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  1. I for one, as an IDPA MD, will continue to do my best to follow the course design criteria in the 2017.3 Rulebook and whatever most current Match Admin guide comes down the pike. In the rulebook, Sec. 1.2.3, there is a discussion of CoF principles. Many of the actions banned in M-9.1.1 were in contravention of these principles. A few of the actions banned taught competitors potentially usable skills, such as how to shoot one handed while holding an object. On the other hand, carrying a glass full of water while moving and not loosing water from it while shooting is not a skill for which I see any real utility. In 1.1 it is encouraged to test the skills of shooters that could be used to survive life threatening encounters. There can be a lot of testing packed into a 12-18 round CoF, more than in a CoF of lesser round count. I am in agreement with the max allowed distance of 20 yards to target allowed in scenario stages. Also with the rule that 75% of all shots required must be not greater than 15 yards. M-9.1.1 is going to make MD's and set-up crews work a bit harder to keep CoF legal as well as relevant and fun. It can be done. Maybe removing all the potentially controversial possibilities from IDPA is necessary. Many SO's prefer to call "cover" from a shooter's use of a fault line. Same for not having to judge "movement". Makes it easier to focus on safety.
  2. Methinks a flared mouth mag pouch would be considered as "competition only" and not suitable for everyday use. See Rule 8.6.2.A. Remember that "stow" does NOT mean that mags picked up off a table or the ground, potentially for use later on in the stage, have to go into a mag pouch.
  3. The no concealment required update for 5 X 5, as well as others (math logic for REV NV, penalty area, target height) have not yet hit the official HQ site. At this point they are on an AC's site, IDPA.Tech.
  4. The Rulebook states the National HQ data base is the official classifications base. No real purpose for a printed M/S card other than to please those individuals who just like to feel real paper or plastic and don't trust electronic data not to fail. Still you'd think HQ could either not send the cards in the mail at all or, if they do, get the information correct. Personally I'd rather see the money spent on sport development.
  5. I received my 2nd attempt classification card from HQ over the weekend; it's wrong. One of the classifications is incorrect even though it's been correct on the HQ website since 2006. My CSO status is not listed on the card even though that's also on the HQ website. Check your new cards carefully when you receive them.
  6. Buzzdraw

    Fault Lines

    The concept of pieing around cover with multiple targets is to limit the competitor's potential to be a casualty (IDPA "casualty cost" is a 3 sec PE) from competitor-aimed-at bullets sent by the "evil doers" AKA the threat targets. If parts of the competitor's body are unnecessarily exposed then, in a real world tactical sense, the competitor is at unneeded risk of being put out of action. It goes back to the original premises of IDPA. To some extent multiple threat targets being engaged from a single POC could simulate the threat(s) being on the move. Could also simulate simple multiple threats.
  7. From Rulebook 01/01/2017 If I read 9.3 of correctly the following could occur. Shooter holds following classifications SSP-EX, ESP-EX, CCP-SS, CDP-SS. Competitor shoots the Classifier with a CDP gun and makes SS; result is no change. Same no change if shoots with CCP and makes SS. However if shoots a Classifier with a SSP or ESP AND makes EX then ALL FOUR go to EX.
  8. You might want to look into replacing the plastic mag bases with metal ones. Metal should be thinner and might solve the fit issue. No, I don't know if HK makes such an animal. They might for military or other extra hard use purposes. Remember that same mag also fits the P30.
  9. It's my opinion that certain IDPA stages can be considered training, either self defense, law enforcement or another. Other IDPA stages are more clearly a test of skills which often leads to an increase in those skills.
  10. It's commonly taught in law enforcement to keep the ENTIRE 100% of your body below the waist under cover. A shot-up toe may well put the good guy out of commission. Makes sense for self-defense too, the genesis of IDPA.
  11. From a match administration chasing all the mags on the ground before someone else in the squad picks them up may be a problem. I'm thinking possibly IronArcher means 3 sec per loaded mag dislodged all the way to the ground from a carry condition? What that rule's genesis is a means to penalize those who use ammo carry devices which don't properly retain; i.e. likely "speed" loose and not tight enough for all day carry.
  12. Typical tactical training stresses keeping ALL your lower extremities under cover from unengaged targets. From a safety officer standpoint determining 100% of lower is relatively easy. Determining 50% of the above is a tougher but we seem to regularly do it without controversy. One thought on leaving "good" mags behind containing ammo is that it would be a self correcting situation. Shooters would penalize themselves by running out of ammo before finishing a COF. Don't know if the concept has ever been tested.
  13. As others in this post mention you need to base your PF off your LIGHTEST bullet in the batch and the LOWEST velocity. I'd suggest from a group of at least 10 rounds. For 125 PF under that premise I don't run lower than 129. For 165 PF around 170. For 105 around 113. If your current load is all over the place as far as extreme spread goes, I say work up one that has a low SD and ES. Temperature and elevation as well as relative humidity affect PF. To keep that to a minimum i select powders that are relatively insensitive to these. I've run the chrono at major matches where guys tried sneaking by. Some make it and some do not. It stinks for them.
  14. Back before we could open carry in my long-time conceal carry state a number of us wanted some BBQ after the IDPA match. We left the gear on along with loaded guns and mags. We topped it with our vests. No BBQ sauce was spilled in the writing of this reply or at the BBQ joint that day.
  15. Still looking for that replacement for 7625. Tried Alliant E3; takes 4.0 gr to make 130PF with a 125 gr HiTek coated in a Glock 19 with Lone Wolf barrel. Tried WST; takes 4.5 gr to make similar PF with same 125 gr bullet. Both are clean burning and reasonably cool. Neither are as accurate as 7625.
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