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  1. Join us for the Pelican State Armory Mississippi CQB Championship Hattiesburg Ms at the Brothers N Arms Range. https://practiscore.com/2020-pelican-state-armory-ms-cqb-state-championship/register
  2. Been through the same issue. One of the simplest thing you can do is check what brand case did the malfunction so sorting brass can be a start, 2nd tune the ejection. And If all else fails change the mount all together to a offset or a 45 mount.
  3. Very valuable info, thanks a lot! I looked up the tsa for the CBT4457 and a lot came up to read, can I also bring ammo or do I need to buy in that country? Reason I ask is because I shoot 9 major
  4. No where in particular, thanks for the suggestions! I will look into those they seem pretty fun!
  5. So far what I have research is if you have a firearms permit or evidence that the firearm is indeed yours before leaving the U.S "with filling out paperwork for the other country obviously " you can transport to some countries "or state to state within country" with proper paperwork and that deed for firearms ownership from what I'm hearing is almost like gold. I'm looking on going on vacation next year to Australia, both shooting a ipsc match and visiting that country been on my bucket list for sometime now so why not do both [emoji23].
  6. Sounds good! I very much appreciate your time for explaining this info to me, I will start looking to scheduling something around a vacation.
  7. Yeah !that's what I'm going for! I been doing research on ipsc.org , what concerns me the most the system on how to atleast get into a match and transport my pistols without problems.
  8. Anyone out there know how can I compete international tournaments "IPSC"? Plans to travel out country next year and always been on my bucket list. Can anyone give the run down on where to start? Like how to get a classified process, and how to travel with my pistols "preferably Australia"?
  9. To each is its own, can't really blame a person for admiring the beauty of a firearm. if that what you guys like I'd say go for it. Everyone has their own unique taste in fire arms. Some folks will say you probably not going to use that firearm to its full potential because your not a competitive shooter, don't listen to them. Your the one buying.
  10. Wow! Sorry to hear that TobyJ, would you say using a stationary mount would take care of it a little better? And besides having the glass trouble was their any point you lost zero? Sent from my KFGIWI using Tapatalk
  11. It's good to hear positive things about it from you guys! it makes me feel more confident on running one of these. Thanks for the input!
  12. Hi all, I just received a vortex venom as a gift. I would like to use it on my open 2011. I would like to see some insight from other shooters that have ran these because I question the durability of the item. it's more about trying to make a person happy that I'm using something they gave me. I googled all kind of different phrases and that's all I can get is what mount line up with the holes lol! Hoping to here something positive. I appreciate your input and thanks in advance for your time!
  13. 5 grains of cfe with 115 or 124 grain projectile and a 1.10 oal works with all my production guns for regular weekend plinking
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