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  1. The specs on the WistlePig say about an ounce per inch so one of their barrels Is going to be at least 16 ounces. The Wiland barrel is 11 oz which is much lighter. http://wilandusa.com/416-stainless-10-22-llw-barrel-w-comp-cut-22lr-sporter-chamber-6875-precision-slip-fit-tenon-diameter/
  2. I have shot tons of the 40 gr Blazer that comes in the 50 round boxes. The 38 gr bulk pack Blazer is garbage, it's probably some reject Federal that they are branding Blazer. The last box of that garbage I took to the range had at least 10 primed cases in the box with no powder or lead. No quality control. I love the regular 40 grain Blazer but I'll never buy any of the bulk 38 grain again. My Wiland LLW barrel groups very nicely with the 40 grain Blazer. Todd at Wiland has excellent service, he will get you fixed up.
  3. From Magnum Research?
  4. OK, I know AZ doesn't do daylight savings but how many Wednesdays are in a week in Tucson?
  5. Nimitz, why do you want to leave us in suspense?
  6. Maybe they started grinding the notch on both sides of the pin so nobody would have to pay attention
  7. Did you ever check the orientation of your cam pin?
  8. Do you have the 2 dots lined up on the bolt cam pin?
  9. I thought that Cliff and the hot tub was back
  10. The push mode works fine in my Fire 8 tablets and I have used it for practice but wouldn't use it in a match. I set the sensitivity up enough for a .22 rifle with no comp and SV ammo so when you rack the bolt or change a mag the timer hears that and adds it to the previous run. It doesn't stop recording what it hears until the next beep and starts over again. It's much better to have the scorekeeper pull the time after the stop plate is hit.
  11. I thought that everyone used the heavy springs since they give the lightest trigger pull. Do you like a higher trigger pull?
  12. This is part of what made revolver fun, beat the autoloaders with a round gun.
  13. Some of the test I ran looking to find the fastest gun to shoot I ran a full lug 686 against my 66 and on the 90 round classifier the 66 was usually 10 seconds faster than the full lug 686. When they came out with the 686 SSR gun with the reduced lug the 686 faired much better but was still averaging 3-5 seconds slower than the 66 but it was much better which points to weight being a factor. Like you pointed out you really don't need any weight to manage 105 PF. It is easy to make a mess out of things in SSR on the reloads if you don't stay 100% focused. When I would switch between ESR and SSR I would find myself messing up the SSR if I had been shooting ESR for a bit. I determined that my moon clipped guns let me get lazy on the reloads. It is nice to have people pick up all your brass and hand it to you in moon clips provided they don't stomp the clip in the ground. To stay consistent and focused I had to stay away from the moon clipped guns if I was going to be shooting SSR. If you keep an angled pair of needle nose pliers in your silly vest pocket you will never get a round under the extractor I have an old video somewhere of me shooting a stage at the Nationals with my SSR gun and of another shooter that was an accomplished Revo shooter using a 625. The difference in the shot cadence between the 2 guns was pretty dramatic. I miss shooting my revolvers. I may be able to get back to them but I don't see me ever returning to IDPA.
  14. That was at the last competition where the divisions were still split, I was shooting ESR at the time. I was shooting a lot of USPSA at the time so ESR made since. After they combined Revo all wins and top finishers were using using SSR guns. I don't know what's been going on Nationally the past few years since I have been fighting nerve issues in my right arm that have prevented me from being able to pull a revolver trigger. With the relatively low participation in revolver a guy could come along and win using an ESR gun but it would be a tough fight if anyone shows up that can run an SSR gun. SSR at 105 is so silly it's like shooting airsoft.
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