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Finally read the FAQs (3/11)

  1. Airports: you have your choice of Atlanta or Birmingham. Personably I would do BHM. CMP has a rule that no shots fired before 0900. So it’s a pretty civilized start to your morning. Oxford is about 25 minutes to the east, and has all the amenities (hotel, restaurants, stores, etc). and the ubiquitous Waffel House on every other corner. I believe you can rent a golf cart at the CMP club house. Parking is a little tight. For the lower bays you park and walk over a bridge. For the bays up above they’ll probably let you drive across the bridge and park up top. As far as weather, plan for it all. Rain, sun, warm, cold, dry, humid. My guess is you’ll see it all.
  2. For the P10C, I use the Shield Arms +5 mag extensions with the factory magazines. Same spring and follower. Yields 20 rnds. Have run those mags in 1 dozen or so USPSA or 3 gun matches. The Shield Arms extension is about .250” shy of the 140mm mag gauge. Also have a P-09 mag with Springer Precision 140mm base pad. I did get the Grams follower and spring to load 23 rnds, but could never get the Grams follower to work reliably and reverted to factory follower for 22 rnds. For the Shadow 2, TTI w/ Grams spring and follower on the 17 rnd Mecgar mag for 23 rnds. Those have worked flawlessly for the last 2 years.
  3. You should be good to go with just the 11.5 spring. However as noted above, some primers are harder than others and the 11.5 lb spring may not generate enough force to light them off. If that is the case, an extended firing pin and reduced weight FP spring helps with that, or just go with the 13 lb hammer spring which will result in a lighter DA pull than stock, but not as light as you would get from the 11.5.
  4. My club hosts a couple outlaw matches every year specifically intended for CCW guns/gear. All it takes is somebody willing to organize it. It’s kind of a hybrid between USPSA and IDPA, with even a little bit of 3-gun rules thrown in.
  5. I bought my Shadow 1’s from CZ Custom with all their goodies installed and tuned trigger job. DA 6 lbs, SA around 2-2.5 lbs. However on my Shadow 2’s, out of the box they were pretty good, so all I did was drop in a 11 lb hammer spring, trigger return spring, lightened firing pin spring, and added the extended FP and floating trigger pin. Played around with the 10 and 11 lb recoil spring, settled on the 10. All parts from CGW. I shot it that way for a few thousand rounds then did some light internal polishing. End result was a 6 lb DA and 2 lb SA, very smooth all the way thru the pull in DA. Down the road I may swap out the OEM hammer, but honestly I’m pretty happy with the OEM hammer.
  6. Not at all. The 5MOA dot at 25 yds is only 1.25” in diameter.
  7. I had my Shadow 2 millled by Fire 4 Effects in 2019, before the rule change to 59 oz. In addition to lightening the slide, F4E also mills in two mounting blocks for the Trijicon pattern optic screws (RDOM). Not sure how CGW or PM does it, but I think the reason F4E does their RDOMs mount is to create a little more width in the slide to accept the mounting screws. Ended up with 44.1 oz weight w/ mag + TT1 extension. This year I set up a second Shadow 2 for Carry Optics, went with F4E again with the same lightening cuts and RDOM to make it an identical twin to the first gun. There are probably cheaper options out there, but I had really good results with my first one, very much like F4E’s work, and plus it looks badazz. No regrets.
  8. I have two SROs, one with 2.5MOA and the other with 5MOA dot. I couldn’t decide which one to get back in 2019 so ended up getting them both thinking I’d sell the one I didn’t like as much. I got a second Shadow 2 this summer so now have one of each dot size mounted. Comparing them side by side I can tell a difference in dot size. By themselves, not so much. Both are perfectly serviceable in competition. I may run the 2.5 a tad brighter than the 5 but that’s about it. Shot the 2.5MOA last weekend at a match, 5 MOA today. I placed about the same between the two matches.
  9. Try holding the timer lower, below the shooter’s elbow on the same side as the ejection port, especially with really big people. Keep the display facing you so your peripheral vision can see the numbers changing. Most PCCs eject to the right, but I’ve seen a few LH-eject PCCs. Figure that out during the Make Ready. I’ve been favoring the new AMG Lab shot timers. It’s really easy to adjust the timer’s sensitivity with just a few button presses without having to scroll thru a long menu or a screw driver on other timers. Bump it up when a PCC shooter comes to the line, drop it back down with a pistol shooter to avoid picking up non-shot sounds. Or have two timers on hand, one set to a higher sensitivity for the PCC’ers, the other for the pistoleers. I’ve been using the AMG Lab timer for Steel Challenge, and it’s been picking up even the most quiet .22LR rifles. Another tip, while the competitor is shooting the first part of the stage experiment with how close (or far) you need to be so you can ensure you’re close enough and be in the right spot to pick up the shot at the end. My first PCC was super quiet. My PACT timer wasn’t consistently picking up the shot even when clipped to my belt in practice. Eventually I got tired of reshoots and switched comps.
  10. I don’t know if the parts are compatible, but this is a good source for GSG magazines and parts. https://www.taylor-tactical-supply.com/gsg-1911-22lr-s/140.htm
  11. Who cares? I didn’t have that gun built with resale in mind. I intend to keep shooting that gun even tho it only weighs an anemic 44.1 oz.
  12. IMO this rule change was needed because there were guns on the Production list that were not allowed in CO unless one drastically reduced the weight. Carry Optics was supposed to be a Production List gun + optic division, but the 45 oz max weight rule limited that. Add to which, manufacturers are building guns reputed to be greater than 45 oz as they follow the trends/desires of the industry. Who knows if that trend will continue but I for one think it’s cool that our little sport can have that much impact on major manufacturers such as Sig, Beretta, Tanfo, CZ, etc. So unless we freeze Prod at a certain point in time, such as only guns that were being produced circa early 2000 when Production first became a division, it needs to evolve as manufacturers continue to innovate. The BOD could have addressed this by going with the old rule of OFM weight including empty mag + 4 oz and left it at that. So once XYZ gun meets the NROI required manufacture number (plus compliance) they would be added to the list and the OFM manufactured weight would be the max weight listed for that gun. Or the BOD could do what they did and just set a flat weight across the board that covered the heaviest factory gun known plus a little cushion (e.g. +4 oz). The latter makes sense because IMO it levels the playing field more so than the previous rule. If somebody shooting a Gen 4 Glock 34 weighing in at 26 + 4 oz wanted to add weight to be on par with the Shadow 2 / Stock 2 / X5 Legion crowd, they can now do so up to 59 ounces. However under the old rules going 30.1 oz would bump them to Open. I find it interesting that the majority of discussion is about the weight limit and not the fact that aftermarket slides, barrels, slide cuts etc. are now allowed.
  13. I took the bait on the flat trigger and ordered one for my Shadow 2 when it was first announced. Stuart @ CZC emailed me to make sure I had the right disconnector installed, which I really appreciate since my gun needed the short DA disco. The trigger and disco dropped in just fine with no fitting needed. It took some dry firing to get used to how it felt, and a few mags this morning at the range to further get accustomed to the flat trigger. But all in all I like my initial outing with the flat trigger.
  14. That’s what I did. IMO CZ really narrowed the gap between stock and comp-ready with the Shadow 2. Four spring changes (hammer, recoil, firing pin, and TRS). Two pin changes, extended firing pin and trigger pin. Maybe $50 from CGW?
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