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  1. After talking to Dillon support again today, it seems like I need the extended bolt part 12486 that screws into the ratchet bracket. This moves the primer bar. My old press which is from the mid 80s did not have it and relied on the spring I mentioned. That’s the theory
  2. After talking to Dillon tech support, I just installed the “new lever arm bracket” (part 13001) on my ancient RL 1050. It is the bracket on the magazine tube in the pic below. It is much shorter than the original bracket (part 8121), which broke, and has no spring on the underside that on the early 1050s returns the primer bar to a forward position. Any ideas? Right now as a temporary measure I wrapped a spare powder bar return spring around the slide actuating lever to move the primer bar forwards.
  3. Only 1 Open M shot over 85% and they shot 85.02 Oh and with the new HFs, I think the “paper GM” should be respected !!
  4. Put an EGW on it. The latest version has a bigger set screw and stays put without loctite.
  5. selecw

    CM and TSO magwell ?

    No. But it would be nice if they did.
  6. What group size do you shoot with a Glock 35 or 22 off a rest? 4 inch groups off hand would get the job done in USPSA.
  7. selecw

    Czechmate Recipes

    I did it myself. Take your time and its straightforward. I had never done one before and ended up doing 6 Czechmate barrels.
  8. The mag tubes need tuning as stated. Grams or DIY ...
  9. That sounds hopeful. Maybe it will fit the Canik.
  10. The front lip where it overhangs the mounting plate prevents the current model fitting the Canik. Unfortunately the MM looks the same. If the dot is brighter than the current Romeo 3 I may try it on my open gun though.
  11. Is the Romeo 3 MM a new model? The Canik does not have a mounting plate for the current model. I have 2 in my stash from other projects.
  12. Oh and with an aftermarket Freedomsmith trigger is has HANDS DOWN the best trigger I have tried on a striker fired gun. And I have tried the Sig and the Walther. ..
  13. Mine has about 5,000 uspsa rounds through it. I mainly shoot open, but did a year of CO including a couple of area matches and a national. Zero issues once I replaced the guide rod/spring with a walther one that worked with my 131pf reloads. The price is good, the ergonomics are good. The red dot mounting plates work well. The mags work and there are good baseplate extension options.
  14. The sfx with an after market trigger is a fantastic gun.
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