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  1. Bumping the mag limit to, say 15, or just instituting a mag length limit for Production would essentially create a “no optic/optic” division with Production and CO. Two minor-only divisions. Limited and Open would basically be the same thing for major scoring. That “makes sense” to me, but opinions will vary.
  2. I think B_RAD’s point is that “makes sense” is subjective. What makes sense to me may be ridiculous to someone else.
  3. No modifications allowed? Springs, sights, grips, mag releases, nothing?
  4. I was listening to a podcast from Stoeger a week or two back; I think it was an older one, but not sure how old. He was talking about the 10 round restrictions and mentioned shooting a match in California and everyone just magically had full-capacity mags for Open.
  5. Regardless of how you define anything, Production is a division where a new shooter can show up and use the equipment they have. The gun, and the mags that came with it. If the word “use” bothers you because it’s not “use at full capacity“, well, ok.
  6. Sorry, I guess I wasn’t aware that your factory mags ONLY run if filled to capacity. Mine work just fine downloaded to 10 so I’ve done just fine “running what I have”.
  7. What does loading mags to full capacity have to do with "running what you have"? You have factory mags - you load 10 rounds into them. Don't need to buy different mags or +2 baseplates or any of that stuff.
  8. To me (entry-level shooter) Production is indeed the entry-level division. You can run what you have and there's no scoring disadvantage since it's all minor. Will you be competitive with your stock, or mostly stock, gun? No, but not because of the gun. You could give me JJ Racaza's gun and I wouldn't be competitive. To me, CO is also somewhat an "entry level" division because, although the optic adds cost, a lot of people are putting them on their carry guns anyway. It's still a "run what you got" division. The rules allow some modifications, sure, but for the most part (springs, larger
  9. I haven't noticed any real differences with Blazer when priming or loading cases; might just be coincidence that you were loading up a run of Blazer brass when the spring broke?
  10. I'd suggest that you get to the point where you're shooting in the 70's with all 14 clubs first, then figure out which club you want to solo with.
  11. I appreciate the replies. There are certainly better uses for the matchbook than I had considered.
  12. Thanks for the replies, everyone. Mike, what you're saying makes perfect sense. I'll make an effort to look at the stage plan but not plan my stages based on it.
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