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  1. Range test went great. I think I will switch to 13lb or 12lb recoil. 14lb was jumping down too much. But other than that it shot great! I'll tackle the stubborn trigger pin at a later date. Thanks guys for help!
  2. It's so flared (pinned) on the left side, it's hard to imagine I could push it through left to right
  3. Alright I'll skip the drilling and give it some more smacks. I'll have a range report on how it shoots tomorrow and if the DA stroke gets hung up like my dry firing
  4. The trigger pin still didn't come out with starter punch and metal mallet. Can't get it to even budge. I think I'll end up drilling it out with a .080" or so drill size since the pin is .086". The rest I got after some time. The double action pull was having a held up With the trigger back every 1/20, but after some lube and working trigger few hundred times with a snap cap, seems to be almost non existent. I'm guessing the pre fitted type 1 disco was just a hair oversized. Guess range session this week will tell. How do I post photos?
  5. It's a solid two sided rubber mallet meant for punches, but yeah could use a mallet and I have a starter punch and all my other parts coming tomorrow. Just got anxious to get a head start. Only have fitz polish and Cotten wheels until my fine sandpaper comes tomorrow too, but got a good head start. I will try the starter punch. Thanks!
  6. I'm taking apart my 2011 CZ shadow (91705). I ordered up some Cajun springs and extended firing pin. Planned on doing the atlas tuning and it has came part easy so far, but I can get the trigger pin out and yes I'm hitting it the correct way (right to left). I've tired flat and roll pin punch hard and soft taps with rubber mallet and can't get it to move. The other pins all came out easy. Any advice? Good news is most of the polish spots were already done by custom shop, hardly anything I have to touch up.
  7. If I'm going to run the 13lb main spring which recoil spring should I use for factory ammo? Is the 11lb too light or should i go 12lb or higher for factory 115gr Is it bad to use factory recoil spring with 13lb main spring and cgw firing pin/spring? i know there's suppose to be a ratio between the two
  8. I saw that. great post and remarkable results. I have no need to replace the hammer imo its the champion hammer already, but perhaps do the pre-disco and do all the polishing in the link. With the 11.5lb main spring are you still running 11lb recoil? Reliable with most factory ammo?
  9. nvm I just couldn't have a link. questions posted
  10. Hi all, Been shooting USPSA for about a year with glock 17 and xdm 5.25 with some mods and have always wanted a cz 75. After tying tricked out CZ triggers at the matches I'm sold on them. Been doing some research and I need your advice. I just purchased a CZ Shadow because It had some nice upgrades over the 75B and are hard to find since 2011 discontinued. $819 oak Hill Guns Trigger is better out of the box than 75, but much to be desired. I'm thinking Cajun Gun work, but open to CZC. I shoot USPSA Production, but might try IDPA and want to tune it up, but keep it within production requirements and keep it SA/DA From what I've read: -13lb main spring (or 11.5lb) -11lb Recoil spring (What recoil spring with the 11.5 mainspring?) -Extended Firing Pin -Reduced Firing Pin Spring Also possible: -trigger return pin -The Disco production legal? Does this do anything to my Over travel Screw? I shoot factory and some reloads and want to keep from light primer strikes so probably stick with 13lb main spring I apologize for all the questions and appreciate the input. I plan on joining the CZ dark side
  11. I shoot glock 17 with dawson competition sights and my main is an xdm 5.25" with 2.5lb PRP Extreme trigger. I just recently acquired a CZ Shadow and want to post in the CZ section but I'm not allowed to yet. wonder why.
  12. Hi All, I'm a young guy been shooting USPSA this year and little three gun. Love this forum so far and look forward to interacting with other members. How do I post to forums? says I don't have the authority yet.
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