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  1. If you have a Gen 4 that you like, there's no reason to upgrade. Unless you're lefthanded. I sold my gen 4 19 and picked up a gen 5.
  2. I'm happy with my SP-01 Shadow cut by Primary Machine.
  3. You can send a letter to ATF to change the length of record for your SBR. The rifle can actually be any length. You just need to readily be able to return it to the configuration that's marked on the Form 1 or 4. Basically, have an upper on hand that's a 9" barrel. So, either way, you aren't technically not in compliance. Is anyone ever going to care? Not likely, but it's your gat.
  4. DoD just travel restricted everyone, so I'm glad I hadn't paid for any matches yet. Was planning on going to 2 next month. Now I can't.
  5. Nils got 2nd last year with a Canik, and Max Michel used a plastic X5 before the Legion existed, iirc. I don't think a light gun is holding people back much, if any.
  6. SV650Squid

    Production legal?

    That's completely unenforceable. Do you expect RO's, that are unpaid volunteers, to be knowledgeable of every single gun on the Production list and know exactly what every single factory/aftermarket part looks like? Even then, you cannot tell the difference between unmarked springs, etc. Having a list of guns, a set of action types (DA/SA, Striker), a magazine limit, and let most mods go because people like to tinker is much easier and leads to more people having a gun that can compete.
  7. They're the same. This is per the Safariland rep that came to my unit and sold us Liberator 3's for our helmets.
  8. I use a gopro session. Here's my mount setup Geissele hat I got as swag from buying stuff from them A chinese tripod mount off amazon a fender washer and a bolt. Drill a hole in the bill of your hat, and bolt it on. Like I said, I have a session, and it's much lighter than a standard gopro. I don't know if it will make the bill too floppy with a fullsize gopro. I want to say the whole setup cost me less than $10.
  9. I've had 1 fail in about 12k shot. I tried it multiple times, so it wasn't a light strike.
  10. During the summer, set it on your AC unit. All the other times, https://www.amazon.com/NESCO-FD-37A-Dehydrator-Speckled-Marbled/dp/B00CS5ZI6G/ref=sr_1_20?crid=2U89AWJNLOJQF&keywords=food+dehydrator&qid=1568155948&s=gateway&sprefix=food+deh%2Caps%2C167&sr=8-20 is cheaper than the reloading company rebadged food dehydrators.
  11. Bodies aren't machines that wear out from use (yes, they do from age). Powerlifting has the lowest incidence of injury out of any sport involving weights. Lifting heavy isn't necessarily going to be bad for your body in the long term. Your body isn't a car that gets worn out from use. Actually, resistance training improves quality of life and is one of the best things you can do to ensure it in old age (basically, diet, sleep, and exercise).
  12. Couldn't you just solder that in place and solve the problem? It blows my mind that it's not soldered from the factory.
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