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  1. That would be a good resource for everyone, thanks for that
  2. A lot of them certainly put on a show, that's for sure. It's as if they think the timer won't stop until they holster
  3. Since this isn't an actual shooting technique I didn't know where else to post. Please move if not in the right place. At local, state, nationals, and on youtube for well known shooters, I see a lot of shooters of all classifications and divisions doing this for a reason unknown to me: When finishing the last shot of the stage, they immediately strip the mag and rack out the last round with a speed and intensity as if they we're being timed/judged. I understand on some stages the final shooting position may be in a spot where you can only see 1 or 2 targets, or you know your shots are good and there no point in standing around scanning for hits. However, in many circumstances I've seen people spot a miss or no-shoot/miss with an empty gun in hand. Had they just taken a moment to look around they could have gotten off a make-up in a perfectly acceptable time. Now i'm not saying everyone needs to become a badass navy seal operator and make a dramatic search and asses at the end of each string, but I just don't see a reason to frantically unload-show clear within half a second of the last shot breaking. Does anyone else notice this? Why are people doing this? My best guess is that like most people's song and dance they do at make ready, they saw a GM/fast shooter do a "thing" so they are mimicking without thinking why.
  4. Some of those brands are doing them as 1-piece barrels also, I'm sure SVI has the equipment to do it whichever way they want.
  5. I have a Bul radical 5.4, the total gun weighs 53.5 oz with the metal grip and oversized brass magwell. Was thinking about ordering an 5.4 inch SVI is the reason for the post. I don't have a scale that can weigh the slide accurately but if I get one I'll post up. I feel like SVI is more resistant to something trendy or hot like sight blocks but I do honestly feel like they work well and aren't just a trend. Purely speculating though as it's the only 2011 I've owned. I'm a pretty thin guy (5'10 and 155-160lbs) and I can hold it pretty flat shooting major .40, I don't know how much of that I can attribute to a sight block, but I'm WAY more inclined to believe it's the gun and not a product of my grip or arm strength, which is lacking compared to most other shooters I meet. That info should probably have been in my first post!
  6. Honcho, BUL, Atlas, and other companies have models that feature a sight block with a 5 to 5.5 inch barrel and a commander-ish length slide. SVI does not offer a comparable setup however they will do a 5.4 with an island barrel and to-order length dust covers. Is there a reason they don't do a sight block? How would a 5.4 with an island & full dust cover vs. a sight-block feel? Just wondering if there are good arguments to be made for each or are they basically the same?
  7. I am attending nationals for the first time this year, Single stack and the race gun nats (shooting limited). What are the awards per class and division? I figured there's prob a chart or something posted somewhere but I have been searching and haven't found anything. Thanks!
  8. My only concern is seating 10rd 40 mags. Some people seem to have no trouble with the Tripp mags, others say they need to clip a coil or they hardly seat. Or they get nosedives. I guess its one of those things that have to be sorted out individually. Obviously its nice to go with 9 for minor but it seems like having one gun for both outweighs the potential mag issue.
  9. Not a problem, pm me anytime if you have any questions. I have built a pretty good excel sheet of load data as well if anyone pics one up.
  10. one more pic since there aren't many around
  11. I have a radical 5.4, It is my first 2011. It eats 1.125, 1.180 and 1.200 without an issue. I'm very happy with it thus far. Factory mags with TT pads and the factory performance spring&follower kit hold 22 rounds of 40. Pressing down on the barrel hood like chalee mentioned earlier in the thread does not produce any movement at all, it feels like pressing on a brick. Waiting on the steel grips to arrive stateside, then it will be perfect.
  12. I wanted to take a break from limited to get back to the fundamentals, so I started shooting production with a CZ shadow 2 in November. I picked up a 2011 for when I eventually get back to limited later in the year.I had a new idea though and wanted to get some opinions: To make switching between classes easier and my dry fire training more meaningful, I thought about using single stack as my low cap "training" division when that mood strikes me. I figured that indexing/reloading/etc between a SS and a 2011 would be closer than going from CZ to a 2011. So my idea was to go with a .40 SS gun. I could run major, or run the 10 rd Tripp mags and go .40 minor for steel matches or clubs where I feel that minor is the way to go. I already have developed good major and minor loads, plus this has the added benefit of consolidating brass and projectiles. Thoughts?
  13. yup that is what I meant, typo. thanks for the data
  14. Thanks everyone for the input so far So far would it be correct to say that: Loading long is a function of feeding reliability first, pressure 2nd? The risks associated with higher burn speed of N310 is mitigated by going to 1.120 oal? I don't mind temp sensitivity, we're going into summer in the south, it will be hot until november, surely I can burn through 4#'s by then if it's an issue.
  15. New to the 2011 platform, I now own a 5.4" barrel sight block Gun. When I shot limited last year I loaded .40 major for my Tanfoglio (4.75" barrel) with - 4.1 gr of titegroup , 180 gr bayou bullet, 1.125" OAL Most people seem to load 180 gr projectiles to 1.180 or 1.120 with a few grains more powder then an equivalent 1.125 OAL load. That being said there is one gm limited shooter in my area that sticks to 1.125 with VV N320 and says his gun prefers the shorter OAL. I'm starting from scratch here, so looking for input on creating a new load. My main questions are: Does the reduced pressure from loading long translate to softer shooting, even though there is a larger charge of powder? If my gun can run 1.125 just as well as 1.180+, is it still a better setup to load long to aim for those lower peak pressures? I am also willing to try out a 200gr projectile if that may play into this topic. I am moving away from titegroup and will now be playing with VV N310 and N320 powders, so please speak to those 2 if you can for the sake of argument, I know there are alternatives and I will entertain them down the road when I'm running reliably. Made a quick search on this forum for n310 and n320 and made a sheet of peoples claimed loads for .40 major, interesting spread. Listed all stats that were included in the posts that I found.
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