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  1. Having shot tons of matches over the last 15 years or so the one I had run into the most was a red 2-door design. I was looking high and low based on the design and Rishii hooked me up after I originally posted here. It is made by R and R Targets and I ordered 2 for Atlanta 3-Gun. I like the 2-door design better and with this one if the stomp pad is in a "path" to another shooting area in a course of fire the activator rods do not create a trip hazard. http://www.store.randrtargets.com/
  2. 2018 USPSA Georgia State Championship Hosted by Atlanta 3-Gun Enterprises/Atlanta Practical Shooters October 5-7, 2018 Held at South River Gun Club, 5205 Highway 212 N, Covington, GA 30016 Registration on PS Match Info on FB
  3. Honestly I think you are expecting too much from the press. Most of the parts controlling movement on a 650 are plastic and none of the tolerances are so tight that everything will line up every time. Even my 1050 leaves alot to be desired in the case prep department. For those who want to debate that watch your 1050 tool head when you have a crimped primer pocket go to the swaging die, if it is set properly the tool head will cant ever so slightly. If there is an oversized case in the sizing position at the same time the cant is more pronounced which is why I run sizing dies on opposite sides of a dedicated tool head for processing 223. And the tool heads on my 650 all fit into the slot in a sloppy fashion but that may be by design so that things that need to line up are not forced out of alignment. For most pistol calibers this is not an issue as accuracy is not going to be so good that this or that a little off-center will matter. For ammo that I want to be perfect I use a single stage press.
  4. Good Morning! In the market for stomp pads. I know that MGM makes them as does Nevco but neither appear to be the tradition red stomp pad with two pieces of wood as the pad. Anyone have a brand they can give me on the red one? Thanks!!!
  5. Anyone know what the longest shot will be at this match? Considering using irons instead of optics. I have heard 287 but would like confirmation if possible. Thanks!
  6. Thanks Guys! I think I am going the Hard Chrome route...
  7. I have a 2011 in the raw that needs a finish on it. Not sure what I am going to go with yet but I need a referral to someone who does really good work. Do most of you ship the complete gun so that it can be function tested after it is coated, painted or blued or do you just ship the parts that need treating? Finally what is the latest and greatest finish out there? I have had blue, hard chrome and cerekote guns and never really saw an advantage or disadvantage to any of them other than cerekote offering lots of colors??? Thanks!
  8. Been running several Lee dies with the locking ring under the toolhead since 2006 on my 650 and 1050, no issues and they work great. I am in the process of switching all my locking rings out to the Hornady Sure-Loc style.
  9. Yeah, I know there is a sight radius disadvantage but I prefer the shorter guns anyway and most of my USPSA stuff is instinctive unless the targets are far away. I have a few of the factory 20 round Sig mags but they are longer than 140. As for the X5 mags being pricey…I guess if someone is going to pay that kind of $$$ for a 226 on steroids the mag price is the last thing they are concerned about. Not that I wouldn't want an X5 but that is goofy money. Maybe after I hit the power ball!
  10. Thanks! I saw a question in this month's "Front Sight" magazine asking about how you measure mags with the mag gauge and they show a Sig mag with and extension that makes it 140mm…. Love my Sig and would really like to use it for Limited Minor but the trigger reset and mag capacity has always been an issue. Have and SRT kit on the way for the trigger and now I need to figure the mags out.
  11. Looking at using a 229 in several games. Anyone know of base pads for the Sig 229 that will give me 140mm overall and fit in a magazine gauge? Older 229 with 13 round 9mm mags. Thanks!
  12. $350 was a bargain! I paid that for a non "P" model, sold it for $450 2 years later after picking up a used "P" model but that was when you could not get them new anymore. As for USPSA/IPSC value...since a major USPSA match is at least $500 when you consider Food, Hotel, Travel, Match fees, Ammo and Time I think $600 for a new Oehler is well worth it. And picking a lesser chono because one cannot rapid fire over the Oehler is like eating butter in sticks because it takes too long to melt on toast....
  13. Oehler is made in the US, CED is not, Not sure about the Chrony or the ProChrono. Oehler is the best by a landslide with with ProChrono being 2nd in my experience. Chrony is 3rd and CED is DFL! I think I would try a stop watch before buying another CED.... That said a buddy just had his top of the line Chrony go TU so we will see what service is like.
  14. Check in is now 2 and a half days away and for those of us coming from out of town it would be nice to have some idea of what we are in for, especially when we have to budget truck space with 2-3 other guys.
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