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  1. I just used skate board tape cut to size and burnished the whole surface with an old 9/16 socket on an extension for leverage to knock off the high stuff. Worked perfectly and no longer tore up my hands.
  2. I had a bullet set back issue with my 625 revo and 230 gr FMJ bullets. Got a Lee Factory Crimp die and no longer had the problem. Couldn't say about resizing cast bullets or other crimp dies.
  3. Spinning the cylinder on a 625 and subsequent skips will break you of that habit quickly. Precision equipment deserves to be treated accordingly. Spinning the cylinder on a revolver is for trainees and displays ignorance. Fortunately it's curable. I don't care how much you've done it.That doesn't make it right.
  4. I shot a Para 16-40 Limited in competition for several years before blowing out the original extractor. Had Derek at Palm Beach Shooting Center install and tune an Aftec some 5K+ back and have had zero issues. Excellent investment in my opinion.
  5. Yup! Seen that too. But if you lose a shoe it'd be an opportunity to get tangled up and go down. Worst case, of course, but I wouldn't want to be in the vicinity of a guy running and going down with a loaded gun. That was years ago and looking back it may have been a local rule but I appreciated the Match Director thinking worst case scenario. I put it in the same category as requiring a belt to go thru 3 loops. Pants down, lose a shoe, the list of bad stuff happening can be long. I'm sure we all try not to make the evening news.
  6. Only Crocs I remember seeing had an open back which were not allowed on my clubs' range. Too easy to come off and present a problem.
  7. In slow fire range practice I can feel a difference in the recoil impulse; i.e. push, snappy etc. However, during competition I'm not aware of the recoil except as it relates to subsequent shots. Muzzle flip as opposed to shooting "flatter". Competition is one of the few situations where I focus on outcome instead of process; just less stuff to clog my thought process. Range time / practice polishes procedure. Secondary factors such as shooting cleaner is a bonus. I mostly shoot 45 revo now because I'm old and slow and am dedicated to Clays and 230 gr FMJ.
  8. I went down this road about 15 years ago with my 625 PC. About everything above is valid and useful. I've bought and sold about a dozen different S&W revos including several with a Carmonized trigger including a 40 cal 610. I've done all the above and the only one I've kept is the 625 with a 5# Apex Competition trigger. In my opinion the pro trigger is the best upgrade I made to it. A world class trigger is the difference between OK and O MY! The down side is my 6 shooter isn't competitive anymore, too many standing reloads, etc. Then again, neither am I. One observation I can give is that most revo types seem to prefer the 5" or more version. I found that barrel length to be slow to transition for me so I settled on the 4". Just something to think about. Pics of my 625 attached. BTW, I cut off the left side the Hogue grip to give my thumb a resting ledge ala 1911 safety. I heartily recommend it.
  9. I have neuropathy of the feet and have difficulty maintaining a stable base so cross trainers and the like are not useful to me. I've found ankle hi hiking boots with serious tread are my preferred foot wear. Then again I'm 72 and generally unstable to begin with. Your needs will be different from near everyone else otherwise there wouldn't be a blue million athletic shoes on the market. Good arch support and stable when rounding a corner are 2 requirements that come to mind. They shouldn't roll to the off side when putting pressure on them. I don't think there's a single answer to your question tho you can bet everybody likes what they bought. Good luck looking.
  10. I've carried and used revolvers most of my 72 years. I've owned and shot about everything in USPSA except the carry concealed. Mostly a C shooter because I'd bring a different toy to every match but my N frame 625 with an Apex trigger and customized Hogue Big Butt made me a B and always put a smile on my face every time I strapped it on. That plus I enjoyed outgunning the kids with the plastic guns. Not all of them, mind you, but I pissed off enough of them to make it fun .
  11. I actually do have a laser on my carry gun, a Colt Light Weight Officers' 45. I have no intention of trying to flash it in an eye to try to defer mayhem. The question was whether there are any Implications to possibly blinding an assailant without taking the shot. B585 answered my question. Basically it ain't bright enough to do any damage in a very short application to an eyeball. And I agree, ain't nobody able to hold that sight picture anyway. Thanks to all who took the time to answer. NRA Life & Benefactor
  12. I was asked an interesting question by a non shooting friend concerning the use of laser / red dot type sights. There are warning labels stating to not look directly into the laser or eye damage may be the result. If you are in a confrontation would it be considered ethical to direct the laser into the eyes of the assailant to temporarily blind them prior to possibly being forced to take the shot? Are you then in legal trouble if you blind them and NOT have to shoot? I didn't have an answer for them. Any comments?
  13. Apex did the trigger on my 625 years ago and it looked like a country road but pulled at 5 1/2 pounds and was silky smooth. I figgered out the key is minimum contact between trigger surfaces. I was told by a local 'smith just knock down any obvious high spots and work the stone in the direction of sear disengagement. All these years later and 10K+ rounds it's still under 6 pounds. Also had a Carmonized 627 that was at least as good as the Apex that had the same appearance, i.e. NOT a mirror polish as I had pictured a superior trigger job. Stoned smooth and not removing any metal seems an oxymoron to me. I can grasp the concept but then I'm just a hobby shooter. I can say that in the heat of competition I have no recollection of how smooth / light the trigger pull was. As I've gotten older and slower I'm a bit more aware but not much.
  14. Everyone ages differently. I came down with neuropathy of the hands and feet a few years back and found I couldn't run and gun safely so gave up USPSA. Had to retire and found I can still load and shoot shotguns and am having a new shooting life with those platforms. It ain't over till it's over.
  15. The Redding die is a "push thru" meaning it resizes the entire casing. To the best of my knowledge all standard resize dies can't resize the full length due to the shell holder. The design of the Glock barrel is such that it creates a slight bulge near the case head when fired in one of their barrels. I'm sure others can explain it better but that's the gist of it. When you buy range brass you can bet there'll be casings fired from a Glock pistol in the pile.
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