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  1. Shot a match saturday, pretty happy with all my reloads. This must be some mindset thing that's happening while I'm at home.
  2. I think the idea of micro- drills and also going backward increasing the distance are good methods to work on. I'll try and have a better attitude and re think the mental aspect and that will probably help as well. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.
  3. Not that I can recall specifically, My mind is in a different place while loading in that timeframe, that might have something to do with it.
  4. I get the picture on this one, I'll give that a try tomorrow after I reset. Thanks for the help.
  5. It might be too late in the day and I'm overtired. I'll try to move it to an AM thing and see if that improves. thanks
  6. I've purchased dryfire reloaded and have been practicing, I still have tremendous difficulty reloading. I can't progress at all in the book because a lot of the standards and other drills require a reload, which makes coming anywhere close to a good par time impossible if I can't execute a reload properly. My problem is getting the mag into the gun accurately speed. I have one of two issues during 9 out of 10 given attempts. I am young and have good eyesight but maybe I have some other problem that prevents me from being able to get these right. 1-When i grab a mag and go to reload the mag hits the grip with either the left or right side of the frame landing directly on the bullets, right in between the feed lips. No way to push through this, once the mag is in this situation the reload is botched and I have to pull back and try again. 2- the magazine hits so the forward most lip of the magazine is on the outside of the well, with the front strap pressing down on the projectile portion of the dummy round, with the outer lip being outside the frame again making insertion impossible without having to pull back and try again. I tried pointing the well at my pouches, I tried pointing the well higher so I can look more clearly into the magwell, I tried bringing my pistol close to my body with my elbow touching my chest to keep it stable. I index the mags with my pointer finger as far down the front as possible, almost touching the first bullet. I tried painting a bright pink dot inside the magwell to give me a focal point. I'm trying all the tips and videos I can find on this forum and on the internet and I just can't seem to get the hang of it. I am also trying the 2 stage burkett method and it's not helping. I know "perfection" takes time, but I've been practicing every day except saturdays for a month without any progress, with the majority of my attempts ending in failure. I also need to add that even if I go SLOW, I still can't make it happen. I set a par for 2.5 - 3 seconds and I hit start with my gun already in hand and pointed out on target, still have this problem. No matter how much I slow down I still miss the well, even if I'm not timing myself. I play guitar, mountain bike, ride motorcycles, track cars, I feel like my hand-eye coordination should be good enough to make this happen if I just get the right help. I've been competing for 5 years and I'm not trying to be a GM or even an A class shooter, but I would like to have confidence that I can put a magazine in a gun in less than 5 seconds without throwing it. I can't afford to take any classes with anyone, and I don't have any friends that shoot that I can go to for advice. Any help from here?
  7. I just converted my 1050 over to 9mm and am now loading for my cz shadow 2. I am loading with cci small pistol primers currently, I have conducted a search on here and a lot of people are in the camp that a flush primer is a high primer. During my first 100rd test today I had one light strike that went bang on the 2nd strike, this was the first light strike I've had. I have gone through 1200 rds of precision delta match pack ammo up until today. I am afraid of dialing in too much seating depth and setting off a primer. As of that first batch of 100, the primers were flush. Is there a recommended way of setting primer seating depth? My current safe but tedious way would just be to press, check with caliper, then adjust the toolhead pin a 1/4 turn and press again until I see the .005 depth appear. Any tips are welcome, still new to the 1050 and 9mm.
  8. I wound up going with the 145's from bayou for this round, they are a typical round nose profile. Any issues going with the flat point of the 147's? Do you bother with roll sized brass? I know processing or bulge busting was very helpful with 40, don't know if i need to concern myself that much with 9mm as it will be my first time loading this caliber.
  9. What made you go with 1.14 OAL vs something a little bit longer?
  10. Hello all, I finally decided to give the shadow 2 and production division a try and I'm loving it. I just chewed through my first 600 rd match pack from precision delta and the gun ran them without a single hiccup with a 12 lb recoil spring from wolf. I'm ready to start loading my own so while all my 1050 parts are in the mail I figured I would start gathering info for my next load. I have seen people get away with as little as 3.0 grains of titegroup for 147 gr coated bullets. I will be trying 145 gr round nose from bayou as I've run 6 or 7k of their 180 gr in my limited gun and I am happy with them. I will be starting at 3.0 maybe ending up at 3.2 to leave room for error. I will try and match the OAL of the PD match pack stuff since they fed with 100% reliability. They looked a little long compared to freedom munitions, I'm not exactly sure of the length since I just shot my last ones today, I have another pack on the way to hold me over until my load is dialed in so I'll measure when they arrive. My main question is where do I need to go with my recoil spring? i bought the wolf spring kit so I can test, but figured I would ask here to see if someone was running a similar load. I am estimating my load will be a touch softer than the precision delta stuff so maybe try the 11 lb, maybe even 10? I also have a polymer buff in there, installed by the previous owner along with a few other cajun parts. In addition, what is the lightest hammer spring that you can run and reliably set off CCI small pistol primers? (#500) Thanks, happy to provide more info if needed!
  11. Apparently the honchos do not come with any magazines, that came as a slight surprise. Race ready is still a good value but I was assuming that $6k included the nice big kit with mags that PT has posted on their youtube channel. Unless I'm mistaken?
  12. Agreed on saving the airfare part, but in all honesty I'm not sure if I would even have been able to make that happen. 4 guns in one box is very tempting for essentially the same OTD price of the Nemesis. Thanks again all for the input, tough choice to make, with no answer really being wrong. That DWX looks very sweet. Thanks for pointing it out, will have to get my hands on one someday.
  13. Honcho is 3200 ready to go. I looked at that kit and to build it similar to a honcho parts alone would run me 2500 or more, b/c im sure there are a few I forgot. I'll have to try and find a gunsmith nearby that understands competition work, as I have done all my own work. I don't think there will be that much savings by going with warwick. Thanks for the idea though.
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