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  1. I used to have a really nice paddle style holster made by Kramer. Horsehide. It was available at the time with different can't settings. It was called the MSP paddle. I also think blade-tech makes one for it.
  2. I'm using clean powder. Vv 320 and 3n37 which helps alot. Make sure you are putting the piston and valve back in dry ...I clean the asse.blies 600- 800 rounds or so. Wh when I clean the gas valve and piston I get it cleaned up as best I can with an exacto knife and some brushes then give it a ride in some Lucas bore solvent in the Ultrasonic Cleaner with heat
  3. Silver springs with kns anti roll pin kit
  4. Are you using anti walk pins? They may make a difference.
  5. Based on what I know, the revision is to the shafts that connect to the toggle action. They have made that one assembly making it easier to install. Instead of the arms being separate from the connecting assembly, the arms and the connecting bar are one assembly now. Others may be able to add to this. I just ordered one from Brownells, thinking it was the old assembly as the price was $100 less. However, the 24 3-g came with the new assembly. Not that I am disappointed... The old version was easy enough to install anyway.
  6. No call sig.. send pix if needed.. I would presume they will address asap. FYI, they are leary of reloads...
  7. Worth it for loading 75 or 77 or other heavyweight bullets. Not worth it for 55 grain loads.
  8. Lancer/Sig CF buttstock, Lancer CF hg, cmore railway, hiperfire 24c trigger, crimson trace laser, jp ambi safety, tti +10 base pads with x power springs. All mags sig/lancer .8500 rounds.You will have to search best deals on mags..changes always.mine is gen 2 carbine.
  9. My MPX is working out great for me as a left hand long gun operator.
  10. Check out taccom, mbx, sjc titan, there are others... taccom is running a special right now...
  11. There's no question that the 320 is pricey.
  12. The 320 has worked well for me and the gun and gas system stays pretty clean.
  13. I'm liking 4.3 gr n320 with a precision delta 124gr jhp at about 1.125 oal. My stock bbl has about 8k rounds. The MPX needs gas. The new mags will have sharp lips also, they tend to drag and dig into the case side as it slides forward until the get a little wear in. Lube that sucker up too. And make sure you correctly orient the dots on the bcg and cam pin on re assembly or you will have firing pin problems.
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