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  1. I have a Vortex Strike Eagle 1 to 6 Power Scope in an aero Precision extended ultralight mount. It would come with the vortex throw lever as well as lens caps and box. Is this something you would still be interested in?

  2. He did a short block build For me in t in late 2013 and my gun it is so tight it feels like a solid block of metal after many many thousands of rounds. I highly recommend him. He answers his phone when you call and you can get great service anytime. He still follows up with me to check in on my build still after all these years what a great guy
  3. No, never had an issue with the old style or the new.
  4. Are you using a fast powder in reloads?? The MPX needs enough gas to properly function.
  5. In 2010 I was running an STI Trojan with the SV extra wide Ambi safety. I had to take quite a bit off of the right side as that was the side that I wanted to trim... I may have had to take a little off the left also, but it fit in the Box just fine.
  6. As long as it will still fit in the Box.
  7. I used to have a really nice paddle style holster made by Kramer. Horsehide. It was available at the time with different can't settings. It was called the MSP paddle. I also think blade-tech makes one for it.
  8. I'm using clean powder. Vv 320 and 3n37 which helps alot. Make sure you are putting the piston and valve back in dry ...I clean the asse.blies 600- 800 rounds or so. Wh when I clean the gas valve and piston I get it cleaned up as best I can with an exacto knife and some brushes then give it a ride in some Lucas bore solvent in the Ultrasonic Cleaner with heat
  9. Are you using anti walk pins? They may make a difference.
  10. No call sig.. send pix if needed.. I would presume they will address asap. FYI, they are leary of reloads...
  11. No problems with the 24c hyperfire trigger in my MPX carbine with a JP selector
  12. I was unaware of any safety issues with the hyperfire 24c. I do have a JP selector that I would like to install. Are there issues with this and fitment and or operation of the JP safety with the hyperfire 24c? At this time I am running mil-spec Ambi safety in there.
  13. I also have an Aero ext lw mount supporting a Strike Eagle. It is a nice , well built mount. Nice base and clamping area. Good value.
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