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  1. Swage sense works well, especially for 45. It is pretty quick to switch rods. I think it is one of their best sensors.
  2. Got mine yesterday and loaded about 700 last night. Easy to set up and works well. Very happy with it. A must if you order a new Mark VII. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Can't speak for the others, but the Double Tap is excellent.
  4. FYI This is finally on the website for pre-order. $315 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I got a set of Lithium Ion hand warmers that double as battery packs. They last about 5 or 6 hours and are extremely warm. Highly recommend them, I think the brand is Human Creation or something like that, they are on Amazon. They are warm enough to heat up a gun grip.
  6. Anyone have one of the new STI DVC Classic single stacks? I see there are some for sale, but I haven't seen any reviews by anyone yet. Thanks.
  7. According to their website it is "coming soon." Just wondered if anyone had heard when that was.
  8. Has anyone heard when the vertical bullet sensor will be available? It will really help when a 380 case sneaks in or a cracked case doesn't get a bullet from the bullet feeder.
  9. Received the PDR -Pro II this week. I second what hack6500 stated. I was hoping that I just got a "bad" one. The the new ball joint system is fantastic. I think it is the best adjustment system available, very well designed. The kydex holster is very flimsy and binds if the gun is not pulled perfectly straight up. Very disappointed in the holster and will likely return it. Overall I think DAA makes great products and tries to innovate which I appreciate, but this holster (just the kydex portion) is a huge step back. Very surprising from DAA.
  10. I have recently tried the Columbia Pro Fishing longsleeve sun shirts and the Outdoor Research caps with the built in "cape." Really helps keep the sun off your skin and the back of your neck which made me feel much less heat. Also, this combination keeps the arms, ears, and the back of the neck protected from UV so makes the dermatologist happy.
  11. Agree with the 3m stuff, very good adhesive, works very well.
  12. Agree with above, bad holster. Mine fits great.
  13. I shot one last year at SS Nats, fit the box no problem.
  14. I got a new SVI Single Stack 45 last year and had similar problems. It took me awhile to figure out, but it sounds like you may have a similar problem. I think you may have two issues actually. My gun would not work with Tripp 45 mags which was all I had. They ran fine in my STI Sentry. I could not insert them far enough to get the mag catch to hold them. I tried Dawson's mag catches for lowering the mag etc., but that wasn't the problem. The left side "lip" of the magazine (at least on a Tripp mag) would push the slide stop upward. I ruined a slide stop trying to remove material from it to get it so seat Tripp mags but also lock the slide back on empty (where the slide stop is raised by the mag follower after the last round is fired). After a new slide stop, I finally just took a Dremel tool with a sanding disk and ground about 2mm or so off the left side of the mag at the top where it would contact the slide stop. The mag tube, not the follower. You might take the spring and follower out of the mag tube then put the basepad on, next hold the slide back to here the slide stop is lined up with the slide stop notch (in the slide) but push down on the slide stop so it is at its lowest position, now gently insert the mag and watch the slide stop, if it is pushed upward into the notch, you need to file on your mags (or the slide stop). The mag tube is pushing up on you slide stop which is why you can't drop the slide with a mag in it. It will not effect the function of the mags. They ran fine in my Sentry before and still do. I think you other problem is probably related to the ejector as others have discussed above. I am no expert, but it is just something to try. They are fantastic guns, but I believe the tolerances are very tight which occasionally creates other weird issues.
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