives
  12. Everglades mrh. Do they not all function the same?
  13. Since switching to a race holster, I noticed the gun has an annoying habit of sticking on the turn and draw. With kydex it wasn't much of an issue, but now if I don't free the gun before turning, there is a tendency for it to not clear entirely and get stuck for a moment. It seems to be caused by my shoulders completing the turn before my hips, so the gun is drawn slightly twisted. The fix of this, I'd assume, would be the turn my hips over quicker, but it just feels awkward. Is this something others have encountered or am I just being a doofus?
  14. Not noticing a difference during the stage is the most likely scenario. Too much else going on. I would be very curious, when recording your gun in slomo, if you're actually beating the slide return. I have never seen anyone beat the side return, even with slower projectiles.
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