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  1. So long as you have enough posts to cover you when they have an "all ammo starts on table" start. If you only had the server it would be bad.
  2. The stainless ones I used were from way back (since I'm old). Glad to see they changed the blend they were using for stainless. I littered the ground with moon clips with the first stainless ones I tried with magnets.
  3. I made some custom inserts with magnets and a muzzle spud for the Hogue that worked great. I tried the DAA but with a less than perfect draw it would bind up, really ticked me off that a $200 holster required you to be perfect. I did some work for a guy that gave me a Guba Ribas holster because he couldn't figure it out. It really wasn't that hard to figure out, I found a video from them that was very helpful. It turned out to be the smoothest most secure factory holster that I have used that lets you have a bad twisting draw and still come out smooth. https://gugaribas.com.br/en/produto/gr-universal-holster-for-revolver-revo/
  4. What kind of moon clip holders do you have? Stainless clips don't work well with magnetic moon clip holders. Depending on the type of stainless they may have a little stick on a magnet but not enough for any hard charging.
  5. I have had a couple of barrels lead up really bad because I shot them fast enough to get them really hot. The worst barrel was a Volquartsen carbon fiber tension barrel, they have no vents in the carbon fiber shroud and there is an air gap between the barrel and the shroud so it's just like a thermos bottle keeping the barrel hot and the air gap isn't transferring the heat through to the shroud. The barrel leaded up so bad that you couldn't pass a .17 rod down the bore after shooting 500 rounds. The next 2 barrels I got wanted to lead up when they got hot too but it seems that after several milder shooting sessions followed by good cleaning that the barrels are actually getting better about not leading as bad when they get hot. Maybe your barrel; will get better after several rounds of cleaning and shooting too. I think that the thin tension barrels must heat up faster than the standard barrels because I have never had leading problems with regular barrels even after abusing them so bad that you need to pour water on them to cool down.
  6. They have been known to have the nut on the end of the barrel that tensions the barrel against the sleeve come loose, it's glued in place and with heat can come loose. Also make sure the barrel didn't lead up.
  7. I have a couple of these on AK's pretty decent trigger on an AK https://algdefense.com/akt-ul.html
  8. One of the requirements to being a revolver shooter is you must have a sense of humor.
  9. I have been running the Ibejihead 124 as well, good stuff, accurate and I'm not getting any leading in the comp.
  10. IDPA will not make you a better USPSA shooter. Shooting USPSA will make you a better IDPA shooter. As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, shoot Steel Challenge to increase your accuracy at speed.
  11. I'm running .356 Ibejihead bullets in my MPX. I have not seen anything short or tight in my MPX chamber. My PSA is stupid short but not my MPX. The old school of thought is .355 for hard jacket bullets and .001 over for lead. Tight is better than loose. Some of the PPC shooters run a .355 barrel with .358 bullets for the best accuracy. Try them in your gun and see how it patterns. My revolvers ran cleaner with larger diameter bullets. If you can make an MPX shoot cleaner and have to clean it less then it would be time well spent testing.
  12. Sure they are The last time I talked to them they told me December (2018) then I heard January. I have an RTS2 arriving tomorrow since I need something now. I wish they would make something in green that has an option for a 6 or 8 dot in the center. I like the 510 green but there are times when I need just a dot and the 510's dot is too small for me.
  13. After I get done torqueing it down with a properly fitting ground screwdriver, it's not coming loose. I have seen them come loose when someone uses a crappy screwdriver that should not make it out of the kitchen drawer. Also in a factory gun plus there is nothing performance from the Performance Center. Torque it good with a ground screwdriver and check the job S&W did when they sent it out.
  14. When I switched from iron to optic on a 22/45 this made it a lot easier. It may look strange but I never had to hunt the dot. https://striplincustom.com/collections/our-products/products/90-degree-c-more-mount-for-ruger-mk-iii-and-mk-iii-22-45 I have since switched to a 7.5 Delta Point, mounts real low too.
  15. No problem with the coating at all, great bullets. I'm using BE-86 powder.
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