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  1. Thank you. That is truthful. In my experience though, tite poop wasn't accurate unless I loaded it closer to 140pf. Kind of defeats the purpose of low recoil 9mm.
  2. The bottom line is that people new to reloading should consider a low density powder that fills the case up enough to easily recognize a double charge. Tite Group doesn't fit that criteria. If cost and availability is your priority the Tite Group is the ticket.
  3. Compressed loads can be very dangerous. It just so happens that a compressed load of 7625 makes major pf, while a compressed load of tite poop might kill you or at least blow your hand up. That's what makes 7625 "forgiving".
  4. Tite poop sure does a lot of damage with a double or triple charge. I don't use it for that reason. It doesn't fill up the case enough. I watch every loaded round and it's hard to see any powder in the case on my 650. I like a power that spills out on the shell plate with a double charge, not that I ever had one. I miss 7625. It was a very "forgiving" powder. You could double charge it, which completely fills up the case with some spillage, and just make major PF. Might jack up a Glock but not an STI!
  5. It’s not hard to find out info on 650’s blowing stacks of primers. A simple search will provide many examples and personal experiences. After it happened to me, I read about it on Dillon’s website forum. Just don’t mount your 650 directly under fluorescent lights.... or you will have 2 messes to clean up, after you change your underwear. Don’t misunderstand me. I love my 650, but they can go KABOOM once in a while. I wonder if this is another reason for the newly designed 750? The primers are housed in a thick cast iron tube for a reason. And that plastic rod looks like a cork screw afterwards.
  6. I wonder if the 750 primer system can blow up and light off a stack of primers like the 650?
  7. If you are not mag savvy or a MAGision, You could always buy tuned mags from Brazos.
  8. I know Gen 2 mags don’t need spacers. That’s why I want to update my old style mags. I want to know if the springs and followers are the same.
  9. Are these new 9mm mag tubes interchangeable with the old style 9mm/38 super STI mags? I have 4 old style mags (with spacers) with Dawson +2(3) base pads with Grams springs and followers. Can I just switch out the tubes, or are the followers different?
  10. I have not encountered any lot to lot variations. Has anyone else seen variations among different lot numbers? Curious.
  11. Don’t forget that Titepoop is a smaller volume and doesn’t fill up the case enough for me. I like a powder that will overflow the case and go all over the shell plate on a double charge. N320 fits this bill. I could triple charge with Titepoop and not make a mess. This may be a sign of my OCD.
  12. Everyone I know knows you have to have some 1911 gunsmith skills to figure out why your sti 1911 ain’t running right. I have a Trojan 9mm that I nicknamed the “jammomatic”. Still can’t figure out why it sucks. My Les Baer runs flawlessly. [emoji2960]
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