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  1. SLC has public ranges but they are far from decent. I'm looking for a private club or private property to practice on and do load development on. If you know of anything I'd be appreciate pointing me in the right direction of who to contact.
  2. Sometimes despite our best efforts...thing will happen. The bigger the match, the more the pressure....a lot runs through people's minds at any given moment. At a Single Stack Classic many moons ago a guy in our squad, day 1 first stage, 1st shooter up. You had to push a door open and engage steel before proceeding through door to engage paper targets. Timer goes off, he pushes door and BAM! shot the ground right in front of his foot, instant DQ. All the money and time and travel, prep, etc...gone. It happens. It doesn't define you as a shooter, what does is how you handle it and how you learn from it.
  3. I think this a open concept. I'm sure many GM won't feel the need to watch others shoot and try to determine their plan to a stage. Lower class shooters with less experience might be better served watching and learning from others whether it's mistakes or seeing something they had in mind won't work. I doubt anyone can say 100% never watch or always watch is the correct way of thinking. Having an open mind is important to grow but confidence in yourself is just as important.
  4. Shooting with others whose skill levels are above your own has many benefits. You might watch and catch certain details of their stage performance that you didn't think of or maybe seeing them perform leads you to approacha nd ask why they did something different. I had a stage at the Single Stack Classic with Leatham forever ago and I remember him breaking it down how he was going to shoot it but then he said now here's how a B or C class shooter might have better score doing it differently. Different skill levels, different approaches. As the old saying goes, You become like those who you surround yourself with.
  5. Since Federal and even Win brass are still impossible to find, what brass options are viable for starting out a new 929 project? All the big factory names seem to no stock in near term, hell even Blazer is a ghost at this point. With a new revolver just sitting here I'm wondering if there is anything to get to start loading for it. Any realistic options are appreciated.
  6. I see what you found but if you look at the guide rod I stated I am dealing with it does not fit this as it is "thicker" by their words, basically its oversized in Diameter. Again I'm no Glock expert but I do not see why this would be needed as in my older G34 I ran a tungsten guide rod without any such adapter for years without issue. The spring literally conforms around the guide rod. I think at this point I'm just going to return it and either get the "normal" if you will tungsten rod or go with another DPM kit as they seem to work headache free.
  7. Thx for all the replies. I have tried inserting a loaded mag with snap caps and the movement all but disappeared. I have looked and read on the website from Glockstore and found no information about any adapter needed to run their spring. It is a guide rod/spring package sold together. The spring is quite large and just barely fits the shallow recess in the nose of the slide, so it's certainly under good compression and not loose once installed. I'll look up the Jentra and make a decision this week while I'm still in the window for return. I appreciate the help as Glock internals are not something I've ever spent time tinkering with.
  8. Just received my Uncaptured pure tungsten guide rod with 13lb spring from Glockstore and installed it. When I pull the trigger the barrel makes a slight drop movement and the slide can be seen moving rearward as the trigger is pulled. The trigger will then break. This is NIB gun with no modes except change in the guide rod as mentioned. I'm no Glock mechanic so what is going on here? Replacing The factory spring shows no movement in barrel or slide during trigger pull. Can some of you Glock wizards offer insight as to what the problem is and or solutions. By solutions I do not mean telling me to throw this in garbage and get something else. The money is spent and cannot be undone. Any insight is appreciated.
  9. I'm just hearing about this now?!?! So used cleaning solution is dangerous? Guess I won't be rinsing brass out while in the tub anymore...although that might explain the voices I've been hearing telling me to go all in on .40cal
  10. Thx for all the input guys, there is definitely more than one way to skin this cat!! I have seen factory ammo is tumbled after loading for polish, my concern is about 1/2 of the 9's I'm going to load are using Blue Bullets. I wonder if I went the tumble after loading route what tumbling would do to the coating? I have to say back when I started IPSC shooting 20yrs ago reloading was pretty straight forward, now having taken a break and getting back into it I feel like I need an Associates degree in Mechanical Applications LOL!
  11. OK I didn't clarify my question, do you clean the brass after running it through the sizing die BEFORE loading powder/primer/bullet? I know you need to clean dirty fired brass. I'm asking about after lube is applied.
  12. Did you clean the brass prior to loading or after loaded?
  13. Over last 10 years I've loaded 10's of thousands of .38/.357 rds on 550b press without issue. You will get great results with either press 550/750.
  14. It's a well made press with a huge loyal following. The reloading market is booming with new reloaders joining the fray daily. I'd price it at what you want maybe a touch higher and then see what attention you get. On any given day the right buyer might be there for you. You can always lower the price in time if it doesn't move.
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