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  1. Gregg K

    New Sig MPX ?

    If I had back all the time, money and ammo I blew trying to make my AR-9 as good as my MPX I could of had another MPX. Same thing here, if I had it do over I would have never looked at an AR-9, it initially looked to be the cheaper route, it wasn't.
  2. Gregg K


    The details are in the thread about an MBX barrel that got closed since it turned into a customer service discussion.
  3. Gregg K

    Rearward Blast on Venom 9mm Comp?

    Better to learn by watching. Hand stops are good things.
  4. Gregg K

    Rearward Blast on Venom 9mm Comp?

    Not in the same ballpark pressure wise but I can tell you that you don't want your fingers around a .223 comps side vents.
  5. Gregg K

    Manufacturers of 38 Short Colt Brass

    Another factor may be the reason for my long case life is that I size with a U die so the bullet is held tight and only crimp .001 to .0015 so I'm not working the case mouth much at all.
  6. Gregg K

    New Sig MPX ?

    I'm at 12K through it now and it still runs everything. It even runs 93 PF 95 grain loads for steel as well as 124 grain loads at 145 PF. The trigger is the only thing I changed that could change cycling, I have a Hiperfire Eclipse. I do clean it very well every 1K or so including the gas system in an ultrasonic. The 308 AR chamber brush works well for cleaning out the crud in the locking lugs.
  7. Gregg K

    Opening Mpx gas port

    I would run a few thousand through it before making any changes. My gen II runs fine on 93 PF loads. I would take everything apart including the gas system and give it a good scrubbing out and try again. I run a medium powder, BE-86
  8. Gregg K

    Maglula for Sig MPX

    This is the one that I was wondering how it would work without the table, seems like it would be a little tough working it out of a range bag. I have the LULA and it's great working out of a range bag.
  9. Gregg K

    Maglula for Sig MPX

    How well is this going to work at the range with no table?
  10. Gregg K

    A few funny quotes i pick up off the range...

    While shooting a Steel Challenge stage the RO comments "Man, that was a great reload"
  11. Gregg K

    PCC Mag Well?

    I picked up a TTI for my MPX because there was no way that I was going to pay $120 for a printed magwell from the other guys.
  12. Gregg K

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    Very much so for me, I pick up the green much quicker but then my eyes aren't what they used to be.
  13. Gregg K

    Manufacturers of 38 Short Colt Brass

    In all the years that I have shot and reloaded the same Starline 38 Short Colt brass I have never split a case. I'm wondering if you might be overworking the brass by belling it out a little too much. I adjust my press so that it only flares out the case mouth just enough to get the bullet in and seated without shaving any lead. It's possible that you got a bad batch but trying to consider other factors too. After Bayou changed their coating way back I started getting lead and coating streaks in my barrels, Donnie said he had to switch since he was having too hard a time with the supply of his old coating. I switched over to Ibejihead bullets and they have great accuracy and run clean. Alex at Ibejihead is a great guy and fills orders quickly. The bullets are also about 1 cent cheaper too. The prices listed on his web site include shipping. https://www.ibejiheads.com
  14. Gregg K

    Experiences with the Holosun LS177G?

    Did you mean LS117G?
  15. Gregg K

    holo 510C or MRO

    For sure. You would not want any reflex sight with an exposed emitter for a battle rifle, Snow, mud rain can really mess with the open types. I'm waiting for the new HE512 to come out which should be good competition for the Leupold LCO.