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  1. I would go with the shorter lighter barrel given a choice.
  2. The recess in the 3 that I have measured .039, .040 and .041" I measured the rim of a Blazer cartridge and it was .040"
  3. I got my gauge today and it measures .0355 so if you have a depth gauge and the recess in your bolt measures anything over that you should be good to go.
  4. I spoke to them today and asked them if the AR-9 Match was the same as the AR-15 Match and they said it was not. He said the AR-9 has a stronger hammer spring to help out with the hard functioning of a blow back 9.
  5. I have not found that to be true in my example. I can run almost anything in mine including 95 gr loaded to 93 power factor in a mag loaded to 41 rounds and it cycles just fine. I would test yours out since it looks like they must vary in what they will run from what others report.
  6. Smoke Composites doesn't make a handguard for an MPX...….yet
  7. I would go with the 12.25" but I have short arms. I would figure out exactly where you grip the forearm and then just go a little extra, no need to have it any longer unless you want to mount lights or lasers on the end. Any longer than what you need and you are just paying more to add weight.
  8. I guess there must be a technical reason why C-more hasn't offered a green dot module. I can see green much better and would buy a good 6-8 moa reflex sight in a flash if someone made a quality one.
  9. Sometimes I find that the circle and the dot are a little too busy and switch to just the dot but it's a little tough to speed shoot with the 2 moa dot. I also shoot some steel matches with targets that are a little close together where the circle and the dot is just too much overlap but a large dot would be perfect, again having a tough time speed shooting steel with a 2 moa.
  10. I would give them more love if they would make a descent size dot. Look at what the open gun guys use, 6 and 8 moa C-mores, something guys like me with older eyes can see. I love my green 510 but it would be so much better with a 6 moa dot instead of the 2. It's just too small on bright summer days.
  11. So your CF handguard is 1/2 the weight of the new models and people are still changing out the trigger...what was it we were getting out of the new model? I remember now, a longer heavier barrel that we can change the comp on that may or may not have any real effect.
  12. I guess there is some comfort knowing that I'm not alone. I would be comforted a lot more if someone like Holosun would make the optic. The idea of stacking optics is interesting.
  13. If I could get a green 510 with a 6 min dot I would be soooo happy. For the times that I find the dot and circle are too busy the 2 min dot by itself is just too small for old eyes. The 510 with a 6 min dot would be very versatile for me.
  14. My friend that bought the new Competition model at the end of November just put in an Eclipse because he said the Timney that came in the Competition model wasn't near as nice as the Timney he bought for his Gen II MPX
  15. I went back through my old e-mail where I sent my friend the link to the new competition model, it wasn't Osage that he bought it from, it was interstateguns that had it and he bought it on November 25th.
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