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  1. You were exactly right. The pins were shifting the other stations around. It was causing the other pins to push too far, namely the primer punch station causing the resistance on the lever. Took a marker and a few taps to get things working smooth. Thanks for the advice. Yep. That's what was causing the lever issue.
  2. Yeah. In just not sure why tightening it causes so much resistance on the lever. The only way I can operate it, is if the bolt is loose.
  3. If I loosen the toolhead bolt, there is no resistance though.
  4. There is a hit factor bearing plate and ball on it. Ive read that was an issue, so I removed them and put back the original parts and it still persists. Just tried this. The lever still hits resistance depending on how tight the bolt is.
  5. Interesting. I thought I read you were supposed to tighten with the toolhead raised. I'll have to try adjusting the pins then. When the binding happens depends on how much I tighten the bolt. Typically if I hand tighten, it's just an inch at the end. If I use a ratchet, it begins sooner and sooner the tighter it gets. If I tighten the bolt enough to secure it down entirely, I can't really use the press.
  6. hm, Im not sure it's an alignment issue. I've taken this thing apart 4 or 5 times now and it does the same without the primer slide.
  7. When I tighten it at the top, the lever hits resistance about halfway down. If I tighten at the bottom, when I release the strike the bolt pops up about half an inch. Feels almost like I need a thinner bolt head? It's strange that I can loosen the bolt at the bottom and watch the lever drop.
  8. Even with my sizing die removed, the lever hits a sticking point when the toolhead bolt is tightened.
  9. Got everything setup and ready to reload. I'm noticing some weirdness with the handle though. At the bottom of the stroke, there's some resistance. I can push through it to complete the stroke, but it only happens when I tighten the toolhead bolt. If I loosen the bolt while the toolhead is down, I can see the lever start to drop into the full lower position. If I loosen it enough so that there is no resistance, the toolheads hitches up when the sizing die is coming off the brass, and I can see it pop upwards. I can't seem to find a balance on keeping the bolt tight, but allowing the toolhead t
  10. This work with coated bullets? Was thinking of either this or a Bibb feeder.
  11. How you liking it so far? I was considering doing the same. I believe they make grips to take cz75 mags as an option also.
  12. Well that Escalated quickly. Not a big deal bud. I'm glad you're happy with the screws you got and you probably do have more money to throw around than I do. For everyone else, I went to ace and bought them for 17 cents. They worked great.
  13. unless they're made out of vibranium i don't see how 10 screws are worth $20.
  14. As someone who just stripped 2 screws adjusting it, thanks. Lol The rest of it is so sturdy,I dunno why they use these crappy things.
  15. I have the speedcross as well. They work well enough. Light witH large cleats. They're an outdoor only shoe for sure, walking indoors is p awkward with them.
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