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  1. You're absolutely right. My actions are really the only thing I have control over. My goals need to be based around myself, not others. Good points. Thanks man. Yeah it's rough. I'll have to try different methods to get things under control. Hopefully it works out. This one kind of clinched the decision for me. How am I going to learn if I don't put myself in uncomfortable situations? I picked up a whole lot of what not to f*#kin do from the disaster at state, which is valuable to not repeat. You're also right about using my experience from nationals will be good to inform practice going forward. Thanks man. Hopefully. Gong to practice the next few weeks with irons. It doesn't seem too different until you get to 15+ yards, but we'll see. haha yeah it was rough. Steven Lee did great. When he saw what a clusterfuk my day was he offered to call the MD and let me shoot his limited gun in open. I was so frustrated I declined the offer, but really nice guy. I had 11 mikes after saying no. In hindsight, I probably should have taken him up on that. Lol
  2. Lol. I suppose that's one way to look at it. Making lemonade out of extremely potent lemons. ------------- Have been dryfiring a lot without the dot. I'm thinking of shooting limited so I won't have such a massive handicap anymore. I do think using dot has helped me progress a lot faster than I otherwise would have. I recently got a spot for nationals. I was pretty excited initially, but now I'm not really sure. Is it even worth going to? I guess the experience would be good, and what am I even doing this for, if not to compete against the best? At the same time, I know I probably won't place well and if I do badly it's going to compound with the state match and f*#k with my head. Today's my last day to withdraw. Not really sure what I should do.
  3. Yeah I suppose haha. There was no f*#king way I was winning anything regardless. The heat in open was ridiculous. Christian and KC wrecked everyone. I did manage 77% on one stage somehow. I guess I'll take any win I can get so I don't drive myself off a cliff.
  4. 9/25/21 For anyone reading this, please play this song in another tab before continuing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag1o3koTLWM Saturday morning I was all ready to shoot my first major, the Georgia State match. A comedy of errors ensued. The day before my allergies were insane. Coughing up phlegm constantly and sneezing so I grabbed some stuff from the store to take to the match. Wake up early Saturday, pop a few Sudafed and bring some cough syrup to the match just in case. Uh, what I didn't realize was that Sudafed is basically meth and I took wayyyy too much. As the match starts, i'm super anxious and twitching like crazy. I was still coughing so I took a sip of cough syrup. Guess I was nervous or something, I didn't realize by the second stage I drank the entire thing. I'm trying to keep my s#!t together and do the best I can. I get ready for the third stage and my optic comes off halfway through it. A screw backed out and I have no replacement. I was going to just pack it in and head out, but was persuaded to just stay and shoot since I paid and was already there. So I shot my biggest match yet, while accidentally drugging myself with no sights on the gun. It went about as well as you'd expect. I put in all this work to make M just to bomb out. Honestly it's pretty embarrassing and considered not posting, but it happened and I need to be accountable. Everything went so badly, I'm still trying to make sense of everything. It sucks pretty bad, but I did it to myself. https://practiscore.com/results/new/f75572b0-84b6-448e-83ab-486c4dd18921?q_individual=mmShooter_3613527
  5. Alriiiight. FIXED. So I cleaned everything, including my hundo. I found a bunch of issues that got fixed by cleaning the gunk but was still faIling. Turns out I got so paranoid about damaging the bullet with crimping that I backed the crimp die alllll the way out. I didn't realize I wasn't even crimping because I had minimized the flare in the powder drop so much that it was basically straight. After cleaning and resetting the crimp die,I saw how far off it was from even touching the case. You guys have no idea how good 100 flush rounds feel in the hundo. Thanks for all the advice.
  6. Well, those look way better than mine. Lol I use lube on the cases, but I do get a significant amount of sticking when I run the press. I ran a qtip in them to check and it's pretty dirty. I don't think I've ever cleaned the dies. I've loaded maybe 10-15k through it. Are they supposed to be regularly cleaned out? After how many rounds?
  7. Just tried minimizing the flare until it just barely holds a round cleanly. Seems better, but still having the issue. both brass and nickel have the same failures. Could it be crimp related? The line doesn't seem to appear until the final station. I've tried minimizing the crimp to a straight wall. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I'm wasting a ton of primers.
  8. I was using 165 bbi for a few months with no issues. Got a deal on 200gr bbi so I went with that for my next round. I figured just adjust the seating die and powder and it'd be good to go. These things are failing my hundo gauge left and right, maybe 20%. When I resize the case, it drops in no problem. It's only after seating the bullet that causes issues. Looking at it, I can kind of see the outline of the bullet on the case which I hadn't noticed prior. I use a lee u die and fcd. What am I doing wrong?
  9. you can put a ping pong ball in your optic recess when making ready. keep rain out and when you draw it falls out.
  10. Had one for over year and dryfire daily. The thigh pad digs in initially. You can put a furniture foam pad on it, but I don't notice it anymore. Looking at my gun now, it has worn some of the DLC from the dust cover and trigger guard. I like it. Does it's job and I don't have to think about it.
  11. Took time to visit family. Came back feeling good and saw I made M class. Not sure the timeframe is good or bad, but I feel pretty confident going into my first state match. The plan going forward is just to focus on what I can control. My gear, my plan, my execution. Sounds simple, I guess, but it's all I can really do. Other people are going to shoot their own match, so I need to just concentrate on mine.
  12. Shot a 4 classifier match. Had two 91s. Should put me at M when they get run next week. With 4 weeks to the state match, I'm going to just focus on staying in control.
  13. Maybe check out this book. https://benstoegerproshop.com/practical-shooting-training-by-ben-stoeger-joel-park/ It has different levels in it. The first level is directed towards people trykmg to get through a stage without a penalty (Miss/no shoot). It goes all the way up to gm. It should at least get you started in a good direction. So you're not completely blind.
  14. That's a good point. On my walkthrough, I picked out a spot on the ground I wanted to be at, but neglected to burn in what I should be seeing through the port. I was focused on moving through the position rather than hitting both targets cleanly. I'll incorporate that next time, for sure. Again, you're right on the poppers. I knew there was a delay, but it does seem to be at least a full second before activation. I know I can hit a short transition, open <10 yard target and be back before it falls. It would've cut a lot of time off that stage. I'll pay special attention to these things in my visualization next time. Thanks.
  15. I started shooting a little over a year ago. I don't have enough primers to practice with live ammo, so dryfire is all I do. If you treat it exactly as you would live fire and call your shots, I've found it to be extremely beneficial. Obviously you can't push on things that require hits to confirm efficacy, but for everything else it works.
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