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  1. Yeah. Leaving them loaded overnight sorted the issue out. Thanks guys.
  2. is it a spring issue? It seems like they stack oddly and get wedged in the walls of actual tube. If I take a punch I can't even move the stuck rounds without a ton of force to break them free, then they pop up to the top of the mag.
  3. I can feed my sti gen 2 mags normally without issue, however I recently replaced The guts with grams spring and followers and I've been running into an issue. When loading, if I don't really press each round down a few times, they stack oddly and jam up too tightly in the mag. The fix for this is take off the basepad and remove the rounds to start over. The only way this doesn't happen is if I press down a few times with an uplula or my thumb and force them to stack correctly. It's fairly annoying and slows down the reloading process. Is this fairly normal or is there something I can do to fix this?
  4. Anyone get their hands on one of these yet? Still haven't heard anything. Looks interesting.
  5. I like the weight and position it puts your hand into (it rides high so it kind of wedges me hand in there with the beavertail). If you're trying, you can hit an angle that locks the mag and prevents it from going in though. This didnt happen with my dvc grip. I haven't had it happen anytime it mattered, but it has a few times in dryfire.
  6. The sti gen 2 mags I have work fine with no issues. (After saying this I assume they will explode on me now). I don't entirely see the point of paying more than double for the mbx unless you really want the extra capacity. That said, I've heard nothing but good things about them from people in matches.
  7. It mentions on the site, the Aluminum requires an additional final coat for protec ion. Would that also hold true for the stainless?
  8. https://youtu.be/OAp0QLnlS2w This video from atlas may help.
  9. The short flat Is the same contact point (convex) as medium curved sti if that helps any. The medium would be a further reach. Once the trigger bow is fit, they just twist on and off though.
  10. Lol. Well, it's entirely possible that I am a doofus. I'm just stating what I saw. The nem had no movement of the barrel with the slide locked and the honcho had a fair amount. I'm just not sure why one would be tight and the other loose? The impression I'm getting from you both are that it doesn't make a difference, so I'll go with that.
  11. It was with the slide locked back.
  12. I am curious about this. I've see a honcho compared to a nemesis, and there is a significant amount of wobble ( barrel wise) on the honcho vs almost none in the nemesis. You're saying the link less barrel makes this a non issue?
  13. How was the sight block barrel in the nemesis compared to the honcho? I was able to borrow someone's and it does feel fairly loose compared to a bull or bushing barrel, but I'm not too familiar with the system and if it's that way intentionally. Was the nemesis pretty tight?
  14. Well, for closure, I just used a round file and gave the magwell a bit more clearance for the pin to line up. Worked out easy enough.
  15. I've seen people in the other thread start with the magwell as its significantly less costly to replace if you screw up.
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