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  1. I love bullseye. Unfortunately my club has not restarted leagues yet. I really miss shooting it. I have shot only 22 at this point as I don't reload. However I started resizing my 22 with a waltz die, and my groups shrank considerably. And I use relatively cheap ammo at $1.79 per box before this last panic
  2. Well I have changed the striker spring out to a 6.5 ghost Glock spring and the slide closes fully on a 13 pound spring. I also swapped out the firing pin block spring for a Glock reduced power spring. And swapped out the trigger for the freedomsmith racer. I love trigger feel. I am a bit disappointed in the spring swap. My pull weight is still around 4.25 pounds. About the same as when I started the mods.
  3. I tried a 13 lb Glock 17 gen4 stainless recoil assembly today. It failed to return to battery when held vertically. So I swapped the spring out for a 15 lb spring and it passed the test.
  4. I read somewhere here on the forum that aftermarket triggers and hammers are now allowed in production class guns. Is there a reference anywhere that we can cite this rule change?
  5. I was able to pull in a semi rapid fire (1 shot per 3-4 seconds) 20 shot group of 2.68 inches at 25 yards. I have to say I am pretty happy with that out of a bone stock gun that can be had for under $500 new. This was with a box of Wolf military classic that came with the pistol as well.
  6. Hi, I came across one of these this weekend at a price I couldn't pass up. So now I am working in getting the trigger in better shape. It is nice starting with something that's already pretty good. I have a 6.5 Glock striker spring on order as well as a reduced power plunger spring, and a freedom Smith trigger. My question is, has anyone found a good trigger return spring out there?
  7. I just realized I slide to must be able to Interchange on the large frame poly with the large frame steel as the 22 conversion kit works with either.
  8. Does the ea9 use the same hammer and sear as the other more common tanfoglios?
  9. .When your girlfriend walks in on you timing yourself on complete assembly of a 1911 (not ust field stripped) at 8 am on a Sunday at the kitchen table and doesn't bat an eye. GF is now my wife and never has been a gun person, she is just cool like that.
  10. just like the title says. I'm looking at picking up a universal stoning fixture and I'm hoping to hear from people that have used either the power custom series 1 or 2 fixture and maybe if I'm lucky you someone who has used the mha Universal Fixture.
  11. I just bought the wheeler tool. It seemed to me to have the most versatility when it comes to front and rear dovetail sights. I will try to remember to post back here after I receive it. Update: My tool came in yesterday and I have to say it is very heavy duty. I have tried it on a few slides and no issues yet except for adjusting front sights on slides with abnormally long dust covers such as a long slide 1911 or tanfoglio. Rear sight adjustment would work fine though on any slide I can imagine. It would be easy enough to remedy that though by lengthening the cut out for the dust cover in the tool.
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