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  1. Maybe I just didn't notice this before as my last holsters were all black, but with this double layered kydex I'm using now (Red inner/Black outer) I'm chewing this thing apart. I dryfire a crapton, but it's been about 4 months and I'm completely through the inner layer on some points of contact. Is this par for the course and I just didn't realize it prior? I keep the retention fairly loose while drawing and pretty much every session I've got kydex on the slide.
  2. Hm, well that's pretty cool actually haha. Probably a dumb question, but how the f*#k do you get the insert out? Just wedge something in between the lip on the outside?
  3. I think it kind of naturally happens if you dont intentionally keep it vertical. I don't imagine there's really any mechanical advantage to it, but if there is I'd love to hear it. I just don't like the idea of changing how the gun behaves (diagonal recoil) for my one handed vs two handed shooting so I try to keep them as similar as possible.
  4. Awesome. Thanks man. I'll check it out.
  5. I picked up a Limcat Brass magwell a while back. I have beaten this thing to death. The bottom is pretty much white at this point, which is fine. The sides look like theyve been dragged by a car from trying to push speed and missing. I was just gonna spray paint it black with whatever I have laying around and be done, but figured I'd see if anyone else has a less poverty method. I don't expect it to last that long not matter what I do, was just curious if anyone else has tried it before.
  6. You can try recording yourself doing a stage and one of the better guys at the match to see the differences. Personally I find double tapping just "feel" faster not really helpful. The main thing I saw between myself and a GM level guy was just how much faster everything was. It wasn't the quarter second splits, it was everything. Getting into position with the gun up ready to fire, transitions, moving, etc. Basically though, the only way to get faster it to practice going fast.
  7. I used to prefer a smaller grip because it made me think I could really surround it with my hands and handle it well. I've switched to Preferring a larger grip. The thinking is to have the most flesh contact possible with the sharp biting texture of the grip instead of my baby smooth girl hands. As always try both though. You should be able to pick up some used grips fairly cheap. I definitely wouldn't go out and buy a new gun solely for that reason. That's why they're adjustable. That said, if you're just looking for a reason for a new gun then go for it. I've convinced myself of a lot things too. Lol
  8. You're saying that's not what being a pro gets you? My world is crashing down.
  9. I thought the title was in regards to an entire match and I was impressed. 9 in one stage is god tier.
  10. On my first outdoor match, there was a stage that involved getting into a car and shooting out the window. I tried to move quickly into the car and get into a good shooting position. I then heard the sound of all 4 mags on my belt dumping onto the floor of said car.
  11. I started with just a sturdy leather belt and some clipon mag pouches. I now own many belts and mag pouches that are just sitting around. If it were me, I'd go straight for the competition rig. I basically just bought every tier along the way. Ironically, I would have saved money just going for the competition rig. I used to live on LI. It never once occurred to me that guns were even accessible until I moved to Georgia. Where on the island are you?
  12. I've got both the PT Aggressive and Cheely Aggressive in front of me. The texture is very similar. ...yes I need to clean my Evo.
  13. I purchased it used and had the light strike issue. I've sent it to them and had them look it over. They also had the issue with the ammo I provided (Geco 124). They said use either Primary Arms or Winchester White Box ammunition to avoid the issue in the future. After it was sent back to me was when I purchased 5 other 50 round boxes of various brands and did the tests. With PD or WWB, it functions great. I just don't reload and its unfortunate I can't use other brands of ammo without light strikes.
  14. I've been using mine for a good bit now. I've been very happy with it. The main downside being how picky it is with ammo. Out of the 7 different brands I've used only 2 have not consistently caused malfunctions (majority of them being light strikes.) You're pretty much less locked into match grade ammo or winchester white box for some odd reason.
  15. Pretty much everyone holds it differently. I find crushing it with the weak hand and holding the strong hand light enough to not effect the trigger work well. I think it's also a good idea to run something like a bill drill or doubles and see where the shots end up. If you're right handed and the shots are left, ease up on your strong hand. If they're going right then grip harder with the strong hand, etc. I kind of picture it like steering a boat. Take this with a grain of salt, however, as I may be very dumb but it works for me.
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