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  1. Pretty much same as limited USPSA... trigger, magwell, mag extensions (max 140mm) maybe solid guide rod .. Holster can be race holster but most I have seen use Kydex with very good retention... seem to many pistols pop out while running with shotgun or rifle ..
  2. Well so far so good.. I have fired about 200 rounds with no issues at all. I am thinking it is all good.. if that changes will update here. Going to shoot uspsa beginning of December so guess that will be a good test . Will have the stock 6-9lb trigger ? with me just in case ..
  3. So basically they said if it works with the bolt or combo you have your good?
  4. Ok ... had the day off so went out back to give it a test run. Fired some singles and worked my way up to check for hammer follow, doubles or worse .. no issues at all!! Tested about 100 rounds. Had to wrap it up to work on Honey do list stuff will inspect hammer for any signs of improper wear little later .. MAN I LOVE THIS GUN!! It's a blast to shoot ..
  5. I have just read some stuff about the blow back style of the PCC will beat up some triggers and just curious if the CMC will hold up. I swapped it out this evening and was going to give it a run tomorrow just don't want to tear it up.
  6. I am new to PCC just put together a PSA upper with a New Frontier lower . Took it out last weekend after test firing 20 rounds to see if load was going to function to local steel match and it ran like a top with no issues at all!!! Very happy with the gun other than the trigger . I have an extra CMC 3.5lb flat trigger and was thinking of putting it in and giving it a try. I have read some here and it seems that the Hyperfire 24c seems to be the way to go just don't have the funds to buy one right now . Anyone running CMC drop in? Any issues ? Thanks
  7. Same here ... 180 bayou with 4.0 titegroup loaded a hair long for STI
  8. Ok ... I think I will try putting tension on the rear of the case with my modified screw driver while pulling out and try to tap from the muzzle a little harder . Man I hope this works it's driving me nuts!!!
  9. Well I hate to compress the powder for 2 reasons.. One if it compresses to much won't it flare the case out even more ? And second just afraid of kaboom!! I
  10. I like n320 for .40 major and 9mm minor with bayou bullets in both
  11. Update... Tried to very lightly tap out with cleaning rod I mean very lightly so that didn't set bullet back in case .. No luck Put in freezer for about 6 hours and tried to pull out with a modified screwdriver that I bent the very end of to grab a hold of the rim of the case No luck next thinking of putting bcg back in and see if I can drop it and fire round out. Guess since case lip is ripped out where extractor is if it doesn't go bang can just try again !!! This is really getting very frustrating.
  12. Did you have to really beat it out or just a light tap did the trick? No worries about bullet setting back to far and compressing powder ??
  13. Well ... My routine for loading .223 is resize and deprime trim de-burr and clean primer pockets load case gauge (and they pass ) BUT I started crimping with a lee fcd on a single stage and wondering if that has something to do with it... BUT the rounds I shot today were pre crimp rounds that I have shit hundreds of out of a stag 3G chamber should have been clean it was brand new...
  14. Ok so I have shot hundreds of reloaded .223 rounds and just started having problems with the case/ round getting stuck in the chamber. Pull the trigger firing pin drops but doesn't go off so I try to rack out and have to battle ram the thing to get it to eject. Anyways for some dump reason I try to fire a few out of a new AR and it happens again!!! But this time I get the bcg back but now the live round is jammed in the chamber!!!! Sooooo now what to do??? I thought about taking a cleaning rod and trying to tap it out from the muzzle but that just creeps me out! I was able to get the lower off and bcg out and left it along until I could think of a safe way to try and get it out or hope to get some suggestions here.. Thanks for any advice from anyone who may have had this issue at one time or another.
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