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  1. just got a k40 and with stock follower in a henning pad i loaded 19 at 1.125 and they seem to be a success. will fire this weekend but they hand cycle and are easily downloadable, first round slides off by hand as smooth as the last, looks promising. grams kit will be here tomorrow for a possible 20 reloadable. don't know if op is still having trouble but I'll post results here so its out there to maybe help others in the future as well.
  2. +1 for race master magnetic. had the original non-mag for my sig x-6, just swapped the block and I was good to go. even comes with a little sticker to cover the old hole where the tension adjuster was!
  3. I had the same issue with my left hand thumb locking the slide back, did this to my slide release. gun will not lock back, issue went away.
  4. I have 10mm mags with henning base plates and grams spring & follower kits, I load bayou bullets 180gr no lube rings to 1.230 and most of the time they work fine. however i can see when loading to 19 (max reloadable with my setup) the 2nd round from the top is level instead of nose high, causing nose dive of the top round. On some its to the point where I have a lot of trouble down loading magazines, but then in the gun they are fine, bizzarre. I had always thought that there was no way i could ever get new mags for this gun due to availability or compatibility but I may try to assemble one from exile with a grams follower kit and see if I can get some smoother feeding mags. to replace the 10mm ones.
  5. I asked about the wide safety as well in a topic about a month ago and got no replies, will stay tuned here, hopefully someone chimes in!
  6. Hey everyone Im about to get my first tanfo from another shooter, he has the regular style safety on his elite limited and I am wanting to run the original style, extra wide left side ambi safety that most of them come with stock. Where can I find a replacement part for the tanfo? or will the ones for the CZ work without much trouble? Im talking about the ones from cz custom.com. I swear I fond them at one point but cant seem to find them now! thanks!
  7. thanks much, I do get lots of compliments on the gun, i enjoy having something diff from the crowd, even if it makes it a bit harder to find compatible parts. yup cherry point is home for now, hope to see you out there, lots of former marines out there, nice to run into some and share stories.
  8. Hello all, Not new to shooting but this year marks my first as a USPSA member as of jan 9th. Started doing local rifle/pistol cqb matches last year late summer, got addicted and am now devoting more time to the sport. Started shooting with my carry gun (sig 229 extreme) and finally got a "real" gun dedicated for matches at the end of december. I'm Active duty Marine Corps so my free time is limited but fortunately I have been able to shoot a match almost every weekend for the past 2 months or so. I am really enjoying everything so far, and am eager to keep practicing and improving. It's amazing how much you can learn even after you thought you were experienced! Lots of my questions have been answered by reading through this board so I figured it was time to go and sign up and contribute. As of feb 15th I received my first classification of C at 55.26%, I'm shooting 9mm minor in Limited div. I'm happy where I'm at now, keeping an open mind as I learn more each match. Attached a picture of my current setup. See you all out there!
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