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  1. Hi Todd, please put me on the waitlist for 2 more boxes 9x19. Thanks!
  2. not funny! yeah, it is... - as we all know, you are what you eat. and Germans are the Wurst. (please clap)
  3. What do vegan zombies eat? grains...
  4. Hello Eric802. Plenty of matches in TX - welcome to the forum.
  5. Yes, what he said... I received my 10,000 pcs 9x19; the brass looks great and I haven't seen any .38's or .40's etc. mixed in. Also, communicating with Todd was very good.
  6. I get 23 reloadable into CZ factory mag bodies with Grams followers kit and Taran Butler extended base pads. Question: did anyone else have to sand the sides of the followers down a bit before the follower would go all the way to the top of the magazine? Mine were all a bit too wide.
  7. Bill, been looking for this all over the interwebs. Somehow lost the one you gave me a few years ago. Thanks!!
  8. Once met a girl with that name. Maserati Unique actually. No joke!
  9. 2018 Texas Steel Challenge Championship May 25 - 26 KELLC Ranch in Rosenberg, Texas Match is shot in half day flights. Multiple division entries possible. http://www.texassteelchallenge.com/ Match shirt can be ordered after registration.
  10. Agree. Shooting challenges you physically, your strategic thinking and your proficiency with your chosen instrument. It's a great, recreational martial art. Plus, spending a day a week or a few weekends per year away with 'shooting friends' is a great way to leave work and everything else behind for a while, hitting the reset button for the week to come. I don't know much about 'Zen' but there is a certain 'Germuetlichkeit' to the whole thing.
  11. Ein Prosit der Gemuetlichkeit!

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