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  1. I've had 1 fail in about 12k shot. I tried it multiple times, so it wasn't a light strike.
  2. During the summer, set it on your AC unit. All the other times, https://www.amazon.com/NESCO-FD-37A-Dehydrator-Speckled-Marbled/dp/B00CS5ZI6G/ref=sr_1_20?crid=2U89AWJNLOJQF&keywords=food+dehydrator&qid=1568155948&s=gateway&sprefix=food+deh%2Caps%2C167&sr=8-20 is cheaper than the reloading company rebadged food dehydrators.
  3. Bodies aren't machines that wear out from use (yes, they do from age). Powerlifting has the lowest incidence of injury out of any sport involving weights. Lifting heavy isn't necessarily going to be bad for your body in the long term. Your body isn't a car that gets worn out from use. Actually, resistance training improves quality of life and is one of the best things you can do to ensure it in old age (basically, diet, sleep, and exercise).
  4. Couldn't you just solder that in place and solve the problem? It blows my mind that it's not soldered from the factory.
  5. Whatever is free at work...because free.
  6. I had a sub plate break, and they wanted it back also. First thing the guy on the phone asked was if I was using a swager. I only run 9mm/.40 on my 650
  7. I'm left handed, so round goes in dirt. I'll pick it up if I saw where it went. It shouldn't be anything fancy, and there's no "fastest ULSC" award, so take your time.
  8. I used some painter's tape around the ski jump to fix the live primer issue. The tape doesn't let them bounce out, and I just replace it 2/year when I tear down for cleaning. I have an LED strip and a $6 clamp light clamped on the casefeeder arm. The UniqueTek micrometer powder bar upgrade The dillon roller arm and strong mount roller bearing upgrade I have a 3d printed primer chute to replace the hopper, but I haven't gotten around to getting some tubing for it and installing it I really want a bullet feeder
  9. I have a friend that loves his milwuakee heated jacket https://www.milwaukeetool.com/Products/Work-Gear/Heated-Gear/Heated-Jackets
  10. Likely the best answer, I just figure no one is working because Labor Day weekend. I know I'm not. Barrel pics, as requested.
  11. I was cleaning my 2011 today and noticed this chip in the rearmost locking lug in the slide. The gun has 5-6k rounds through it. My load is 172 pf (4.9 gr N320 180gr coated lead is typical). Pic below, there's more here: https://imgur.com/a/Hmg8RJL Should I be concerned about my barrel fitment, and should I send it back to the builder?
  12. Trigger press is a fine motor skill. The argument doesn't hold water for people who train a lot. Gross motor skills are for the lay person.
  13. I like the Oakley Prizm TR22 lens. Generally, I use the lightest tint my eyes can comfortably handle (light sensitivity since I got PRK).
  14. My load is 23.4 gr 8208, LC brass, 77 gr smk, 2.260" Work it up, it's over book (by .1 gr).
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