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  1. I'm a refugee from Illinois...welcome!
  2. It's not a necessity, for sure, but IMO it's a good idea for a competition gun. I shoot a 92fs and I've had stages where I left the safety on after holstering at make ready, which makes that first shot a little awkward. I've also had a couple occasions where I've run the gun dry and accidentally put the safety on when I racked the slide after reload. The G conversion is one of those things on my to-do list.
  3. Eric802


    That seems to be pretty much what it boils down to, yeah. And these blanket comments about "legal liability" are baseless. There are all kinds of issues that go into it, like assumption of risk, duty, foreseeability, etc. Putting a note in the matchbook or a sign at the entrance to the bay saying "Bay X is designated for live fire function testing; no supervision is provided, use at your own risk" would probably mitigate a lot of potential liability. As has been noted, this has apparently been going on pretty regularly at various level II and III matches, so it's not like we're getting in to cutting edge legal issues here.
  4. They appear to be on Magnum's website right now...https://magnumshooterssupply.com/OKO-Red-Dot-Reflex-Sights_c18.htm I have one that's probably close to 20 years old that I dug out recently to put on a 9mm PCC build; fired right up and works great.
  5. "Supersonic blast" is, well, something I haven't heard of in 40+ years of shooting. And I can't imagine how it would have any effect on perceived recoil. Unless you're downrange or using a suppressor, any sonic crack is (to me) audibly indistinguishable from the sound of the primer/powder going off.
  6. I was wondering what happened on that classifier...
  7. How's this - last weekend I ran test loads over a chronograph for 145gr Acme's using AA2. Charge weights ranged from 3.2 - 3.6 grains. 5-shot groups. The spread in the average MV between the mildest and hottest load was only 50fps. So if you're loading at 3.4 (which is what I settled on, based on desired power factor), I could be off by .2 grains either direction and I know it's safe AND makes minimum PF.
  8. Yes, I'll make adjustments until I get 10 throws that fall into the 33.9-34.1 range. I'm using an RCBS dispenser and there's only so much fiddling I'm looking to do. Depends on what powder I'm using as well - right now I'm on AA2 which is like dust, so it seems to meter very consistently.
  9. Same. If I'm shooting for 3.4gr and my total for 10 is 33.9-34.1, I'm happy.
  10. Are we going to continue to play the not-very-educational guessing game about what this guy did wrong?
  11. This. To paraphrase, “All that is required for attention to safety rules to slip, is for those who are tasked with enforcing those rules to ignore them.” You signed up to enforce USPSA rules. Do it or retire; your attitude is disgusting. As to the video, I saw the shooter look up as he turned down range. Didn’t see him getting a “sight picture” or anything definitive. If he turned on the dot when he unbagged, DQ. Based solely on the video - no DQ.
  12. Well, that little "lacks one sentence" is kind of a big deal when you're talking about creating a new division. And (rules being rules) "literally" is how they're supposed to be read.
  13. You could do that, but I think you’d be better served by rinsing it and (after it’s dry) tossing it in the vibratory tumbler for an hour it so. The tumbling will get the grit off that might end up scratching your cases up. Or just skip the rinsing and tumble for a couple hours. You won’t have “wet tumble with pins” shiny bling clean, but you’ll have “not going to scratch my dies up-clean enough” clean.
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