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  1. 2MoreChains

    Which Shadow 2

    That’s what I did. IMO CZ really narrowed the gap between stock and comp-ready with the Shadow 2. Four spring changes (hammer, recoil, firing pin, and TRS). Two pin changes, extended firing pin and trigger pin. Maybe $50 from CGW?
  2. 2MoreChains

    Buy Shadow 2 Slide?

    CZC Bull Shadow 2? Not currently on the prod approved gun list, and I seem to recall reading that if you put the Bull Shadow slide on a Shadow 2 frame the rear of the slide doesn’t match up with the rear of the frame. Be awesome tho if CZC made a Bull Shadow slide intended for the S2 frame. Then sell enough of them for Prod. I’d probably buy one.
  3. I put a 5 MOA on backorder back in April/May when they were first announced, then did my best to be patient until they started shipping. I suck at being patient, so when the 2.5 MOAs became available I bought one. I’m still waiting on the 5 MOA to ship, and when it does I’ll compare the two and see which one I like best for pistol shooting. Right now the 2.5 MOA is sitting on a PCC while my Shadow 2‘s slide if off getting milled and Jenny Craig’d. If my S2 comes home before the 5 MOA arrives I’ll Run it with the 2.5 to see how it goes, then try the 5 MOA whenever it shows up. B/c I have a RM07 (6.5 MOA) on another pistol, I suspect I’m going to prefer the 5 MOA SRO. The 2.5 sure is a nice on my PCC in today’s match. Looking thru it felt just like my C-more. So it may be my new optic for the PCC.
  4. 2MoreChains

    Shadow 2

    I’m normally not a fan of recoil buffers pads. I tried one once in a 2011 and it came apart on me in less than 500 rnds and it also made it harder to release the slide. I’ve shied away from them ever since. However, when I got my Shadow 2 I decided to give it a try. I’ve shot matches with it in and without, did Bill Drills and compared HFs, slow fire accuracy tests... and the thing still looks like it is brand new after 4K-ish rounds from shooting matches pretty steady all winter/spring. It doesn’t impair any of the gun’s function that I can tell, recoil feels about the same, splits and hits at speed are the same... So for the first time I’ve decided to leave it in until something happens that indicates I should take it out.
  5. The P10F basically uses a P-09 mag, right? For my P10C I got a P-09 mag and added the 140mm mag extension that Springer Precision sells. 23 rnds with the Grams follower. Fits the mag gauge.
  6. Tough decision. The traditionalist approach is to have at least one 1911 in .45acp. Some like the .40SW for ease in using the same ammo in Limited div. But you can’t discount the sheer fun of shooting a 1911 chambered in 9mm. Plus having a couple extra rounds can make a difference in stage planning and let you take more risk. I couldn’t decide, so I ended up with iterations of all three in my gun safe. But I will say that I started with the .45acp and shot it for at least 2 years in SS before getting the urge to scratch the .40 and 9mm itch. I shot the fo-five at a match not too long ago and it was just like hanging out with an old friend.
  7. Initially I tried the 3 and 3.5 lb HBi striker springs. Ran fine, gave me a sub 4 lb trigger pull with the lightest spring. No creep that I recall. However when I switched to the CGW striker I started getting light strikes with CCI primers. Thought it was sloppy primer seating at first, but I still got them occasionally even when I ensured I was seating them deep enough. With Federal primers no issues. However this gun does double duty as an EDC, so I went back to the stock striker spring and stopped getting light strikes. 4.5 lb trigger pull with decent wall and minimal creep.
  8. 2MoreChains


    Thanks! Handled a G48 today at the range. It felt good in the hand. Reason I asked: 8 rnds in the G43 w/ TTI +2 vs 10 rnds in G43X more or less same size package. Seems like a no-brainer to me.
  9. 2MoreChains


    Do you have a TTI +2 on your G43? If you do, curious how the length of the G43X grip compares to the G43 w/ the +2 TTI. Which one is longer?
  10. 2MoreChains

    CZ Shadow 2

    I exchanged the four springs and installed a CGW extended firing pin. GTG in my opinion.
  11. Started out using a 15 lb recoil spring, but after I added the RMR I needed the 18 lb spring for the gun to function 100%. I suspect that was because the gun was refinished after slide milling and needed some “break-in”. Now that I’ve got 3K-ish rounds post-RMR milling, I may be able to revert back to the 15 lb RS, but the 18 seems to be working just fine so not going to mess with it.
  12. Springer Precision makes a mag extension for the CZ P-09 (should be same mag as the P10F) that has a capacity of 23 rnds with a Grams follower/spring and fits the USPSA mag gauge (I measured). I’m using it with my P10C, but I have to be careful not to reload to it if I am at slide lock since there’s nothing to prevent overinsertion and bending the ejector. So typically my starter mag is the P-09 w/ SP basepad, then I reload to a P10C mag with the Shield Arms +5 extension (20 rnds). https://shop.springerprecision.com/Springer-Precision-CZ-P09-P07-P10C-EZ-140mm-base-pads-SP0316.htm
  13. I have a P10C that I’ve been shooting for the better part of a year now. I bought it to be a carry gun but shot it in Production for a few matches to get used to it and “break it in”. Mid summer I sent the slide off to be milled for an RMR and I’ve been shooting it in Carry Optics ever since. Despite having other guns for other divisions, I find myself continuing to shoot the CZ. The P10C’s trigger and ergonomics is what drew me to it. I handled one at 2017 Iron Nats and was impressed. I did a few things to mine that may or may not have been needed, but I like to tinker. CGW striker, CGW’s fix for the striker rotation, CGW’s guiderod and recoil spring, HBi trigger, and Apex comp mag release. And of course the RMR with co-witnessed iron sights since this is a carry gun. I haven’t shot the P10F or even handled one, but based on my experience with the P10C I’m sure it’ll do just fine, especially if you have big hands. Personally I’m waiting on the release of the P10S...
  14. Fair enough, but I spent $825 on the S2 (buying it used) and another $50 from CGW to re-spring it. For another $130 I can add hammer and disco (if I feel the need). But it may be good to go with just the stock hammer and disco, that’s why I want to shoot it before deciding. But consider also that I’ve re-sprung just about every gun that I shoot in USPSA... My first STI 2011, I replaced all the springs, replaced the beavertail (bc I don’t like the narrow scallop cuts that STI uses on the tang of their beavertail), and had a gunsmith fit an EGW hammer and sear. Ditto on all my STI 1911’s that I shoot in SS. On the two striker fired guns I compete with (G34 and P10C) I also changed out recoil spring, striker spring, striker, trigger shoe, guide rod, and sights. I think comp shooters are no different than a lot of car people. We like to tinker.
  15. I have one coming that should be at my FFL this week. My plan right now is to just re-spring the gun (main, recoil, TRS, ext firing pin and FP spring) then go shoot it a bunch. Comp hammer and disco from CGW if I feel like it needs it.
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