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  1. I may give IDPA a try as well as USPSA there is an indoor league starting up near me, I may try it with my STI 9mm single stack. As I am yet to find a holster for my tanfoglio.
  2. Drtheo

    USPSA production gun question

    A quick question, do production guns have to be DA?
  3. Drtheo

    Excuse me. But...

    So there will be overlap in the line ups?
  4. Drtheo

    Excuse me. But...

  5. Is the production class limited to theodels they list or is it not an all inclusive list? I am trying to figure out if my tanfoglio elite match is allowed in production.
  6. Drtheo

    Excuse me. But...

    So if ifg takes over tanfo imports to the US, will they also take care of warranty claims on tanfoglio guns imported earlier by eaa?
  7. Drtheo

    Excuse me. But...

    I thought eaa and ifg were owned by the same people.
  8. I personally am a big fan of my recently aquired tanfoglio. I have large hands but prefer small grips. The full sized tanfo is the first double stack 45 I have ever picked up that doesn't feel like a 2x4 to me. All that said I am a firm believer in the right tool for the job,. I don't think a full race pistol in the nightstand is the best idea. To many bells and whistles to complicate things in a tense situation.
  9. Drtheo

    Mec gar vs factory mags

    Thank you for the cdnn tip, I just ordered 5
  10. Looking fo a holster for my older elite match with a round trigger guard and no rail. I can't seem to find one online. Any suggestions or ideas would be great.
  11. As I I am new to the world of action shooting (never shot an official match) and winter leagues / matches will be starting in a month, how is an indoor match usually set up?
  12. How are the me gars? Will the accept after market floor plates and extensions?
  13. Drtheo

    Elite limited 40 cal frame size?

    Thank you sir.