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  1. Apex did the trigger on my 625 years ago and it looked like a country road but pulled at 5 1/2 pounds and was silky smooth. I figgered out the key is minimum contact between trigger surfaces. I was told by a local 'smith just knock down any obvious high spots and work the stone in the direction of sear disengagement. All these years later and 10K+ rounds it's still under 6 pounds. Also had a Carmonized 627 that was at least as good as the Apex that had the same appearance, i.e. NOT a mirror polish as I had pictured a superior trigger job. Stoned smooth and not removing any metal seems an oxymoron to me. I can grasp the concept but then I'm just a hobby shooter. I can say that in the heat of competition I have no recollection of how smooth / light the trigger pull was. As I've gotten older and slower I'm a bit more aware but not much.
  2. Everyone ages differently. I came down with neuropathy of the hands and feet a few years back and found I couldn't run and gun safely so gave up USPSA. Had to retire and found I can still load and shoot shotguns and am having a new shooting life with those platforms. It ain't over till it's over.
  3. The Redding die is a "push thru" meaning it resizes the entire casing. To the best of my knowledge all standard resize dies can't resize the full length due to the shell holder. The design of the Glock barrel is such that it creates a slight bulge near the case head when fired in one of their barrels. I'm sure others can explain it better but that's the gist of it. When you buy range brass you can bet there'll be casings fired from a Glock pistol in the pile.
  4. That takes the match out of play for me. At 72 years old I can fall down just fine but can't get back up without a lot of help. Nurses keep asking me if I've fallen in the last 30 days. My answer .... "No, but Lord knows I've tried". (^_^) BA-DUMP-BUMP!
  5. I strongly suggest running the brass thru a Redding GR-X resizing die to eliminate the "Glock bulge" and a chamber checker after the round is loaded. It saves a LOT of irritation when a round won't chamber when running a stage.
  6. Never heard of these. I've run Wilson 47D's and ETM's for years with no problems. Quality is it's own reward.
  7. Found it simpler to load more moons than needed for a match, insert in cylinder and only close half way and spin. Recoil shield will stop any that aren't correct and there's no need to close cylinder completely. Just one less thing to deal with at a match. Never had any problems w/ ammo during a match using this procedure. Fergot to mention this was dome while at home - NOT at range.
  8. I always gave other shooters a heads up I was dropping moons and to watch where they stepped. Bent a few over the years from being stepped on but mostly people were pretty good about it. 100 ought to last you till the revo wears out. Naval Aviator - Viet Nam NRA Life & Benefactor
  9. My 16-40 is of Canadian mfg. I don't know there's a lot of difference between it and a USA marked pistol. I installed FO / adjustable sights, Wilson fire control pieces and Dawson mag extensions. Had no failures for the 6 or so years when I shot it a lot. I'd say go ahead and buy and enjoy. Naval Aviator NRA Life & Benefactor
  10. Last thing you want in a gun club is somebody running shooters that isn't a stickler for following procedures. When I started I always felt better being run by a certified RO. I got certified my second year shooting USPSA and have always felt I shot better because of it. Maybe you could get enough local members to have a local course. That's what we did and was well worth the investment. This is a big boy game with loaded guns. Sometime it requires time, effort and a cash investment. Do the right thing and you - WE - won't be sorry.
  11. Ahoy Steve, Kinda the tip of an iceberg; there's more to the story. I was hoping for some sort of explanation of why there were changes but as I mentioned Google don't know squat. Thx for the knowledge tho. Naval Aviator NRA Life & Benefactor
  12. I've seen references to 3 different triggers on Winchester Super X1 shotguns but Google doesn't cough up anything useful. Any of you know anything about them? buckaroo45 Naval Aviator NRA Life & Benefactor
  13. Chutist has a good recipe. Wish I'd known that when I went to Open. That and I'd add to go straight to 9MM Major. LOTS less hassle to my mind unless you like the issues caused by first wives and full on race cars. Same kinda drama with fussy guns; frustrating and irritating at the same time. First buy a gun already proven to run 100% then go shoot snot out of it. You'll have lots more fun and more money for ammo. Oh, and learn to reload in volume. You'll be surprised how fast those things can eat boolits. YRMV but not bloody likely. Why do you think it's called "The Dark Side"?
  14. Streaming Delta Blues from the 30's - 40's like Robert Johnson.
  15. Ah, yes .... there is that. Especially when you can add FAT (or fluffy) to the description "fat old man". It seems to make their pain sting a bit more. Unfortunately it's not enough to offset the time, effort or expense, at least not in my case. Guess I'm officially a curmudgeon. Now if I can just grow the over the top eyebrows I'll have something. buckaroo45 Naval Aviator NRA Life and Benefactor USPSA FY63917
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