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  1. My journey was over 20 years....owning lots of machines, owning machines one for large primer and one for small. Do this, do that... At the last cross road, I sold a spare 550 and a Square deal. Purchased a dedicated 1050 in 9mm. IT's been fun. I am now spoiled my the 1050 and want to go .40 full time. My loading partner Jack Russell is going to have to kick in and buy dad a used 1050 for .40
  2. Depending on the gun, I use 3.8-4.o grains of WST, SNS 180 FP. Mild, accurate and clean in several guns.
  3. Dillon Dies on everything except a Redding Competition Seating Die. Works for me
  4. Wish I could find a line on a nice 1050 to be my dedicated .40 machine
  5. have owned a 35 and 24. Still have the 24. However I do indeed qualify as an old timer. I was shooting full autos and IPSC before some younger folks were born. LOL
  6. My experience with loading the .40 on my 550 was painful evolution. Got a free pair of RCBS dies so I ordered a . 40 conversion and set up. Quickly learned the RCBS factory sizer created some problems and the seating die a few more. Worse than your rounds look. Ordered a Dillon set of dies and a Redding Competition Seating Die. Sizing issues and crooked seating issues went away. Set my crimp die to barely straighten the bell from seating. All those old problems solved loading for 7 different .40's. My experience with the Lee FCD is it does more harm than good.
  7. Thank you! second version opened right up on my Mac. A wealth of data and experience there sir.
  8. rdinga

    G34 Accuracy Issues

    I like Glocks and have owned a small herd over the years. A couple shoot head and shoulders above others. All of them shoot great. But there was this one 34 that I could not get to shoot. Different locking blocks, loads, sights, different barrel. Just never could warm up to this one. Not often but every now and then the gun needs to find a new home.
  9. sns 180 sns nlg. 3.8-4 grains of WST, whatever primer is on sale.
  10. https://www.heinie.com/ruger-1911/
  11. I want a reasonably priced video screen to check powder drop in my 1050. Please share suggestions, photos and where to buy. Old eyes need a little help.
  12. I like Ramshot TAC. Meters great on the 550.
  13. Everyone has different thoughts on small base dies. I use them for my AR's on the dillon and never have problems.
  14. Interesting thread-my shooting skills are not a benchmark. I still think it boils down to the individual gun. I have a 17L that is scary accurate at 100 yards. A 22 that shoots less than 3" at 25 yards and an early Gen 4 17 that is the single most accurate Glock I have ever owned. Sample size over 50 guns since Gen 1. This is with a variety of loads, both factory and handloads. Iron sights and Leupold Delta Point.
  15. Ok I admit to rotating the herd to visiting the armorer at GSSF matches. Might as well have fun with your toys. One of my police trade in 22's was shooting perfectly. Guy replaces everything short of the barrel, slide and frame. What a difference it makes to replace springs. All my guns are stock except sights and -connector. Short version 5k rounds and I let the armorer decide. YMMV
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