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  1. I have a 3' piece of solid aluminum rod that is a little smaller than the ID of the sleeve. I got the rod off of Ebay for another project making moon clip carriers. With the action out of the stock I put the back of the receiver on a pad on the floor with the barrel strait up. I work the rod up and down the sleeve trying to hold it to the sides and scrape off any accumulation. You have to tip the muzzle down every once in a while to dump out the scrapping. I've gotten pretty good at it and being able to feel where to scrape. A 12 ga brush on a rod with a drill and some Hoppe's cleaner if you w
  2. I was going to do the same with my Rydon glasses but just the lenses for the Rydon's are within $10 of having HG complete glasses so I switched to getting their complete glasses rather than just lenses for the Rudy. The Rudy can be the backup glasses.
  3. To run my monthly match I bought 4 AMG timers and 5 Amazon Fire tablets. I have been very happy with the Fire tablets. They are way better than the iPads at another club, especially if it is hot outside. The latest updates to Practiscore have made the tablets even more reliable. The 8" Fire often goes on sale for $50. The Fire tablet is easy to see and keeps going in the heat.
  4. It will be a happy day when everyone gets on board and uses the AMG timer. The AMG picks up a suppressed 22 rifle shooting SV ammunition and has zero problems with an un-compensated pistol. For my match I supply AMG timers paired to tablets for every stage. If my little rinky dink match can do it, everyone can do it. Get with the program.
  5. Fixed it for ya. The compensator will give your hours of entertainment constantly having to clean it out if you enjoy that kind of torture.
  6. So the stop plate is scored as a miss but it's not scored as a miss on a stop plate, that's pretty clear. I never thought that something as simple to score as Steel Challenge could be made so complicated. Thankfully is usually pretty simple and if it gets hard you're not winning anything anyway.
  7. That 38 grain Blazer is real garbage. It's too bad they messed up the Blazer name with that junk. It's neck and neck with Thunderbolts for the low quality. The 40 grain Blazer in the 50 round boxes has been great stuff for me but never again will I buy the 38 bulk Blazer. I opened up the chamber of my Magnum Research barrel using a finish reamer for a standard sporting chamber, it still shoots dime size groups at 20 yards using a plastic barrel for a rest, 38 grain HP Aguila and a red dot on a red sticky paster with old eyes, plenty good enough for steel. 600 rounds with no cleaning is not a p
  8. The proper procedure wasn't followed so one would think a procedural would be issued.
  9. Same thought I was having, if those 3 plates are misses and one of them is the stop plate seems like a time of 30 is appropriate.
  10. The specs on the WistlePig say about an ounce per inch so one of their barrels Is going to be at least 16 ounces. The Wiland barrel is 11 oz which is much lighter. http://wilandusa.com/416-stainless-10-22-llw-barrel-w-comp-cut-22lr-sporter-chamber-6875-precision-slip-fit-tenon-diameter/
  11. I have shot tons of the 40 gr Blazer that comes in the 50 round boxes. The 38 gr bulk pack Blazer is garbage, it's probably some reject Federal that they are branding Blazer. The last box of that garbage I took to the range had at least 10 primed cases in the box with no powder or lead. No quality control. I love the regular 40 grain Blazer but I'll never buy any of the bulk 38 grain again. My Wiland LLW barrel groups very nicely with the 40 grain Blazer. Todd at Wiland has excellent service, he will get you fixed up.
  12. OK, I know AZ doesn't do daylight savings but how many Wednesdays are in a week in Tucson?
  13. Nimitz, why do you want to leave us in suspense?
  14. Maybe they started grinding the notch on both sides of the pin so nobody would have to pay attention
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