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  1. So we just had an Area 4 Steel Challenge Championship when there isn't any "Areas" WTF over.
  2. I see some stages that are posted that look interesting and fun. The problem with many of the ones posted is the different heights for the targets. The different heights are a problem due to inventory of 2x4's plus I see a lot of them that are short so that any misses would strike the bay floor and skip out of the range on hard packed ranges. I don't think additional stages would bring in any new shooters, it may satisfy the Outer Limits haters but as stated above, the young guns will burn down anything put up.
  3. I use the Peltor TEP-100. I have tried several in ear solutions and the TEP-100 have been the best for me. I use the Skull Screw foam tips to get the max rating. Peltor also makes an EEP-100 version that are green and come in a case that can charge the units with a USB cable but do not have a battery in the case to charge the plugs without a USB like the TEP-100 has. The EEP-100 is supposed to be the same otherwise and is much less expensive and may be worth checking out. These guys are good to deal with.. https://www.envirosafetyproducts.com/3m-peltor-eep-100-electronic-earplug-kit.html
  4. I have short arms and grabbing the front of the Axiom stock works just fine for me as well
  5. Maybe earned slots for clubs just like USPSA does for Nationals. It would be incentive for local clubs to run official matches.
  6. Exactly, I have found that if I angle S&H to the shooting box that we get too much splatter into adjacent bays. For safety I have to set it up parallel to the shooting box.
  7. Yep, you could have GM by your name along with 79%, ouch!
  8. If the clubs you are shooting at are SCSA affiliated you should have been classified your first match. Some clubs are really slow about posting scores and paying the fees. I hate having things on my "to do" list. At the shoot I run, I post the scores before pulling out of the range and pay the fees to SCSA an hour later when I get in front of my desktop. It's just not that hard. I don't see why some places try to make it hard, you took the money so do your dang job and get it turned in.
  9. Just 4 stages gets you a classification, easy enough to do before then.
  10. I run the lightweight VQ spring in all my Ruger pistols. VQ doesn't polish the rod they send and sometimes they feel like it's threaded. Chuck the rod up in your Dremel and polish it with successively finer grit paper until it's like a mirror. Buffing wheel after sanding would be nice.
  11. Use your Covid check to buy your rifle parts. Nothing feels better than to use the check for guns.
  12. I see in your layout that the closest plates in Showdown are marked 5 feet off center instead of 4 feet, has Showdown changed over the years?
  13. I'm using a Geissele SD-3G. Several others are using it as well. It has a full power hammer spring.
  14. That's a good looking rifle. Nothing wrong with a good 15-22 plus the 25 round mags work. Something to be said for not having to change mags every string, get in the groove and stay there.
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