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  1. Something like a shoot house with simunition would probably be closer to what you're looking for.
  2. Does anyone really give a chit what other people are shooting? Figured most people might look at it and say neat, then get on with their lives
  3. Everglades mrh. Do they not all function the same?
  4. Since switching to a race holster, I noticed the gun has an annoying habit of sticking on the turn and draw. With kydex it wasn't much of an issue, but now if I don't free the gun before turning, there is a tendency for it to not clear entirely and get stuck for a moment. It seems to be caused by my shoulders completing the turn before my hips, so the gun is drawn slightly twisted. The fix of this, I'd assume, would be the turn my hips over quicker, but it just feels awkward. Is this something others have encountered or am I just being a doofus?
  5. Not noticing a difference during the stage is the most likely scenario. Too much else going on. I would be very curious, when recording your gun in slomo, if you're actually beating the slide return. I have never seen anyone beat the side return, even with slower projectiles.
  6. From what I've read, the advantage lighter bullets have is the slide cycles faster. I've been watching a lot of slomo footage of shooters that win titles. (From Footage they provide. Clear shots of the gun in recoil.) None of them reset the trigger before the slide returns. It seems like it just cycles too fast, regardless of the bullet/powder combo. In any slomo footage I've watched of doubles, I have yet to see someone waiting on the slide to return to fire again. I'm getting the impression that even a heavy projectile with less powder would st
  7. lroy


    Was looking for a polished gold. Something like tin, perhaps. Not very familiar with the different methods.
  8. Was looking to get some small parts coated. I contacted the builders I got the parts from, but they just stated they don't do it in house. Can anyone recommend some places?
  9. Ported barrel with comp? Does that run with 9 minor?
  10. I've been starting to shoot more matches, but have yet to do a classifier. I wanted to practice up on some of them, but the USPSA list has over 100? https://uspsa.org/classifiers Are classifier stages selected randomly from here or is there a list of a few ones that are run currently?
  11. Just to update, since switching to the Lee Undersized die, my fail rate has gone from 8% to basically 0%. 20 bucks has made a huuuuuge difference.
  12. I'm not really even sure what the benefit is of having the spring.
  13. What holster are you using?
  14. Interesting. You'd expect both to wear similarly, no? Wonder why the holster coating endures better.
  15. I've been using an Everglades MRH for about a year. Getting a fear bit of wear on the triggerguard where it locks in the holster Probably a dumb question, but it's my first race holster. Is this a common occurrence with every brand?
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