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  1. I tried one a long time back with walnut media (not wet) and it was mediocre. You will have to find a way to make the aluminum cylinder watertight as it is not as built.
  2. Thanks for pointers to pics. Nice work there. Steven
  3. Now I find the motherload of tumbler drums, http://www.govliquidation.com/auction/view?auctionId=9372319&convertTo=USD
  4. Jmorris I did see your designs when I was researching. The dual drum big sucker was impressive. It was easier for me to find a motor and gear it down via pulleys than find/buy a geared motor like yours.
  5. Many thanks for your help. I have been worried about this all week. The 8" was purposefully designed for 1K batchs of 308 and 30-06. I will cut to 18". I have 20# of pins so I will make sure not to exceed that in brass weight. (Thanks for that pointer). I have some 6" I am going to make into smaller drums for pistol but I can get multiple drums on tumbler with them. Again thanks and I knew I should have just asked this community first. Seven
  6. All: I have followed bigdawgs designs and have read through mounds of postings here and on other sites. I always saw the diameter of the pipe mentioned but never the lengths. It also mentioned volume of water but not whether that was empty or loaded with brass and pins. So I have a question, When deciding on the length of the pvc pipe do you leave any headroom for water or just fill to top and water in and around brass is enough? I put 1500 308 cases in an 8 inch pvc and it was 18" deep. Is that good enough or should I add 4 inches for headspace? Thanks, Steven
  7. I did that once and now never tumble deprimed brass. For that one time I took a blower on the air compressor and blew them oout. Steven
  8. Ahhhh but the evil that lurks behind the wall is that you will shot 2 or 3 times as many now so the realized cost savings ins a wash or worse none LOL
  9. LOL The first image that went through my mind was pulling the handle on my dillon while behind a barricade.. Sometimes the brain cells don't align properly and I have to jar them back into place Steven
  10. Would this be the Ultra High Strength Preformed Panels your referring to? Pretty amazing stuff. They resist blast and failure in shear amazingly well for concrete. These puppies can run up to 30-40 PSI strength. Add a couple of post tensioned cables in it and it will almost bend like steel. Steven
  11. Agreed on the movie ( I won it as well) and agree on the best line from the movie. My daughter waits for that line everytime we watch it. Steven
  12. Just go over and do a demo for him. Of course when it opens just pocket the contents and head for the door.
  13. Well I usually shoot a blast of one shot in the die to make cleaning easier. but.... *SLAPS FOREHEAD* Using a bore snake
  14. While technically the computer is provided by work and for work it is assiged to me as a laptop for use. While porn and such are verboten my job actually requires a certain amount of surfing the web for product info and supplier searches. Since it is going to be connected to the internet, since it is behind a firewall, since it is required to run an anti-virus software with weekly full scans, since it is managed by a IT group, and since the exchange servers are filtered, since all pages active content is denied...... I think it is pretty safe and the OMG yoour gonna infect the world attitude is less than sincere. Ironically the BAD WORD filter stops many pages. Especially firearms,knives,explosives,etc. etc. Ironic part is my job is to develop and test weapon systems. Most of the time I am looking for a supplier or MSDS sheets etc I get blocked. There is a procedure to request 1fer unblocks but the lameo IT folks take 3 weeks to process and when they have to reboot the firewall machine once / week to keep windows stable they forget to reload the firewall exceptions. Of course you now have to call the braindead help desk and provide port numbers and exception request numbers to get it reinstated in 2 days. Especially entertaining is when you have to spell KERBEROS (Major encryption package) to them. Sighhhhhhh there a much more expanded hate rant. Now I don't want to hear about thou should only touch the machine for work line. Steven
  15. I hate being at work and aving a little downtime to look at forums. Being able to see Benos world. ARGHHHHHHHHH not being able to reply to any posts because I get denied by the filter. Stupid Stupid Stupid. And they wonder why folks go postal. And before I get a smart remark... Yes I am at home now.
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