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  1. You make valid points. The only goal is to improve as quickly as I can. At the next match, I'll push Visual speed. I think to get the most data out of this, I need to prioritize vision. Theoritcally, I should be able to call every shot even at maximum speed. Thanks bud
  2. Decided to push speed until the wheels fell off for the next match and they definitely did. Found myself transitioning before I broke the second shot which obviously caused problems. On the smaller stages I knew speed would be even more of a priority. I tensed up too much causing trigger freeze. Solutions for this would be to keep my vision locked until the trigger breaks and rewire my brain to recognize that speed = relax. https://youtu.be/v7NKqlzsddQ It's a bit of a mindfuk to go from winning these to 11th. I've read Tony's log and it seemed he was accurate from the start, where I am very much the opposite. Im not convinced this is the way to go, but it is interesting.
  3. Well, that answers that question pretty thoroughly.
  4. I'm confused on the path I should take training. I made A class and have won a few matches. Got hoa on one which was neat. If I shoot comfortably and confirm everything, I do well, but it's doesn't feel like I'm pushing myself. I'll win locally, but that's going to stop at some point at bigger matches. If I push speed, I'm very inconsistent with penalties all over, but when it does click every now and then the result is far better.. I don't know if training wise, I should be constantly on the gas and accept that I'll be missing a lot until I can adapt or do I maintain a comfortable pace and see how far that gets me?
  5. In a recent video I believe they said the current followers are duty. Race followers will be coming end of year. I'm also interested in the 40. I've busted a number of tubes learning how to tune feed lips. It was fairly daunting as a beginner.
  6. lroy

    Ear Pro

    I read the instructions on my foam plugs. Pulled up on ear to straighten canal then rolled them and inserted for 30 seconds. Kind of scary as I Had to pull them out with tweezers but I couldn't hear a goddamn thing.
  7. Holy fuk that looks nose heavy. What's it weigh?
  8. I see. My question was more about the differences between them. Using them because a guy said to doesn't clarify much.
  9. Why do you use them over standard springs?
  10. Ordered new springs. Realized I picked variable by accident. Functionally, the difference seemed negligible. Anyone prefer one over the other?
  11. I'm not really sure how the classification stuff works. It looks like I got bumped to B. I think I shot 88% on this last one, but I don't see it anywhere. Shooting a bunch of them while in a soft cast maybe wasn't ideal but I wanted to make lemonade and gain confidence sho.
  12. I swapped my car for a motorcycle for 5~ years. It was a lot of picking a line to work a corner, being deliberate then just looking where you wanted to go. I've also had those OH CRAP, lean more moments and almost fell off a mountain low siding. I am seeing the parallels now that you mention it. Lol I try to visualize a lot. Until I can turn my back to the stage and see it in first person. The best stages for me are when I'm shooting and it feels like I'm just watching while morgan freeman (what my inner voice sounds like) narrates it. Maybe I'm doing it completely wrong. I program cues during the walkthrough and literally just go down every one as I'm shooting, but If I can relax myself enough to calmly go down that list, I finish at the top end of M/Gs. Really my biggest struggle is discipline to not get absorbed by the moment. Make a plan, do the plan, collect points, win. I've only had it happen once or twice so far. When it does happen, it feels kind of boring ironically, like I'm just doing a list of things in order.
  13. Hey bud. Hope so. Didn't have any specific question, just open to feedback. Yeah this is a problem. When I run a stage I'm thinking of every step as it happens, but it all feels kind of frantic. I'm guessing your mind should be fairly calm?
  14. I'm a disaster. My first uspsa match was March 2020. I put a dot on my limited gun to shoot open. I'm in C class. My goal is to win the state match in a few months. This will be focused on learning to control myself. My practice is 100% dryfire currently. https://practiscore.com/results/new/b3b0812c-5ea9-4317-b756-d83942ede56e?q_individual=mmShooter_3550778 The issue is that I am dumb. Before every stage I told mysef to ignore the time and get the points. If I can fix my body not listening to my brain, I can win. I never consciously think go fast. I think I might need to force myself to go slow just to know what that feels like and what they results are.
  15. I've been using two of these for dryfire for about a year. The red follower part broke off a month or so one and I had one split in half this morning. The garage floor I dryfire on is concrete. So $20 for about a year of daily dryfire. Jeez, has it been that long already.
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