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  1. I scrub pistol mags out with a mag cleaning brush and then use dry lube on them. I scrub them with dish washing soap and hot water. Using solvent would be pretty messy with a brush
  2. Hmmm, a 12 MOA dot is going to cover a little over 7 nickels wide at 50 yards, I think that chicken is pretty safe.
  3. I started playing around with the Wiland iron sights. Being old and blind I figured it would be a pretty good challenge. I wanted to be able to shoot with my head pretty much upright like I do with optics but with the lower sights I was having issues getting a comfortable sight picture. I lowered the butt stock tube about as low as it would go on the chassis and raised the sights up pretty high and was comfortable with the sight picture but then the butt plate was much too high on my shoulder so I fabricated an extension so I could lower the butt plate to a comfortable place on my shoulder. So
  4. Just combining several USPSA Nationals together causes a lot of difficulty for competitors wanting to shoot both. I would give you a higher chance of success if you leave out IDPA from the mix. I'm not bashing and have been an active competitor in it and many other sports. If you think you can resolve the problems between USPSA and IDPA types, you need to be elected to congress because getting it to work would be easier.
  5. I have some of both the dark and the clear but I have went to using the TK Double Kross magazine bodies. I bought a lot of the Ruger standard 10 round magazines and took all the guts out and put them in the TK double magazines. The TK double has been more reliable than my original Rugers and they are clear to keep you from making that mistake that most of us have done. One of our local guys was having a heck of a time with his Kidd gun not running and after he switched to the TK double he finally was able to get through a match without cussing the gun. https://www.tandemkross.com/Doubl
  6. The Tactical Innovations receivers come with charging handle assemblies. The charging handles are plenty strong and are made pretty much like everyone else's. The Magnum research bolts are drilled and tapped and they just bolt a knob to the side of the bolt. Also the MR bolts have an inertia type firing pin that leaves the face of the hammer and has to overcome the spring to get to the cartridge rim and can only strike the cartridge with its inertia energy. The Kidd firing pin is not reliant on inertia, it gets pounded into the cartridge keeping in contact with the hammer. I do not want an ine
  7. I just bought the sporter reamer from Brownells and took care of everyones barrels here locally. No wait and the reamer has paid for itself.
  8. I'm using a couple of left side charging Tactical Innovation receivers with Kidd trigger groups and Kidd bolts. https://www.tacticalinc.com/catalog/category/774/606/1943 I had bought a Magnum Research receiver but wasn't happy with the quality of the bolt and it was going to be too much trouble to replace their propitiatory bolt with another so I sold the whole thing. The one I sold the receiver to said the bolt was not the quality of his other MR bolts and got them to replace the bolt so I guess the QC at MR has had problems too. Another high level shooter that we all know sa
  9. I saw in Steve's post on Facebook that he cautioned about over tightening the clamp for the butt plate on the carbon fiber butt tube, it's easy to do since it is a powerful clamp. It doesn't need to be very tight, just snug it up. I took a piece of schedule 80 riser and shaved it down a little to fit inside the carbon tube. Now I can be silly and overtighten without causing any damage, it's just easier to not have to think Here is a picture of the insert..
  10. Yes, I used blue loctite on them and set them to where they didn't drag on the receiver so I could remove the receiver easily for cleaning. It would not bother me if those screws didn't exist since I'm not using them
  11. The 4 screws are meant to allow you to remove the trigger group without taking the receiver out of the chassis. The screws can be used to snug up against the pins of the receiver. I don't use the screws to remove the trigger, I always just yank the barreled receiver out and put it in a padded vice to clean, just easier for me.
  12. Yes, I use the stainless barrel. I'm also anxious to try the cheek riser
  13. The grip you copied is the one that comes with the chassis, it is a lot like the K2 grip, you will likely be happy with it.
  14. This is a shot of the top of the grip that comes with the chassis so you can see the slot that it rides in. One screw comes in from the top and the grip has a nut built in. Here are 2 shots of the adjustment range, all the way back and all the way forward. The adapter that Todd is working on to use a standard AR grip would just be a block that slides in the same slot. AR grips that have a big beaver tail would likely need to have it trimmed off some.
  15. Since many are posting their thoughts on the many different chassis systems available for the 10-22, I decided to share my initial experiences with the Wiland. This is how I have it setup presently. The chassis comes with a nice printed pistol grip but I wanted something a little different so I adapted a fat Ergo Deluxe to be pretty much zero angle. Todd is working on an adapter that will allow the use of other AR style grips but doesn't have it ready for sale yet. Being able to adjust the grip forward and back is an essential feature for me that not all chassis have
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