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  1. Dang sd624 Do you fill that powder measure 2nd from the end off a ladder or something ?
  2. Don't know if I am being Captain Obvious or not but here goes.. I recently was having problems with lube buildup in the seating and crimp dies. I know I know use jacketed. On a whim I tried a spritz of One-Shot in each die every 200-300 rounds. I just checked them out after 3K rounds and no lube buildup to talk of. A little on the seater plug but nothing that would affect OAL and zilch on the crimp die. Just thought I would pass it along. Steven.
  3. Keep um coming. I am thinking of combining these into a single digest post. Steven
  4. Ahhhhhhh! Heh I was close You have that on your wall why?
  5. Rocket35 What does it say o nthe tgt on the wall. all I thought I made out was Pine tree Pistol clean with 2005 Maybe a closeup of the tgt.
  6. I like the red dot sight on the hood idea. I might have to implement that
  7. YOU KNOW YOU'RE A SHOOTER WHEN... ...you spend more on ammunition than on groceries (easier to do than you think!) ...you think a mortgage is a terrible waste of shooting money. ...people automatically phone you at the gun dealer's before bothering to call you at home. ...you go to the match site anyway on a rainy day just to bitch about the weather. …the smell of bug spray reminds you of summer matches. …you go to divorce court and are willing to give up everything except your reloading equipment and used brass. …you don't remember your anniversary or your mother's birthday, but you know what your match scores have been for the past two and a half years. …your business suits have oversized belt loops. …you can't imagine anybody going on vacation without their range bag. …tan is your favorite color. …you refer to your girlfriend dumping you as a "DQ." …your gun costs more than your car. …you forget to lower your voice when talking to your non-shooting friends. …you know to the foot how many yards it is from your driveway to the range. ...you're named "co-defendant" in your UPS guy's Workman's Comp case. ...you find yourself carting a wagon with a cooler and range bag around with you everywhere you go. ...you double tap the shutter button on your camera when you take a picture. ...your gun shop charges you rent. ...you yell "shooter ready!" while standing in front of a urinal. ...the first number on your phone speed-dialer is to Dillon Precision. ...you won't buy a sports car because there's no room in the trunk for your range gear. ...what everyone thinks is your aftershave is really Hoppe's #9. ...you have no clean towels but your black BDU's are dry-cleaned every week. ...you practice dry-firing in front of your TV during "The Muppets" and "The Simpsons" because primary colors are easier to see.
  8. Should I tell him I already own a copy and it has a place of honor in the library. You know the one where it is quite and calm. Relaxing enough so one can actually contemplate what they are reading. The library where no one or nothing disturbs you, at least until you flush PS. Don't worry Steve... Brian and Matts books are there as well. Now if I could only hook up an LCD and a dvd player
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