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  1. Just don't smoke near the guy at chrono pulling bullets and we’re cool.
  2. What holster do you use with your comp?
  3. Does that fit the Comp-Tac holster?
  4. Took me a while to get back to the club where I left my mag gauge. My Glock 17 mag with the Taran Tactical 140mm basepad will not fit the gauge either. So that sucks. Glad I only bought one to try.
  5. It was Mid A and I felt so bad for the shooter. I just bought the same base, though for an open gun. I wanT to gauge my mag to see if it’s any different.
  6. Its a handgun not a “hands” gun. It might not be a good plan but you can shoot one handed.
  7. Oof. Dude thought they were GTG and never checked them
  8. That is right where the guys mags hung up
  9. Not my mags. I was just the guy at chrono giving the bad news. Just seemed odd since I gauged a boatload of TTI mags and only that guys mags were a problem. I was wondering why, and thought the answer might be he accidentally bought the longer base pads
  10. Ran into a TTI that did not fit the gauge Sunday. Was trying to see what the problem was
  11. Anyone know the difference in size between the 3/4 basepad that is USPSA 140mm legal and their 5/6 basepad?
  12. Im not a fan of the magwells in CO or production. Like a previous poster said, at some point it becomes L-10 minor
  13. Just bought a 929. I couldn't pass on the price. Guess ill be wheelgunning next season
  14. nothing. Except its a lot of work to keep track of when people get their test results back. MD’s are volunteers too. plus in my case, the class I hosted last year was nearly all shooters from other clubs. That would be difficult to explain to the club’s board why I paid back people who do not help out at my club.
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