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  1. I ended up putting the same Hogue grip sleeve on. It was a real fight to get it on but I know after a while it will stretch out. The grip was still too small so I just taped some pipe foam around the back to act as a filler to get an idea how much filler I need. I ordered a large M&P grip insert and will try to adapt it to the Axiom grip. What I have now with the foam works but isn't very eloquent.
  2. There are a lot of great gaming guns for PCC but with your need for the softest recoil the Sig MPX wins. My experience is the same as Nimitz, with a 95 grain load at 97 PF the gun runs perfect and will make you giggle at how soft it shoots.
  3. I decided to play around with a 10/22 for steel so I got an Axiom stock. The grip is a lot smaller than what I like so I was wondering if anyone had tried any grip sleeves on the Axiom and if so was the fit good enough on any of them. I wanted to get a larger diameter that would also move my finger away from the trigger some. I normally use the large Ergo tactical deluxe which if pretty fat.
  4. I'm going to assume you tore down the bolt and carrier assembly to make sure no trash from the old systems destruction made it into the firing pin channel?
  5. The forms your LGS received your Encore on would have said it was a rifle so it's a rifle, it left the factory as a rifle and left the distributor as a rifle.
  6. Anyone running a 507 on a pistol for Steel Challenge. I have never seen one in person and was wondering how they compared to a DeltaPoint Pro which I have. I like my 510 on my Steel Challenge rifles so I was wondering about the 507 on a pistol. I was worried that it mat be too small for speed shooting but like I said I have never seen one in real life. Thanks
  7. Maybe a little history on Steel Challenge would help. Here is the link to an interview with Jim O'Young, Around about the 23 min mark he explains the mindset of the RO's was to give you and everyone else whatever you needed to do your absolute best. Also, anyone that is already a NROI certified RO can take the additional instruction and test to add the SCSA endorsement to their RO status. Adding the endorsement helps with learning the rules specific to SCSA and will lead to a better understanding of the rules and will also give you the knowledge to be able to advocate for yourself if you happen to run into an RO that is less knowledgeable of the SCSA rules. There is no cost to add the endorsement just a little time well spent if you intend on pursuing more Steel Challenge shooting.
  8. I shoot at several different clubs and see this mindset a lot, I call it the "a la carte'' rulebook where you just pick the ones you like and ignore the rest. I personally think it's wrong to do so but you're not alone.
  9. You can get a lighter trigger pull with a lighter/faster hammer, no need for a hammer spur in Steel Challenge, USPSA or ICORE.
  10. That may be but you are supposed to keep the same cadence for the shooter you are running as called for by the rules. If they jump the timer you award the earned procedural. 5.3.3 "Stand by" This command should be followed by the start signal within 1 to 4 seconds. It is recommended that the start signal be consistent for each string started for a given competitor—a cadence is desirable in Steel Challenge. The interval may change between competitors, however.
  11. Try ditching the comp and just shoot regular ammo. The new AMG lab timers eliminate the need to make pistols or rifles louder since they pick up the shots just fine. The AMG even picks up my rifle with a suppressor. Never having to clean another .22 comp is an awesome thing.
  12. When is "OLD"? I have to keep changing my definition of that, I can remember when I thought that meant that you were 30. I made a last stab at GM before my upcoming shoulder surgery and made it today with 98.67%. That will hold till Jan 1 and then it will become 93.19%. After I get recovered and back to shooting again I will need to shave off another 1.5 seconds to re-earn it again. New goal in place even if it's a small one.
  13. Looking forward to seeing you add RFRI GM*2020 and congratulations on having eyes good enough to still see irons
  14. In USPSA your percentage floats with your performance on the classifiers. SCSA is like shooting 8 100% classifiers in USPSA that never fall off. SCSA fixes each stage percentage on the best you have ever done in your life. We already tend to be over classed as it is without dropping the PST. Until the times in these newer division stabilize I really think the classifications need to change when PST changes. There would be a few get their feelings hurt if they dropped from GM to something lower but their ego would just have to get over it. it's pointless to have the title without the performance to go with it. No incentive for someone that just barely made it into GM from a few years back attending a tier II or III match if the 2020 classified A class shooters are going to whip up on them.
  15. In most cases I never used to think that you should be able to go down but as fast as the rifle times are dropping I'm starting to think along the same thing as you stated. If you just made GM a few years back you would end up an A class shooter in 2020 and that's just not right. I will still try to constantly improve and try to shoot to the absolute best of my abilities but I don't want to have a title that I'm not qualified for. I guess we will have to put an asterisk next to our classifications, GM*2017, GM*2018, GM*2019, GM*2020
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