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  1. It’s not hard to find out info on 650’s blowing stacks of primers. A simple search will provide many examples and personal experiences. After it happened to me, I read about it on Dillon’s website forum. Just don’t mount your 650 directly under fluorescent lights.... or you will have 2 messes to clean up, after you change your underwear. Don’t misunderstand me. I love my 650, but they can go KABOOM once in a while. I wonder if this is another reason for the newly designed 750? The primers are housed in a thick cast iron tube for a reason. And that plastic rod looks like a cork screw afterwards.
  2. I wonder if the 750 primer system can blow up and light off a stack of primers like the 650?
  3. If you are not mag savvy or a MAGision, You could always buy tuned mags from Brazos.
  4. I know Gen 2 mags don’t need spacers. That’s why I want to update my old style mags. I want to know if the springs and followers are the same.
  5. Are these new 9mm mag tubes interchangeable with the old style 9mm/38 super STI mags? I have 4 old style mags (with spacers) with Dawson +2(3) base pads with Grams springs and followers. Can I just switch out the tubes, or are the followers different?
  6. I have not encountered any lot to lot variations. Has anyone else seen variations among different lot numbers? Curious.
  7. Don’t forget that Titepoop is a smaller volume and doesn’t fill up the case enough for me. I like a powder that will overflow the case and go all over the shell plate on a double charge. N320 fits this bill. I could triple charge with Titepoop and not make a mess. This may be a sign of my OCD.
  8. Everyone I know knows you have to have some 1911 gunsmith skills to figure out why your sti 1911 ain’t running right. I have a Trojan 9mm that I nicknamed the “jammomatic”. Still can’t figure out why it sucks. My Les Baer runs flawlessly. [emoji2960]
  9. Comparing apples to oranges. Glocks (Gen 3 and earlier) are a reliability masterpiece. As soon as you start changing s#!t, the reliability goes down. IMHO Glock is there own worst enemy though. Their genius engineers decided to use that double captured recoil spring in the early Gen 4, and decided the 9 and 40 cal springs should be the same. This move definitely “over sprung” the 9, making it way easier to limp wrist jam the gun. Then with the Gen 5 they short throated the chamber making some longer factory ammo too long to work in the gun. DMFs. Glocks aren’t the reliability masterpieces that they once were. But I digress. I used to fired all my failed case gauge rounds out of my glock without issue. Not in the Gen 5 though. In their effort to “improve”, they sacrificed their reputation of 100% reliability. Same applies to the 2011 mag. My stock STI gen 2 mags run 100%. When I tried to “improve” them, round count went up but reliability went down.
  10. Wonder if Ben will add any of his sarcasm in the video responses?
  11. 2 ways. Find a rich friend that dives into and out of hobbies quickly. Show him how much fun he can have shooting a 2011. When he gets bored and realizes he can’t win without a dedicated practice regime, he will quit. Swoop in and take that lightly used 2011 off his hands at a 50% discount! If you have no friends, eat more peanut butter and jelly!
  12. I tailored my response to the specific question of the original post. Your expanded response definitely contains food for thought. We are extremely fortunate to live and reload in a time where information that took months or years to accumulate is readily available in seconds. I believe that N320 is the best. I am well aware that opinions are like assh*les. But this is my 2 cents after shooting and reloading tens of thousands of rounds with many different recipes and powders. Many newer reloaders will never appreciate the work and toil the older guys put into recipes and data collection in order to validate their opinions.
  13. Red Ryder

    Mini boom

    Thanks for the heads up. If I am R/Oing you, I will definitely give you some extra space. I don’t want to dig any metal out of my body. Other than upping that spring weight to 15lbs, I think you got weakened brass. Maybe crap spit out by those open CZ shooters! JK.
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