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  1. Excellent. Given the different profiles, does the PD have a much longer jump to the rifling?
  2. I was using MGs And Everglades, but tested PDs. The RMR has a much fatter shorter profile with a longer load bearing surface than the pointier profile bullets. I am surprised you can load it that long. I will clearly need to do more experimentation. Can you post a pic of one of your rounds?
  3. .376 isn’t super tight but maybe it’s enough - and you are using 115 JHPs not 124s?
  4. I will check the twist in the seating station. I imagine I can twist it. Can you measure your outside neck diameter at the crimp?
  5. I tried 1.157 oal with a .378 crimp. The bullets were not gripped enough by the case walls. I could twist them an pull them out. From this, I conclude a tighter crimp - like iflyskyhigh is using - is needed at that length. I am also using the Lee U die and roll sized brass.
  6. My latest test batch is 1.140 oal with a .378 crimp. The bullet is still stable in the case.
  7. I just started loading RMR 115 JHPs in my Rafferty open gun. The max OAL I can get is 1.135 - after that there is not enough gripping surface left in the case to hold the bullet. Is this normal? The bullets have an unusual profile. Normally I load to 1.165 with Montana Gold and Everglades bullet. Thanks for the help.
  8. Agreed. Sounds like the adjustment screws. There is one on the back of the trigger and on the face if I remember correctly for - pre and post travel. If the one on the face is screwed out too much it can do this. On a related note, remove and clean the extractor. If you don’t that will eventually bite you.
  9. Pick an M or GM in your club and do a few movement focused live fire training sessions with them. Most will be more than willing to help.
  10. I did fortunately. Including 1000 small magnum pistol, which I have ZERO experience with
  11. Thanks. Did your standard deviation change?
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