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  1. Rear sight was removed in order to make the red dot cut out, since there was no rear I figured I didn’t need the front
  2. I have only had my hands on mine for a little bit so longevity I’m not sure of but the quality of the work is amazing. I highly recommend @PatriotDefense.
  3. What are the specific requirements for ccp?
  4. Part of the reason IFG is being allowed to import some is because of the success and reputation of great customer service they have with Pedersoli, Sabatti and FAIR. They have done well with what has been allowed up to this point so Mossimo is allowing them to expand their lineup.
  5. Somewhat to requests but within certain guidelines that I’m not fully privy to.
  6. Sorry for the confusion no the old limpro is being imported by Ifg and is already in country ready to head out to distributors. This post is about new models that Ifg is planning to bring in.
  7. John I’m not allowed to disclose more but there are two models new for SHOT. Keep an eye on my FB and IFG’s FB and IG any more leaks will originate there.
  8. This is a preproduction model so the final product might. Just like the limpro preproduction was black but the production model is hard chrome. IFG is definitely try to listen to customers and bring what the majority wants to market.
  9. Definitely frustrating getting the test models and then having to wait so long before the production models release. Supposedly with the new tooling and machines the upgraded to this time will be reduced. Only time will tell.
  10. Here is a teaser for upcoming models from IFG
  11. Check the post below this but thank you for posting
  12. A lot of inventory just hit US soil so I think you will see them instock at distributors very soon. Plus a couple awesome surprises at SHOT show to debut.
  13. I apologize I’ve been gone for a while and not available to answer any IFG Tanfo questions. My promotion at work has taken up slot more time than expected originally but now that I’m settled in I should be available more. Lmk if you have any questions and if I don’t know the answer I can get it for you. I don’t work for Ifg but I do help them out from time to time. here is the latest link from their page I’m not sure if you have seen it. http://www.italianfirearmsgroup.com/ftitalia/detail/defiant-limited-pro
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