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  1. I have a nns-14 kL-12 that in have been shooting for the last two weeks and I am really liking the short gun. I moved to this from a 19 inch kL-12 that was 100% for the last year and over 5k. My first major with the short gun is next week so I will see how that goes
  2. 1. Stick with the same gun all year. ( this one will be the hardest..i like shinny things) 2. Dryfire 3 times a weeks 3. Run 1000 miles (750 in 2017) 4. Make Master in Open.(If I do #1 this one should follow) 5. Have Fun shooting (remember this is hobby not a job)
  3. Just pre-ordered mine today for 850 OTD
  4. I started shooting blue bullets in my svi open gun 125 with 6.8 wsf is 169pf with no leading and build up in the comp
  5. The svi mount with all the holes not the double tap kind
  6. Has anyone tried the Romeo 3 on the new style SVI rts2 mount. If you have can you post a pic. Thanks Craig
  7. I am looking at picking up a remington v3 for an open xrail build. I was wondering if any one know if this gun uses a versa max extention. Thanks in advance
  8. My limcat flashcat after refinishing burnt bronze New limcat mount should be here Saturday
  9. I have one on my m3k and love it. very easy to install and remove if i want to shoot tac.
  10. with my mbx mags i get 24 reloadable with my sti tubes with grams springs and followers i get 23 reloadable
  11. I had the exact same thing happen this last Sunday at a match. And of course I am shooting area 4 in 3 days so it has been a mad scramble to find one and fit it before the match. Lesson learned I will now have an extra fitted safety in my range bag.
  12. Anyone looking for a M3k Champion Firearms had a few instock today for 575.Their number is 979 693-9948 also my local gun shop has a m3000 26 inch instock 325 232-7501 Hope this helps Craig
  13. I have an svi with an aet and I shoot the 180 jhp from xtreme they group ok not as good as mg but around 4 inches at 20 yards
  14. I have a pro match and I am looking to buy a racer holster for it and was wondering which model fits 1911, caspian, para? Thanks for the help Craig
  15. last time I ask Brandon he said ~750 with out mags for a non aet bull barrel conversion
  16. Check out alpha and omega uppers. Southern guns in the dealer section carries them. I just got one and it is awesome.
  17. I am looking at getting a micro optic to replace my cmore on my sv open gun. I have read that the rts2 have been having issues and i know that the dp2 will not be out to next month. What I am looking for is pro and cons of each. Thanks for your help Craig
  18. Anyone useing this combo and how do you like it
  19. craigsteffek

    3 Gun CZ's

    what basepads is everyone using on there sp01 for 3 gun. I currently have 17 and 16 round mecgar mags?
  20. Hi Larry what day are you planning on shooting. Per there face book page they said the buckshot will be on steel 30-50 yrds 10-15 rounds 00 buck 9shot max
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