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  1. I am attending nationals for the first time this year, Single stack and the race gun nats (shooting limited). What are the awards per class and division? I figured there's prob a chart or something posted somewhere but I have been searching and haven't found anything. Thanks!
  2. My only concern is seating 10rd 40 mags. Some people seem to have no trouble with the Tripp mags, others say they need to clip a coil or they hardly seat. Or they get nosedives. I guess its one of those things that have to be sorted out individually. Obviously its nice to go with 9 for minor but it seems like having one gun for both outweighs the potential mag issue.
  3. Not a problem, pm me anytime if you have any questions. I have built a pretty good excel sheet of load data as well if anyone pics one up.
  4. one more pic since there aren't many around
  5. I have a radical 5.4, It is my first 2011. It eats 1.125, 1.180 and 1.200 without an issue. I'm very happy with it thus far. Factory mags with TT pads and the factory performance spring&follower kit hold 22 rounds of 40. Pressing down on the barrel hood like chalee mentioned earlier in the thread does not produce any movement at all, it feels like pressing on a brick. Waiting on the steel grips to arrive stateside, then it will be perfect.
  6. I wanted to take a break from limited to get back to the fundamentals, so I started shooting production with a CZ shadow 2 in November. I picked up a 2011 for when I eventually get back to limited later in the year.I had a new idea though and wanted to get some opinions: To make switching between classes easier and my dry fire training more meaningful, I thought about using single stack as my low cap "training" division when that mood strikes me. I figured that indexing/reloading/etc between a SS and a 2011 would be closer than going from CZ to a 2011. So my idea was to
  7. yup that is what I meant, typo. thanks for the data
  8. Thanks everyone for the input so far So far would it be correct to say that: Loading long is a function of feeding reliability first, pressure 2nd? The risks associated with higher burn speed of N310 is mitigated by going to 1.120 oal? I don't mind temp sensitivity, we're going into summer in the south, it will be hot until november, surely I can burn through 4#'s by then if it's an issue.
  9. New to the 2011 platform, I now own a 5.4" barrel sight block Gun. When I shot limited last year I loaded .40 major for my Tanfoglio (4.75" barrel) with - 4.1 gr of titegroup , 180 gr bayou bullet, 1.125" OAL Most people seem to load 180 gr projectiles to 1.180 or 1.120 with a few grains more powder then an equivalent 1.125 OAL load. That being said there is one gm limited shooter in my area that sticks to 1.125 with VV N320 and says his gun prefers the shorter OAL. I'm starting from scratch here, so looking for input on creating a new load. My main questions
  10. I have a chance to grab some of those black and white packaged primers for a fair price, should I be worried about using them on my dillon 1050? I had heard that because they aren't nickel plated, they are soft like winchesters and not good for progressive machines. Every so often mine will mangle a primer pretty bad during seating, don't want a detonation. Thanks!
  11. The anti friction coating has been scraped off most of the outside surfaces from lots of reloading practice, so even when freshly cleaned they like to hang up in the gun, this wasnt a problem when new. The shooters I talked to said that the nickel ones hold up better over time, they have smoother gliding feeling when inserting. and seem to drop free more consistently. My issue was there are apparently both CZ and mec-gar nickel ones available for that $43-ish price range and wanted to know if anyone else can comment on them.
  12. I've dry fired enough that my regular black mags are not dropping free regularly, so I'm going to keep them as dry fire only and get some nickel mags for matches. Some local shooters have said that they have experienced 2 different nickel mags, and that some of them performed worse than the black. Where should I pick up some genuine CZ mags? The genuine cz mags have 9mm and 40 stamped on each side, I figured those would work best. Some websites have them listed under the part number mgcz11155 which makes me think those are the mec-gar equivalents. Can anyone shed some light on this
  13. Thanks for the feedback, I will start the collection soon. Yes a backup gun would be nice, this gun was someones cajunized backup that saw essentially no use so I can appreciate that!
  14. I have moved into production at the end of last year and I'm thoroughly enjoying shooting this shadow 2 so far. My question is for those that have assembled a spare parts kit to bring along to matches, what items do you include? I'm enjoying it so much I'm thinking about traveling to some major matches this year, so I want to be sure I have my bases covered. This is my first cz and don't know what items to look out for.
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