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  1. I ran into this problem with a CZC short DA disconnector. I tried ammo that I took special care to ensure primers were seated fully. My thinking matched the OPs in that the hammer was not going as far back as it should in DA mode, aka a short stroking of the hammer that was occurring about 1 in 100 rnds, or once per match or twice per big match. A quick second pull of the trigger and the round would lite off. I went back to the original disconnector until I could figure out what was causing the short-stroke. Curiously enough, the CZC short DA disco I installed in my first Shadow 2 functioned perfectly, and I can tell the hammer has a longer stroke in DA than the one with problems.
  2. I used a 16” barrel on my first PCC. Flirted ridiculously for a while playing the field with different loads, buffers, springs, etc. Finally settled on a load that was in the low 130’s PF that played well with the JP SCS buffer system. Then went in search of a comp that the shot timer had a decent chance of picking up the last shot without the RO having to crowd me. So when Taccom came out with their 5.5” bbl w/ shroud I gave that one a try. Perfecto. I no longer need to maintain a PCC-only load. Same load that chrono’s 130 PF from my pistols yields 135 PF from my PCC. No need for a comp, the Taccom bbl is loud enough. And dropping about 1 lb from the barrel was a nice bonus.
  3. There are 3 USPSA and 1 IDPA match per month in my local area that is within a 45 min drive. I shoot IDPA on the weekend there isn’t a USPSA match. But I usually shoot my EDC gun in IDPA.
  4. Thanks, that’s kind of what I suspected. Any idea what the fix is, different disco?
  5. I’ve got a P10C w/ Type 2 RMR going on 4 years and maybe 5-6K-ish rounds. No issues whatsoever, and I just replaced the battery with it being on fulltime at medium-medium/high intensity (I was kind of testing the battery life). I got the gun in ‘18 before the OR models were released, so mine was direct milled. This was my first optic handgun, so kind of an experiment which led me down the path to Carry Optics and currently shoot a couple Shadow 2’s with SROs. Love these red dots, and they’ve held up really well with nary a flicker or hiccup. The bigger window on the SRO is nice, but I don’t feel the RMR’s smaller window handicaps me that much. My P10 is more of a carry/HD gun but I have shot IDPA with it (I won’t judge if you don’t) as well as 3 gun with it. I like the 5 - 6.5 MOA size dot for pistols. The smaller MOAs seem to work better on carbines.
  6. FWIW, Armory Craft is supposedly coming out with a DA/SA trigger sometime this summer. It’s reported to be less curved than the 85C. I put the CZC flat DA/SA trigger w/ short reset DA disco on one of my Shadow 2s when they were first released. I liked it so much I put the same in my second S2. However, for whatever reason I don’t think the hammer is going as far back as stock (or in my other Shadow 2), resulting in the occasional light strike (1 in about 100). So I’m back to stock trigger and disco in that S2 until I figure out what’s up.
  7. DA pull for the first “shot” then don’t let the trigger reset and simulate firing subsequent “shots”. Saying “pew pew pew…” out loud or in your head is optional.
  8. Airports: you have your choice of Atlanta or Birmingham. Personably I would do BHM. CMP has a rule that no shots fired before 0900. So it’s a pretty civilized start to your morning. Oxford is about 25 minutes to the east, and has all the amenities (hotel, restaurants, stores, etc). and the ubiquitous Waffel House on every other corner. I believe you can rent a golf cart at the CMP club house. Parking is a little tight. For the lower bays you park and walk over a bridge. For the bays up above they’ll probably let you drive across the bridge and park up top. As far as weather, plan for it all. Rain, sun, warm, cold, dry, humid. My guess is you’ll see it all.
  9. For the P10C, I use the Shield Arms +5 mag extensions with the factory magazines. Same spring and follower. Yields 20 rnds. Have run those mags in 1 dozen or so USPSA or 3 gun matches. The Shield Arms extension is about .250” shy of the 140mm mag gauge. Also have a P-09 mag with Springer Precision 140mm base pad. I did get the Grams follower and spring to load 23 rnds, but could never get the Grams follower to work reliably and reverted to factory follower for 22 rnds. For the Shadow 2, TTI w/ Grams spring and follower on the 17 rnd Mecgar mag for 23 rnds. Those have worked flawlessly for the last 2 years.
  10. You should be good to go with just the 11.5 spring. However as noted above, some primers are harder than others and the 11.5 lb spring may not generate enough force to light them off. If that is the case, an extended firing pin and reduced weight FP spring helps with that, or just go with the 13 lb hammer spring which will result in a lighter DA pull than stock, but not as light as you would get from the 11.5.
  11. My club hosts a couple outlaw matches every year specifically intended for CCW guns/gear. All it takes is somebody willing to organize it. It’s kind of a hybrid between USPSA and IDPA, with even a little bit of 3-gun rules thrown in.
  12. I bought my Shadow 1’s from CZ Custom with all their goodies installed and tuned trigger job. DA 6 lbs, SA around 2-2.5 lbs. However on my Shadow 2’s, out of the box they were pretty good, so all I did was drop in a 11 lb hammer spring, trigger return spring, lightened firing pin spring, and added the extended FP and floating trigger pin. Played around with the 10 and 11 lb recoil spring, settled on the 10. All parts from CGW. I shot it that way for a few thousand rounds then did some light internal polishing. End result was a 6 lb DA and 2 lb SA, very smooth all the way thru the pull in DA. Down the road I may swap out the OEM hammer, but honestly I’m pretty happy with the OEM hammer.
  13. Not at all. The 5MOA dot at 25 yds is only 1.25” in diameter.
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