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  1. I added the riser on 2 of my 510C GR sights mounted on 15-22's. I was finding that too often when I shouldered the rifle that the reticle was a little high in the glass. I could either fix me or the sights, I went with the sights. As mentioned, Primary Arms has the best deal and cheap shipping.
  2. I had always preferred the 66-5 to get the frame mounted firing pin and no lock. I found a great deal on a 66-7 and removed the lock and put in one of those plugs that a guy on the S&W forum was selling. The 66-7 turned out to be the most accurate of all my 66's and turned out to be my favorite. The old school S&W ladies hate the tension barrels and locks but it worked the best for me and that's all I care about for a competition gun.
  3. After my S3G would not reset in my AR-9 and I resolved that with a Hiperfire so when I got my MPX I went directly to the Eclipse and haven't looked back. I didn't even attempt the S3G in the MPX since Geissele warned against it.
  4. I have been hoping for a SD3G that worked in the MPX and they offer me a 2 stage trigger with a price gouge to boot. I'll pass. Never had a bit of issue with my Eclipse so I'm sticking where I'm at.
  5. Those are good firing pins. The 15-22 uses an inertia type firing pin, you will not have as good a hit with the Ti pin as you will with the stainless. The original type firing pins in the early 15-22 were Ti but they were not inertia type.
  6. Don't bother with the handguard. The stock handguard is about as light as you are going to get. You have to buy a steel barrel nut adapter to be able to install an AR-15 handguard so by the time you spend a bunch of money for the new handguard and the heavy barrel nut adapter you will likely just add weight for your trouble. Just be sure to buy the model with the m-lok handguard and not the quad rail version. PSA has your best deals. My 15-22 with Volquartsen barrel, STR stock, Tighten magwell and no optic is 4.1 lb. The stock is heavier than some but it has a great cheek weld and the weight is to the rear. The 15-22 just plain runs. It's only short coming is sometimes the firing pin but I'm working with a manufacturer right now to release a redesign that cures those few with problems. I see the guys on the range all the time begging their $1000 10-22's to run and they just jam. I shoved my 10-22 to the back of the safe and have been loving the 15-22 ever since.
  7. Chuck Thank you! I knew it had to be user error, that's what I was missing. Now I have to go apologize to Eugene for wasting his time.
  8. I weighed a few for you.. Stock CAR stock 7.11 oz ACS with a cheek-eez pad 15 oz STR stock 12.7 oz. The Magpull STR will give the same cheek weld area and is a little shorter and since it's a little lighter, probably the best way for you to go. The weight isn't very noticeable since it's so far back. My 15-22 with Volquartsen barrel, STR stock, Tighten magwell and no optic is 4.1 lb
  9. Thanks Zack. Eugene is looking into it now. I just didn't think I was the only guy using the default 8 stages on a Fire 8 tablet. I got curious and tried it out on my iPad and it does the same thing with iOS so it may be something with just my match, we'll see.
  10. I'm switching to tablets this weekend to regain some of the life I have been loosing entering match scores for our monthly match. Everything looks good and I have done a few practice matches on the tablets to test everything out. I have one small glitch that might be unique to Steel Challenge. For the match type I'm using the default Steel Challenge which automatically gives me the standard 8 stages, that is perfect. I downloaded the match from Practiscore to my master tablet using the match PIN and all is great until I want to update the master tablet with some new registrations as people signup. I pull the match down again from Practiscore with the PIN and the result is x number of new shooters and 8 new stages. The only choice I have is to apply changes which gives me the new shooters as expected but repeats the 8 stages so now I have 16 stages. I can fix by deleting the match from the master and pulling it down again but I know there is a better way of updating the tablet. Being completely new to the tablets I'm sure it has to be user error because I know Practiscore is better than that. What am I doing wrong?
  11. I use a Magpull ACS stock on all my 15-22 because of the wide cheek area afforded by the storage stock. The ACS-L has less room for a cheek weld so I stick with the standard ACS.
  12. I vote to leave the stages the way they are. I'm old, have crushed my spine earlier in life and have a crappy knee. I accept the challenge, I don't want it dumbed down to make me feel better. Practice and training will make me feel better about Outer Limits.
  13. Store it in the box the MPX came in and whenever you sell the MPX put the Timney back in so you can keep your Hiperfire.
  14. Despite the issues others have had and the warning from Starline, I have never had any issues with Starline 9mm brass in any of my 929 revolvers. I learned a long time ago running a 646 revolver to use a slower burning powder with a Ti cylinder if you wanted to be able to eject your empty moon clip. I'm convinced the slower burning powder is why I have not had any issues.
  15. So long as you have enough posts to cover you when they have an "all ammo starts on table" start. If you only had the server it would be bad.
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