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  1. Henning guide rod, imo, is a must upgrade. Some like the thinner DP .140, Extreme for a more stock fitment but I find it too thick. Buy a bunch of springs since they are cheap and try what you like. Recoil, main, trigger return. Polishing parts goes a long way. Goodluck!
  2. I am only using N320 for now. I don't shoot as much as before so I am not picky about the price. What I like about it is consistency. It meters really well, +/- 10fps. Should I be shooting over 1k a month, I'd go with W231 (same charge, finer powder), or BA 9.5. 4.7gr N320, 200gr Zero, 1.175", 5" kkm, 174PF.
  3. for a change, that is one fine blaster right there!
  4. Normally the bottom of the firing pin stop pushes down the hammer on recoil, how does it look with the firing pin stop installed?
  5. that website OP ordered from has to be one of the most questionable firearm dealer I have ever seen.
  6. OP, you mentioned you doubled the pre-travel and over-travel. Have you exaggerated this adjustments? I know it is cumbersome doing it especially when it happens sporadically (1/100). The other factor is the plunger spring not able to lift the bar as much. Hopefully it sorts out after you installed a new one.
  7. Is there enough clearance when the sear lifts? Make sure the sear is not kissing the hammer hooks (adjust the overtravel screw as needed).
  8. Extreme lines are great for IPSC where you are somewhat limited with what you can do with the gun. ARy pointed out its more of S2 vs S3, rather than as an extreme line.
  9. If you replace your hammer to either the Titan/Delta, you have to use the Extreme Firing pin safety. Changing the hammer lowers the sear hence needing a longer firing pin safety. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  10. CZ 75B SA was my first ever owned firearm. It was a 40S&W, would be nice for you if you can get a 9mm so it would be easier on the recoil. It is a great shooter, accurate! Low maintenance, I had to replace the sights on mine (for competition). Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  11. I have to admit, this never happened on mine. Normally that arm would kick bullets when its out of line. Have you tried watching how this happens? Prop the feeder on the toolhead with a bin so it will just drop bullets and watch the collator how can a bullet get stuck there. This might give you an idea. I used to watch mine due to upside down bullets, i had to adjust a part. Works wonders now.
  12. Have you tried a starter punch and a heavy hammer?
  13. Glad a T3 solved the problem. I'm curious what type of hammer is installed?
  14. that is a pretty sweet blaster! Congrats!
  15. I read before that NFPA recommends a limit of 20 pounds. of what or total, i don't know. Maybe google it. Let us know.
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