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  1. Especially true with PSA...I love the company and the balance they’ve hit in quality and price, but some of their offerings have been known to have problems in the first gen.
  2. A couple weeks after my first match, I was re-reading the rules and discovered that I’d worn my mags in an illegal position (shooting Production, had them in front of my hip bones). No one at the match said a word, and I wish someone had. Didn’t make a bit of difference, I sucked and would have no matter where I wore the mags. If you’re shooting a USPSA match, you should follow USPSA rules; what’s more, you should WANT to follow them, and want to be corrected if you screw it up. Leading up up to that first match I’d read the rules, but had been more focused on which of my pistols
  3. That's the range in Bells, right? If that's in your area, try the Collin County UPSPA matches at the Mission 160 range.
  4. My first match was in October. Finished 56/63 overall, 13/13 in Production. Managed a 6.506 HF on the classifier; the other stages were in the high 2's, low 3's. Based on that and the classifier from my second match in November, I'm trending in the low-C area for a classification.
  5. $350 for the "upgraded" model with threaded barrel, RMR cut, and suppressor-height sights. Dang.
  6. While I (unlike Scooter) kind of like the endomags, it is damn near impossible to seat a full mag with the bolt forward. I have a Foxtrot Mike upper and bolt, and in my brief experimenting I found that I had to download to 15 rounds to seat it with what I'd consider "normal" force. I don't want to screw around with a brace, I see no point in a 16"+ 9mm barrel, and my SBR'd lower is 5.56, so the endomags are a solution for me. I can see why they wouldn't be particularly suitable for PCC competition, though. Might still try it sometime.
  7. I asked on another board because that headstamp is a new one to me; apparently it's Latvian. Got this link in response to my question: https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org/t/headstamp-info-wanted-of-new-latvian-company-vairog/27643
  8. Speculation on another site is that the upper isn't modified at all, but the barrel extension is - something that protrudes farther than normal into the upper and hits that nub above the boltface.
  9. That's what I do. Grab a couple used dryer sheets, tear them into strips, and drop in it. They come out pretty dark, so they're clearly grabbing a lot of dirt and dust.
  10. Is it just the bolt, or does it require a proprietary upper? Nothing on the MEAN website yet, I assume this is a SHOT show release.
  11. For 9mm I have a good stash of factory boxes to store reloads. I just put a tape label on the box so I know what's in it. Boxes go into an ammo can for storage. .223 plinking/general purpose ammo goes straight into a .30 Cal ammo can. ETA: I doubt there are too many other FOB fans here, glad I'm not totally alone.
  12. True. I had to download mine to around half capacity before it was practical to seat with a closed bolt.
  13. Yeah, I'd be pretty happy with those as well. You must just be overthinking it when you're practicing at home.
  14. Compete with a 92fs. Usually carry a Hi-Power, sometimes a Ruger LCP, occasionally a G19.
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