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  1. Ill take the 1911 Ghost holster and hanger you have for sale in Classifieds.


    PM me with Pay Pal


    I have a match tomorrow so Ill check before I leave in the morning....back late(ish) afternoon

  2. Pretty much same as limited USPSA... trigger, magwell, mag extensions (max 140mm) maybe solid guide rod .. Holster can be race holster but most I have seen use Kydex with very good retention... seem to many pistols pop out while running with shotgun or rifle ..
  3. Hey Josh, I have one, maybe 1,000 to 1,500 rds on it. I’m building a target AR with a 24” barrel. So I’m putting a 2 stage in it. I’ll sell it shipped and insured for $100.00. 

    Let me know.

    1. joshxdm9


      I thank you sir for offering that to me. I 

      received a pm from another member 

      immediately after posting and bought his. 

      Thanks again 


    2. atbarr
  4. I have stippled a couple guns but have an issue with the polymer sticking to the tip of my iron now. I was wiping the tip with a rag and it didn't seem to help so I hit it with sand paper to clean it and it made it worse. Is the iron not staying hot enough or does the iron tips have some type of coating in them and I sanded that off and that's what's making the plastic stick and make it runny?
  5. Well shot first 3gun match last year and lugged all the stuff around and it was a pain in the butt. I told the guy I shoot with that I was not going to do that again and I was going to build a cart for next year. He gave me a little grief and said I better not. So when I finished this he was the first one I sent a picture to. Already had the cart from having kids so found mounts on amazon with free shipping 40.00
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